Best places of interest in Sri Lanka

Situated in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka offers its visitors an astonishing range of environments to experience and enjoy. Cities such as Kandy and Colombo help trace the enthralling history of the island from early times to the colonial era to the present day. The country is a paradise for any beach lover since the place is swamped by some of the best beaches in the world.

Following are some of the best places of interest to visit in Sri Lanka



The capital city blends urban amenities with colorful native and colonial history. Sri Lanka has had strategic significance for trading powers in Europe as a major stop on the spice trade routes in the world. One can observe the influence of the British, Portugal, and the Netherlands culture in arts, architecture, and food. The city has the best museums on the island and several other things and places that help you connect with the local culture.

Arugam Bay

You are sure to have the best experiences in the country at this place. It is custom-made for people who like adrenaline-pumping activities. Take your swimwear and head to the waters to indulge in speed boating, surfing, and several other activities. The blue waters and coconut tree rows make the location one of the most appealing destinations on the island.

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Beira Lake

Once you are done with your shopping or sightseeing, you can hop in for a peaceful boat ride here. Located in the heart of the capital city, this lake provides green and calm waters that offer a stimulating experience. You can rent a paddle boat and go out on the lake while observing cute ducks and swans around.

Beira Lake on Vesak Day

Yala National Park

This national park is a well-known wildlife sanctuary situated nearly 200 km from Bentota. You can go on an adventurous trip into the forest. It is one of the perfect places to go to on the entire island and so you need to make sure you list it out in your itinerary. You will get to see some Sri Lankan leopards and elephants on your trip.


Galle Fort

One of the most famous tourist spots in the entire country, the Galle Fort was constructed during the 16th century by the Portuguese and reinforced in the 17 century by the Dutch. You can take pleasure in the stunning sea view from this fort or stroll around the cobblestoned trail around the fort area. The area surrounding the fort has several food joints, shops, and cafes. You can look at the most splendid sunset view at this fort.

Image by Buddhika Bandara from Pixabay

Dambulla Cave Temple

You can go to this temple to get a touch of old culture and history. This cultural hotspot is one of the largest temple complexes in the country and hosts a wide assortment of paintings and statues that date back to the 12th century. This temple has 5 rooms each containing a striking statue of Buddha of various sizes. You can climb to the temple’s top to get a good view of the surroundings.

Image by lapping from Pixabay


The capital city of Sri Lanka’s northern province has some of the finest temples. The Nallur Kovil temple is the most crowded in the area. You can visit the Jaffna Fort to know more about the rich history of Sri Lanka. The Nagadeepa Purana Vihara temple is yet another best place to go in Sri Lanka and is accessible only by boat. The calmness that you get to experience here is beyond compare.

Naga Vihara in Stanley Road in Jaffna, Sri Lanka by Kanatonian


Trincomalee’s beach getaway is little known, however, a great place for spending a good time when you are in the country. It is a famous tourist spot that provides exceptional watersport activities. The perfect part of the place is the opportunity it offers for deep-sea diving. You can get in touch with the SLDT [Sri Lanka Diving Tours] to assist you to take a quick look into the marine life in the Trincomalee waters. You can indulge in beach hopping and temple sighting as well.

Sunset Trincomalee Sri Lanka Image by Mohamed Nuzrath from Pixabay


This significant city ruin site is one of the World Heritage Sites of the country. It was the 2nd capital city prospering approximately over a thousand years ago. The city is preserved, though the majority of its structures are remnants. There are palaces, gardens, and temples and while the place is compact mostly, it can be explored easily by bicycle. There is a modern, small-town located a few miles from this place with bike rentals, guesthouses, and cafes.

Polonnaruwa Sri-Lanka Buddha Asia Image by lapping from Pixabay


At times it is as much as important to consider the journey and not worry much about the destination. Ella is a good example. It is a hill-country town located amongst the tea plantations in Sri Lanka. The place is filled with amazing food, small guesthouses and friendly people. It is a place for anyone who wants to get away from the buzz of the city and enjoy hiking for a few days. The slow train goes up and down the hills, via small towns and arrives in the mountain town after nearly 6 hours.

Ella Kandy Sri-Lanka Asia Image by Adam Hill from Pixabay


The compact island possesses 8 of World Heritage Sites and some of the best outdoor landscapes you will ever get to see in your life. You can opt for the Sri Lanka tour package from India offered by Packyoutrail. Their team of experts will help you make full use of your time in the country at an affordable cost.

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