Monsoon Getaway

With the onset of monsoon, we planned a trip to the hill station. We decided to go to Lonavla in Maharashtra. The lush green hill station springs to life during the Monsoon season. Lonavla is blessed with waterfalls, lakes and greenery.

By Road

Lonavla is set on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and is well-connected to several towns in Maharashtra such as Karjat, Dabhade and Khopoli.

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 By Rail 

Lonavla is well-connected by train as well. Local trains from Pune stop over at Lonavla and trains plying between Mumbai and Pune also stop at Lonavala. The nearest railway station is the Karjat Railway station.

Lonavla is a perpetual favourite for those travelling from Mumbai to Pune or vice versa. This hill station is an ideal weekend getaway and is not too far from two big cities-Mumbai and Pune. Nestled in the Western Ghats, Lonavala is situated at a height of 625 metres above sea level and promises a truly unique, hill-station experience.

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Once in Lonavla, you have these picturesque sites. If you are the adventurous kind you can go trekking in these waterfalls.

 ‘Lonavla’ derived its name from ‘Len’ and ‘Avali’ that roughly translates to ‘the resting place of stones’.  It is said that the Mughals used this beautiful hill-station as a strategic location against their rivals. In 1871, Lonavla and Khandala, another hill station were discovered by Lord Elphinstone.

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Little friend in Lonavla eating corn

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Our little friends on the side of the hill.

We also went to the Bushi dam which overflows in the monsoon. This hill station is also well-known for its production of hard candy (chikkis).

Assorted chikkis
Assorted chikkis

We had these wonderful chikkis on our way back.

Chocolate fudge
Chocolate fudge

Walnut chocolate fudge is simply amazing.

While returning home in the rains, we also sang this lovely song.

All, in all it was wonderful monsoon getaway.

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