Six Must-Visit Foodie Places In Sydney

If you are up for a food adventure then Sydney is the place to be. Australia is probably one of the best places to go to if you are craving for delicious cuisine and Sydney is one of the cities that will make you crave for more. There are so many reasons why tourists are coming back and forth from their country to the city of Sydney and we hope that you could take the time to know the some of the best restaurants in Sydney.

Ester, foodie places in Sydney

ESTER restaurant has this intimate, warm and secluded vibe wherein you could definitely feel the importance of privacy while you are munching on your food. One great detail that is also noticeable when you enter the restaurant is the large wooden oven that would truly make you feel warm in the cold weather in Sydney. Their menu is something that you must not ignore because there is just so much to choose from. If you are craving for sausages or pigtails then this is the restaurant that you should visit. Here are their other best-sellers: Ester Sourdough, Roasted Oysters, Salmon Roe, Potato Scallops, Blood Sausage, Raw Kingfish, Cheddar Pie, Leaf Salad, Roast Corn, Ricotta Dumplings, Bone Marrow, King Prawns, Fish Fillet and much more.

Sepia, foodie places in Sydney

SEPIA is considered a hidden gem in the local corporate buildings in the Darling Park precinct. If you go to SEPIA, you will enjoy the jazz vibe of the ambience and interior. SEPIA is one of the most visited foodie places in Sydney because of their amazing drinks and you will truly feel at home. If you are a wine lover then this is the best place to visit and enjoy. This restaurant offers 4 amazing courses and to truly make the most out of your eating time, try their degustation and you will surely not regret it. Here are their best-sellers: Saikou Salmon, Smoked Roe, Sudachi, Calendula, Tempura Oba Loaf, Sugar Cured Egg Yolk, Cobia, Dashi Cream, Water Chestnut, Nori, Dashi Jelly, Spanner Crab and much more to choose from.

Monopole- foodie places in Sydney

MONOPOLE is another favourite for wine lovers. This place is everyone’s favourite hang-out place because it has this intimate vibe that is very infectious to the point that you will be more relaxed conversing with people. MONOPOLE has set a community of people who gather every now and then to talk and mingle with one another. Food isn’t the only great thing about this place but the people as well. If you want to their best-sellers, see the following: Sydney Rock Oysters, Iggy’s Sourdough Bread, House Cured Beef Pastrami, Lamb Ribs, Blue Mackerel and much more.

Kensingtion, food places in Sydney

Located in the Old Clare Hotel in Chippendale is KENSINGTON. KENSINGTON has an industrial ceiling and it has concrete and definite pillars that will give you the regal and sophisticated vibe. KENSINGTON offers great food as well. Some of their best sellers include the following: Peking Duck, Shandong Chicken, Salt Baked Chicken, Broth Chicken & Vegetable, Princess Chicken, Chinaman’s Hat, Crab Meat with Egg White, Salt & Pepper King Prawns, King Prawns in Chili Sauce and much more.

William street, foodie places in Sydney
(photo source: where to tonight)

10 WILLIAM STREET is located in the city of Paddington. This restaurant is famous for its Italian dishes that will surely make your mouth water. 10 WILLIAM STREET is a wine and food place where people from all around the world gather to eat and hang out with people. 10 WILLIAM STREET has an inviting atmosphere that will make you keep coming back.

Six penny, foodie places in Sydney
(photo source: Dimmi)

This cool restaurant is named after the sixpenny restaurants from many years ago. SIXPENNY is a degustation restaurant which is a brave and bold move. SIXPENNY is one of the most frequented restaurants in Sydney because of their great space and ambiance and amazing menu. The interior is simple and well-crafted so everyone will totally feel at home. Their best-sellers are the following: Japanese Cucumber, Green Tomato & Cheese Gougeres, Pumpkin Scallop, Spanner Crab, Spanish Mackerel, Aged Lamb RumMackerelny more.

Sydney is definitely the number one food place in Australia so better pay the city a visit!

Author bio: Mark Aldrin R. Hipolito is a daytime writer for Brooklyn Depot, one of Australia’s best food places that offer burgers and brew. Mark also writes about the best food places in Australia and some parts of the world in order to attract the foodies to devour great food.  

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