Where do pilots sleep during long haul flights?

Have you have wondered does the pilot sleep on a long haul flight?


if they do where do the pilots sleep on long haul flights?

This is where pilots sleep on long haul flights in relation to the aircraft. And because a picture is worth a thousand words check out all the other images.
(Pilots sleep in any one of these beds on Long Haul flights. Likely 50% of the journey is spent in here. )

Boeing 777 3D rendering with lights, long haul flights
Boeing 777 (3D Rendering with “lights”
Pilots rest room on long haul flights
The pilot’s rest area inside an Air Canada Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Photo: Howard Slutsken

And an Airbus A380 (Notice the completely unnoticeable door above 3 steps)

Layout of forward section of A380- Hidden Airliner rooms, Long haul flights

Airbus A350 and X WB (Wide Body)

Flight crew resting on long haul flights

Now the Cabin Crew quarters are a little less glamorous but still all flat and cozy all the same.

Cabin crew rooms for resting

Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Laughing at how flat the beds are).

Boeing 787 Dreamliner, long haul flight
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Long haul flight Boeing 747
Boeing 747

Malaysian Airlines

Boeing 747 crew rest
Bunk beds on long haul flights

Smaller Aircraft have cargo hold beds (below)

Flight crews in cargo hold area on long haul flights
Flight crews -Gizmodo

Boeing 777

cabin crew room patent diagram

Boeing 777 (Patent Diagram)

Flight attendants secret rooms on long haul flights

And if you wondered how to get to these places on an Aircraft ALL the Cabin Crew know the plane inside out and use these doors and stairs EACH flight.

Secret stairs lead up to the cabin crew bedrooms on long haul flights
Chris McGinnis / TravelSkills.com

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The door is almost hidden but it is at the back of the aircraft near the toilets. The Crew goes here when the lights are dimmed and all of us can’t see.

Source – Chris Glover

Where do pilots sleep on long haul flights?


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