Picnic Brunch for kids

This summer allow your kids to get soaked in the sun and let them experience the fun of eating out in the open lawn surrounded by greenery and the humming of birds.

Allow your kids to indulge in a specially designed packed picnic brunch menu loaded with shakes and juices this summer. Kids will enjoy munching on their favourite Pizza, Chicken Wings, Noodles, Mixed Flavour Cup Cakes, Mama croissant stuffed with chocolate, Smiley Potatoes, French Fries with Dips. Children can also engage in fun and adventurous activity, indoor games and a dip in the pool at The Resort Hotel.

swimming pool at the resort

The Resort has also planned a host of activities including Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Air Rifle Shooting, Archery, String Balance, Commando Bridge, Air Obstacle, Swing Crossing, Burma Bridge, Horizontal Ladder and many more. The activities will be conducted by expert trainers and coaches within the premises of The Resort’s sprawling property. So children don’t get lazy this vacation, head to The Resort for a fun time.

Picnic brunch for kids

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