Places to visit in Andaman for relaxing experience

Andaman tops the list of honeymoon packages because of the romantic, lovely beaches and serene nature. It also tops the list of family or friends seeking an escape from the mundane city life because of the adventures it offers and the peaceful time they can spent together amidst the captivating nature.

It’s a destination which fits for all requirements while providing you the best escape to have a relaxing holiday where your soul can meet the blue sky, turquoise water, golden beaches and unspoiled nature along with the other things that you can enjoy during your relaxing stay in Andaman.

Best beaches of India

Few of the best beaches in India belongs to Andaman. You can visit to lovely beaches, click lot of pictures, enjoy the walk on sand, swim in the amazing water, cherish romantic moments with your partner, sunbathe, relax and have a gala time playing in sand with your children, friends or family.  

Let’s have a look at few of the must visited places that can’t be missed whenever you are in Andaman.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island, Andaman

Havelock Island is a major attraction, soul of Andaman, a coastal paradise gifted with unparalleled luxury and lovely nature. Home to most amazing beaches amidst the beautiful tropical forest and rich coral life to explore along with the plethora of water adventures like snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walking, surfing and glass boat rides.

Its popularity has not spoiled its beauty and still its one of the unspoiled, peaceful beaches where you will only hear sound of waves breaking on the shores, so you can spend a lazy day, get your favourite book and relax on the shores, under the canopy of tall palm trees to revive your senses.

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

A paradise in the southern coast of Havelock Island is Radhanagar Beach. Nothing can be more tempting then roaming around in the white sand as smooth as wheat flour at Radhanagar beach.

You can also swim and sunbathe at Radhanagar, it’s a beach that is been consistently crowned as the best beaches in Asia’s. You can spend a relaxing time in this dreamland which is a perfect blend of soothing luxury and rugged wilderness.

Neil Island

Neil Island, Andaman
Beautiful sunset at Neil island, Andaman and Nicobar, India. Silhouette of trees against sunset sun on blue purple sky. Beautiful sunset. awesome sunset on the exotic coast in tropics. tourism, travel

Another popular island of Andaman to spend some peaceful time and enjoy the underwater adventures like scuba diving, snorkelling, and surfing. Located about 40km towards the south of the Andaman Islands. Covered with dense tropical forests, coral reefs, and lovely white sand beaches.

Beach resorts

Beach resort

Other than enjoying your holidays while relaxing in islands or beaches, you can book your stay at beach resort. It will be a different experience that’s not available everywhere and it will give you an incredible experience along with the luxury. So, it’s better to select beach resorts over five-star hotels when you are in Havelock or Neil Island.

Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur beach, Andaman

Bharatpur Beach in Neil Island is a wide blanket of surging waves, surrounded by pristine white sand, lots of traveller visit this beach throughout the year, the distinguishing feature of the beach is its glass boat ride which takes you through the diversity of coral reefs and exotic marine life that flourishes in this lovely island.

Elephant Beach

A beautiful beach that will tempt you to visit again and again. Elephant Beach is famous for snorkelling and an ideal destination for sea walking because it owns beautiful & stunning coral reefs, along with exotic marine life.

Elephant beach, Andaman

The boat or ferry ride to Elephant Beach from Havelock is an additional temptation which will take you through the serene nature, so don’t forget to add this beautiful island in your package, your trip will be incomplete without it.

Barren Island

If your purpose of holiday is to enjoy the solitude and relax, Barren Island is for you. As the name suggests, it’s a stretch of land that is completely devoid of the human population.

It is a home to the only known active volcano of South Asia making it a most sought destination to explore for adventure enthusiasts. You will require the permission to visit the island from forest department. While on your way to the island you will get the whole world of water sports to tempt you.

Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar, Andaman

Vijaynagar Beach famous as Beach No. 5, again an ideal destination for those who are looking to relax in the comforting cuddles of nature. Along with moonlight exciting underwater world and the unmatched solace, it offers.

Long Island

Long island, Andaman

It’s an offbeat destination of Andaman which is famous among adventurers and explorers. It doesn’t see lot of travellers, so it’s an amazing island to unplug and reconnect with yourself. You can include it in your bucket list to enjoy the surreal nature and solitude.

Birdwatching and photography

If you love bird watching and photography, you will be overwhelmed with the number of opportunities you will get. You can click the lovely beaches, captivating nature, beautiful site of sunset or sunrise.

For a better experience you can visit Andman Bird Island or Chidiya Tapu verdant spot with forests, mangroves and numerous species of birds. You will hear continuous chirping of birds along with different colours and creed of birds flying from one branch to the other, few famous creeds of birds are parakeets, eagles, drongos, doves etc.

Bioluminescence at Havelock Island

The list of places to visit and relax is never ending, it’s a beautiful and unspoiled island of which every nook and corner is charming, above that it is blessed with nature and its miracles, one of such miracles is the active volcano at Barren Island and another one is Bioluminescence at Havelock Island.

When there is no moonlight between Nov to Dec, the water on the beach glows because of the presence of phytoplankton, a phenomenon known as Bioluminescence which lasts for 3 hours but with a lifetime of memory. It seems as if thousands of tiny stars are floating under your feet and you are sailing your boat above them.

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