Why Paxos Island Is The First Choice For The Peace And Nature Lovers?

Glyfada Beach Villas, Paxos

It is said that the desire of exploring new destinations cannot stop the tourists from exploring new destinations, especially if they are searching for the venues of their choices. You will agree that there are a plethora of tourist places across the world which are visited by the citizens of different countries throughout the year across the world. Among these places, some destinations are recognized for their tranquillity and plethora of scenic views. Let us, for instance, talk about the Paxos Island in Greece.

Signature Behind Tour of Greek Island

The country of Greece is recognized for its beautiful islands that are visited by the thousands of visitors from different corners of the world for the whole year. Among these islands which despite being under-developed succeed in fascinating the tourists them. Interestingly, Paxos Island is among such islands which are mainly visited by the tourists willing to go for a tranquil vacation. The island is located in the last corner of Greece in the Ionian sea and is the smallest island within the country. But, besides this, it witnesses the arrival of visitors in huge number.

Short Review of Paxos Island

One more surprising fact about the Paxos is that it doesn’t have its own airport and the tourists have to hire a ferry from the Corfu for reaching to Paxos because Corfu is the only nearby city which has its airport.

Well, about the Paxos Island it has been under the control of different rulers since the ancient times and therefore the influence of their rule can be witnessed in the lift style of natives, whose population is below 3000. The main occupation of the people is farming of olive groves, fishing and some sort of commercial activities which mainly refers to offering services to the visitors.

Paxos Villas

Story Behind The Aura of Paxos

There is also an interesting story behind the origin of this island. According to this Greek God Posedian blown his trident to the southern coast of the Corfu over the Ionian sea, resulting in the formation of Paxos Island. He developed this island to spend some quality time with his lady-love secretly at some tranquil location away from his wife.

Scenario Of Tour In Paxos

Anyhow, talking about current Paxos, it would be interesting to know that despite being small in size, it offers everything to the tourists of all age groups. If you are a newly married couple and searching for seclusion destination then it offers you the privilege of staying in Paxos Villas that are specially built for the tourists.

The worth mentioning feature of these villas is that they are located in the green hills which are covered with the olive groves, offering a soothing view to the visitors. Another interesting feature of these villas is that they offer them the facility of enjoying the stay without any restrictions as applicable to the hotels.

Shelter Facilities of Paxos Villas

Glyfada Beach Villas, Paxos
Glyfada Beach Villa

These villas are mainly developed with different infrastructure so that the tourists can book them according to their requirement. For instance, if you are visiting the island with your family then Glyfada beach family villa or Glyfada house can be the best option for you. Similarly, if you are going only with your spouse then Ionian studio will offer you the comfortable relaxation. In short, it can be said that the Holiday Villas in Paxos are build keeping the number of visitors coming in each group. Anyhow, one thing which is common about these villas is that all of them are well equipped and maintained. Each villa is of B+ category and has big rooms with king sized beds, living room with sofas and chairs, kitchen with dining facilities. An interesting feature which makes these villas different from luxurious hotels is that despite variation in their size all of them have a balcony and terrace that offer an iconic view of the island.

During your visit to the island you can sail around the neighboring villages, play different types of water sports, enjoy the taste of local food in tavern, enjoy the pleasure of walking over the beaches, however for that you will be required to put on shoes, because beaches of the eastern coast have pebbles, whereas the western coasts have rocks and cliffs.

In short, it can be said that Paxos Island in Greece is heaven for the tourists searching for a tranquil place to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

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