The emerging trend of mobile apps in travel and tourism industry – Why Mobile Apps are becoming increasingly popular in the industry?

In the modern world, the rise of mobile apps and social media has transformed every industry and travel industry is no exception!

Mobile apps have certainly evolved the way we used to travel around the world. Today, mobile apps for travel and tourism have become an integral part of the industry, facilitating customers to communicate and navigate in a highly interactive manner. These apps are able to help customers get first-hand reviews about hotels and locations, book their seats at hotels as well as in cases for cars and buses. In fact, with the rise of AI, they are actually serving as virtual tour guides for tourists to better interact with their surroundings (Google new maps is a great example of what we can expect at travelling in future).

Mobile travel apps are certainly handy utility tools for smartphone users. These are great to locate best travel resources as well as organize and plan the entire trip. That’s why it is no surprise as we see the skyrocketing demand and success of mobile apps for the travel industry.

Let’s look at some crazy statistics for travel and tourism industry.

According to Statista, the tourism and travel industry is estimated to generate over $17 billion revenue by 2020. In fact, travel and tourism industries are one of the largest industries in terms of revenue generated globally. The global revenue for travel and tourism accounts to over 7.6 trillion US dollars in 2016. Almost all travellers carry a smartphone and thus mobile apps provided an ideal opportunity for the industry to offer better facilities to customers. Today, the mobile apps have become a staple for travel and tourism industry that offer one-stop solutions for all travellers and tourists.

Here are some interesting facts from mobile apps for tourism and travel industry.

  • Around 15% of global users use travel and tourism mobile apps to plan and book a trip ahead.
  • Mobile apps for travel and tourism ranks at 7th spot in terms of most number of downloads
  • More than 30% of travellers prefer mobile apps to search for flight tickets and hotels

And now, let’s see some benefits of mobile apps for travel and tourism industry.

– Marketing Tools

Digital marketing is a compulsion for all businesses across sizes and trades. Mobile apps provide an ideal platform for businesses to project and market directly to global customers. These apps are helping the industry to stay connected with travellers across the globe and market their services in the most interactive way.

– Travel Bookings

Mobile apps in tourism industry
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Perhaps the best advantage of mobile apps is their potency to offer easy bookings to travellers. From hotel bookings to rental cars, trains or buses, mobile apps offer an unlimited facility to travellers and tourists to plan and manage the trip ahead of time. Furthermore, the intense competition in mobile apps category also helps travellers to get some great discounts and incentives for their hotel bookings. Many mobile apps also offer users the platform to completely plan and customize their journey and add as many booking as they want including some special trips or sightseeing bookings.

Oh, you can also check out the complete weather update from the mobile apps, this is especially helpful if you are planning for a high-mountain resort with high expectations of rain or extreme weather changes.

– Easy Transactions

You can complete all transactions through online payment mode. Mobile apps offer you one-stop solution to book, pay and manage all transactions from one platform, without having to undergo any paperwork or without bothering to manage tickets or other paper documents.

– Explore the destination

It’s always exciting to see your destination in advance. Mobile apps offer complete real-life pictures of all travel destinations, along with reviews and ratings. This gives an excellent opportunity for travellers to plan and customize their trip in line with reviews and ratings from other customers.

– Discounts and Incentives

There is a strict competition in terms of mobile apps for travel and tourism industry. With thousands of apps battling to dominate the industry, you can expect some crazy and amazing discounts and incentives when booking with mobile apps. The discounts range from hotel bookings to discounts in airfares and even some complimentary services, absolutely free of charge.

Take away:

Tourism and travel industry has become one of the largest industries will trillion dollars annual revenue. However, the success of the industry is heavily influenced by the ever-increasing number of mobile apps, offering better, faster and reliable services to travellers.

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The use of mobile apps for bookings and travel planning is increasing annually and the intense competition in the industry isn’t just beneficial for the industry itself, rather it also offers great benefits and incentives to travellers.

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