How to Spend 5 Days in the UAE with Family

With a plethora of places to visit in the UAE, deciding where to go on your vacation isn’t always easy. Read on to start creating your 5 days in the UAE itinerary. 

Day 1 – Lost Chambers Aquarium

Built around the theme of the lost city of Atlantis, this aquarium is home to thousands of species of marine life. Wander around the 10 chambers of wildlife and 20 exhibits and see the magical wonders that this underwater world holds. Schedule a “behind the scenes” tour where your kids can talk to animal experts and learn the many secrets of what it takes to look after all the aquatic creatures. If you’re interested in a more in-depth experience at the Lost Chambers Aquarium then you can sign up for a snorkelling or diving session and get an up-close and personal experience. 

 Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, UAE
Dubai Marina

If you have time left over in your day, then make be sure to add this to your UAE itinerary. The Dubai Marina is another example of Dubai’s ability to create magical structures from nothing. A waterfront that is completely man-made while being the largest of its kind. Built on Dubai’s shoreline, it runs 3 kilometers long. Take a walk on this beautiful strip while enjoying a stunning water fountain. You can bring the whole family along, as this is a parent-approved kids’ activity in Dubai. The kids can splash around and play in the water while they cool off from the heat. You can visit the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and Skydive Dubai as they are located close by. Tired after your walk? Choose from the many appetizing restaurants and cafes that are along the marina.

Day 2 –Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall, UAE
Dubai Mall

You can’t make a 5-day in the UAE itinerary without visiting the largest mall in the world. Inside the Dubai Mall you will find more than 1200 retail outlets and around 200 places that serve food and drinks. The collection of luxury brands located within the mall makes it the fashion capital of the Middle East. Are you more interested in finding kids’ activities? Take your pick. You can either take them to the aquarium and underwater zoo that contains thousands of marine life. Stroll through the 270-degree walkthrough tunnel, as you look up in awe at the animals in their natural habitat. Or spend the day with your children inside KidZania, which is a city built just for kids to educate and entertain them. You can also skate on the Olympic-sized ice rink, watch a movie in one their cinemas, or visit the VR Park.

VR Park Dubai

VR Park Dubai is an indoor gaming theme park located inside Dubai Mall. Designed with gamers in mind, this park contains 18 rides and interactive experiences to ensure each family member finds what they are looking for. Depending on what kind of game you’re seeking to play, you and your kids can choose to engage in adventure, horror, or even something more relaxing. One of the attractions in VR Park Dubai is the Black Badge where you’ll work together with your crew and be transported to the place where Black Badge’s shuttle was supposed to have landed. It will be your mission to save a comrade from an unknown enemy monster. Or try out the Paradrop where you’ll have the opportunity to experience the first Virtual Reality paragliding ride in the Middle East that combines physical movement with stunning virtual reality content. It’s an adventure that will leave you wanting more.

Day 3 – Lahbab Desert Safari

Desert Safari in UAE
Desert safari

Of the many things to add to your UAE itinerary, this desert safari is quite unique. You can choose from a morning, evening or overnight safari experience.  You will be transported from Dubai to the beautiful Lahbab part of the Arabian Desert. The adventure begins with dune bashing in a 4×4. Then you can either take a camel ride or a horse ride around the sandbanks followed by the fun of surfing the dunes while sand boarding. The kids can enjoy the henna art and even get henna tattoos of their very own. You’ll also be able to enjoy live shows including belly dancing, Tanoura show, and other cultural exhibitions. End your day with a delicious BBQ and a local cuisine buffet.     

Day 4 – Burj Khalifa

Standing as one of the most remarkable architectural accomplishment of modern history, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world (829.8 meters). It also has the highest number of stories in the world… an astounding 160 floors. This skyscraper is home to many residential apartments and commercial offices. The Armani Hotel within contains 304 luxury hotel rooms and suites as well as an exceptional spa. You can also find a fancy nightclub and world-class restaurants. The scenic views from all around are breathtaking. You can book a tour of the observation decks located on the 124th, 125th and 148th floors. Or you can visit “At The Top” where you can look through a telescope to get a better view of the surrounding scenery or shop some of their souvenirs. Burj Khalifa breaks many records including having the highest restaurant in the world and the elevator with the longest travel distance. Another “must visit” destination on your 5 days in the UAE itinerary.

Burj Khalifa, UAE
Burj Khalifa
Day 5 – Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Last but not least on your UAE itinerary is this one-of-a-kind theme park. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi promises you and your family a thrilling experience. Roaming around Abu Dhabi with kids just got a lot more interesting! Ferrari World Abu Dhabi was built and dedicated to the Formula 1 world and wants to offer you and your family the chance to have some of those experiences. It’s also famous hosting many Formula 1 sports events. The special touch of this theme park is not only does it offer you rides and attractions, but also provides you with knowledge about changing tires and other engineering facts regarding the racecar field. Some of the other attractions include the Formula Rossa, which is the fastest roller coaster in the world. Or how about the thrilling adventures of getting into a world-class go-kart on a 290-meter long track and competing with your family and friends!

Ferrari World, UAE
Ferrari World

Don’t forget to bring your loved ones along while you spend these 5 days in the UAE exploring some of the world’s most sought out attractions. Keep these places in mind the next time you’re planning your UAE itinerary!

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