Nature’s Gift to Humanity: Fowl Art II is a collection of prose by Mary Rensberry. She truly feels that in seeking the truth we define ourselves. And in finding the truth we discover ourselves. The following are some lovely quotes from her book

In seeking the truth, we define ourselves.

In finding the truth we discover ourselves.


Observe reactions and behaviours

Living in nature with full conscience

Is living with and in God.


Sometimes making that last leap of faith brings home the prize.


Sitting amongst nature is the best remedy of most ills.


In sea of confusion, find something positive in which to focus on. Pretty soon, that confusion will subside.


Life starts with a thought, an impulse.

There are images of fowl art with each quote in this book. She has photographed 100’s of pigeon poop pictures and has quite a collection. In 2010, her first book was published entitled, Fowl Art, and was followed by another one like it in 2015, called Nature’s Gift to Humanity, a collection of prose. She has made a mark on the world just as her bird friends have for centuries upon centuries. She is a ‘Pooptologist‘.

 There many more interesting and inspiring quotes in this book.


Mary Rensberry

Mary Rensberry

About the author– Mary Rensberry has also penned 3 books including Fowl Art, Listen, and Wake

e has been a co-author of several children’s books: It’s Black and White (Quick Turtles Rule), The Quick Turtles Go to School, Wake’s Day, and Wake Helps. Enjoy her books and you’ll learn something along the way like she did.


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