All You Need to Know About Sheepskin Boots

As the name suggests, Sheepskin boots sometimes referred to as Ugg boots are made from sheared sheepskin. The use of sheepskin boots is by no means a new phenomenon with records available that show the use of this form of footwear as long back as 500 BC.

A woman wearing Sheepskin boots
  • Despite the existence of this kind of footwear long before fashion even existed, Sheepskin boots or Shearing boots became a global fashion trend only during the mid-2000.
  • Warmth & comfort are the two common attributes that anyone who has used Sheepskin boots would tell you about. The inside of the boot is lined with fleece which itself has excellent insulating properties & helps draw away moisture from your feet.
  • Not only do these boots keep your feet dry but they also keep your feet warm. These boots can easily suit your formal wear and you can also choose some attractive colored sheepskin boots for your party. You do not need to wear any socks with these boots because the inner pads of these boots can easily protect your feet from cold air, moisture, and dust.

Points to Remember When Buying a Sheepskin Boot

  • They are Not Waterproof

Genuine Sheepskin boots are not waterproof, so if you see a dealer who says otherwise then he is not selling genuine sheepskin boots. However, there are several fake sheepskin boots available in the market, which cost you very less price, and they will assure you that their boots are water-resistant. But original sheepskin boots are not waterproof and you must be aware of this fact before buying.

  • Don’t Wash or Dry Them

Sheepskin consists of an anti-bacterial substance known as lanolin. This oily substance helps keep your boots soft, and comfy it also acts against external agents such as dust mites. If you do go on to wash these boots, then there is a chance that the lanolin in them will be destroyed & the boots will thereby become hard & rough.

  • Wide Variety of Styles & Designs to Choose From

Tall Sheepskin boots which cover well over the angles are the most popular choice, especially among women however sheepskin-lined footwear is also available like shoes, clogs & even slippers. As for the color, it is always better to go for a darker tone as they will hide minor stains. Now sheepskin boots are available for men and women. Therefore, you can choose these boots as per your requirement only.

How Would You Choose the Best Sheepskin Boots and How Would You Maintain the Same?

This is perhaps the trickiest part when it comes to buying sheepskin boots is choosing the size ideal for you. These boots with repeated use tend to stretch & become loose around your feet. So, choosing a size higher than your current size is not going to be the best option. Not exactly, similar to how they stretch out with repeated use, sheepskin boots tend to compress upon washing them. It’s tricky but you will come to love your boot once you find the perfect one for you.

  • Immediately upon buying your new sheepskin boots, the first thing you need to do is to spray on some form of sealant, which will help protect it from dirt & water.
  • As for minor stains on them, the best thing to do is to clean them using a soft, dry cloth. If it’s not a minor one, then using some form of wool cleaning product would be the best way forward but don’t directly pour the cleaning agent on the shoes.
Checking label on Sheepskin boots

Despite what many dealers will tell you these types of boots are not made to withstand strenuous activities. It is suggested to buy these sheepskin boots from original dealers, and you can also buy them from the manufacturer’s official website also.



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