4 Proven Tips To Make Your Group Travel Special

It is that time of the year again when you might be thinking about going on a vacation. Would you be able to enjoy your trip alone? No, right. Then why not take some of your best friends with you or take your family with you on a group travel extravaganza. There is no denying the travelling alone has its advantages but travelling with your best friends is an experience that stays with you for decades.

Secondly, you can reap the benefits of inclusive prices for everything from meals, accommodation, flights, cultural experiences and itineraries. This translates into significant cost savings. In addition to this, you get an opportunity to meet with more people. On the downside, you are restricted to places where your travel agent want you to go and you can not choose your own places and activities.

To enjoy your #grouptravel fully, here are four proven tips you should use when you are travelling.

  • Know Your Group

This tip works best if your group includes strangers who you did not know. Introduce yourself and strike a casual conversion with your group member. Look for common interests as it is the basis of friendship. Share your experiences with them and ask them to do the same. This way both can learn new things, but it will bring you closer to one another.

When you come back from your trip, you always want to bring fond memories of the people you met and places you visit but that would only happen if you befriend with all your group members. Remember that every individual has different preferences, so they might not like what you love. You will have to learn to deal with. You never know if one of your group members becomes one of your best buddies in the future.

  • Communicate with Group Members
long trip, group travel
long trip, group travel

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.”—Rollo May

We all have been in situations where there is pin-drop silence in the room and everyone is busy playing with their smartphone and not talking to each other. There is nothing worse for a group travelling together than this. Break the ice and ask all your team members to share their experiences and preferences. This will give you a lot of insights about that person so the next time you approach them for a conversion, you know what to talk about. Give equal opportunities for everyone to voice their opinion and listen to each group member carefully.

  • Patience is Key

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.”—Joyce Meyer

When you are travelling with a group of individuals, you will have to show patience. You will have to bear things that you want when you are travelling alone. For instance, you are travelling to a museum and your art-loving friend doesn’t want to leave because he is busy exploring the masterpieces in the museum. On the other hand, you have no interest in them. You will have to wait for him to come out of the museum before you can make your way back to your hotel.

Going on a Dubai city tour means that you will have to deal with all kinds of people including kids. They might get on your nerves, but you will have to be patient and deal with it. In most cases, there is always one group member who becomes a pain in the neck for you and constantly keep annoying you, but you must show patience and should never react to what they are saying or doing. In short, you need a completely different mindset on group travel. You should know how to control your anger otherwise group travel might not be the right choice for you.

  • Always Have A Backup Plan

There is no denying the fact that group tours are well planned but what if you don’t want to go to a dhow cruise marina dinner where all other group members are going. You should have a backup plan ready. A backup plan can come in handy in case of airport transfer as a large group tends to forget the airport gate numbers to entry and assembly points. You should also consider renting a recreational vehicle for group commutes. The level of pleasure your group can have on these vehicles is well worth the cost you are paying to rent it.

Which is the best tip you received for group travel? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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