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Travelling is by far one of the best ways to experience different cultures and enjoy much of what the world has to offer. However, with the recent outbreak of Covid-19, many countries across the world have been on lockdown, thereby restricting free travel to prevent further spread of the virus.

It is therefore unsure when we can venture into the world again and see different places like we used to. If you’re someone that loves to travel a lot, this is unfortunately, bad news. Luckily though, technology has made travel easy and available to everyone right from the comfort of their homes.

Many museums, landmarks, national parks, and several other destinations offer virtual tours for everyone to have a walkthrough and learn about what they offer in real life as though the tourists are actually present.

Few Ways to Explore the World

Here are a few of the best virtual travels you can embark upon to explore the world:

  • Virtual Museum Tours: Many Museums around the world preserve historic arts and documents that have a significant impact on human civilizations.

Museums like The Louvre, The Guggenheim Museum, The Van Gogh Museum, and many other museums offer virtual tours of their facilities. On display are Egyptian Antiquities, the Galerie d’Apollon, Mona Lisa, and many other significant works of art.

  • Stream Virtual Travel Programs: Virtual travel programs are a great way to see the world through the eyes of other people. It is always an exciting experience as these virtual travel programs document all that is important about the trip. They more often than not answer all the questions you might have, and prepare you for the trip if you plan on taking it.

Installing a VPNis always advisable when you want to stream virtual travel programs as a VPN would allow you access to a myriad of content that would originally be unavailable in your home location.

  • Landmark Virtual Tour: A few landmark sites across the world offer free virtual tours to everyone. These tours are well-detailed and informative. Some of these landmarks include Buckingham Palace, The Statue of Liberty, etc.

A guide is available for most of these landmark sites with well-detailed explanations and narrations about them. It promises to be an amazing experience for you.

  • Explore the Safaris: Are you a big nature lover that loves to see wildlife and experience animals in their natural habitat? If yes, this virtual tour is for you. From Africa to North America, there’s a lot of wildlife on display via virtual tours.

You can easily stream live webcams of various safaris at a specified time from anywhere in the world and you’ll be amazed at the content on view. These tours are well detailed and there are tour guides to always ensure all your questions are answered.


Virtual travel does not compare to the feel of experiencing the world in person, but while we still fight off this virus, it is essential to take these virtual trips to ensure we don’t lose a feel of the world in general.

Matthew Stern is a technology content strategist at TechFools, a tech blog aiming at informing readers about the potential dangers of technology and introducing them to the best ways to protect themselves online.

As a tech enthusiast and an advocate for digital freedom, Matthew is dedicated to introducing his readers to the latest technology trends and teaching them how to gain control over their digital lives.

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