Mount Mary Church and Bandra Fair

Mount Mary Church, Bandra
Mount Mary Church, Bandra

Mount Mary Church is located on a small hill facing the ocean. It is a semi-Gothic style structure which was built over 100 years ago. Legend states that Mother Maryโ€™s statue is much older around 16th century.

A view of the sea while coming down the hill.
A view of the sea while coming down the hill.
Mount Mary's Church, Bandra
Mount Mary’s Church, Bandra

With the month of September setting in, it was Mother Maryโ€™s birthday on September 8. The following week is the Bandra fair. With the Bandra fair beginning this week, the church and its ground have a festive look. Over thousands of devotees come to this church every year from all over the country and not just Mumbai. The duration of the fair is of 8 days which is part of the annual Feast of Our Lady of the Mount celebrations.

A glimpse into the fair that began on 13 September 2015

Candle stalls at the fair
Candle stalls at the fair
Bandra fair

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  1. Nice, that is an interesting structure Kashpal. More intriguing is the stalls in front, it kinda imbues the cultural confluence of India and the western culture. And the gothic style is pretty lovely, we have something similar in Mysore as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We went to an enormous Cathedral here in New Jersey sometime back and i am feeling like i should write on that (with pics).

    Good to know the 8-day fair!

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