Six Hippie Hotels You Should Try In The City Of Melbourne

Traveling is one of the most frequent activities that almost everyone is doing. Going around the world to expose yourself to different kinds of culture is a great way to live a life. People love to stay in hotels that are picturesque and relaxing at the same time. They love to stay in places that are not just offering good services but also has great interior and designs.

If you are also craving for those then check out the Top 6 #hotels you should visit according to Trip Advisor that is written below (in no particular order):

  1. Hampton Inn –

Hampton Inn is one of those hotels that would give you the feeling of being in Beverly Hills because of its exterior and interior. It would make you feel like you’re in California even if you are really in Melbourne. The hotel pretty much looks like a set from a 90s Hollywood film and it’s something that interests a lot of people. The great things about being in Hampton Inn is its modern feature wherein you can try to check in with your smartphone. If you want a comfortable stay and hi-tech services, Hampton Inn is definitely the place to be.

  1. Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront
Hippie hotels in Melbourne
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This hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Melbourne especially to those who loves the sea because this is a hotel that is situated beside the ocean. The view is just so nice and relaxing and you can also enjoy water activities aside from the other services that are being offered by Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront.

  1. Beach Tropics Motel
Hippie hotels in Melbourne
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For those who are on a tight budget, Beach Tropics Motel is the right accommodation for you. It is a little gem that does not only offer great services but also promotes cleanliness and hospitality. You will surely feel at home if you check in here at Beach Tropics Motel. One great characteristic of this place is the fact that it is near the beach.

  1. Quality Inn Palm Bay

Quality Inn Palm is one of the hippest hotels you could ever go to because of its look and the hospitality and kindness of the crew. According to those who have been here, Quality Inn Palm Bay is one of the cleanest and well-kept hotels they’ve ever visited and that is really a plus to those who are planning on checking in at this wonderful hotel.

  1. Days Inn Melbourne
Melbourne hippie hotels
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Days Inn Melbourne is considered one of the friendliest hotels there is in Melbourne, Australia. It is not only the crew people who are hospitable and friendly but also the tourists that are staying in the hotel. Be ready to make new friends when you visit Days Inn Melbourne. They also offer breakfast for the family so bring your whole family with you.

  1. La Quintana Inn and Suites Melbourne
Hippie hotels in Melbourne
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La Quintana Inn and Suites may be considered a high-end hotel but it’s very affordable. The great thing about this hotel is the fact that there are so many facilities that you can enjoy and that you can use them for unlimited time. There is a pool and gym that you can also enjoy. La Quintana may seem luxurious but it is still one of the budget-friendly hotels in Melbourne.

There are many beautiful hotels in Australia but if you ever happen to visit Melbourne then try the hotels that are included above. You will not only enjoy being in the beautiful country of Australia but you will also enjoy your stay in your accommodation.

Author bio:

Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta, one of Australia’s modern and luxurious hotels in the suburban district. Mark Aldrin gives hotel tips and hacks to help people make the most out of their vacation.

6 Hippie Hotels in Melbourne
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