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All you need to know about citizenship, residency & golden visa

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The terminology of immigration and citizenship may be confusing as phrases such as second passport, economic citizenship, residency, citizenship by investment and golden visa is often used in conjunction. It would only make us believe as if they’re all the same thing but careful look at the investment programs to be a legal citizen or resident reveals all are different so it’s important to clear the concepts and remove elements of ambiguity.

Visa requirements for Dominica Residents, citizenship, residency & golden visa, travel, travel tips
Visa requirements for Dominica Residents

Citizenship & passport

“Citizenship” as per Oxford dictionary refers to the “status or position of being a citizen of a particular state” whereby a citizen is “legally recognised subject or national of a state or commonwealth, be it naturalised or native”.

Applying for citizenship means that you wish to be a legal citizen or national of the specific country. But being a citizen also means you must be entitled owning a passport (not obligatory and rules may change from one country to another). Contrary to a flawed data, an individual can’t have a passport of a country unless a legal citizen, though, you may find some exceptions for Panama.

Dual or multiple citizenships is term entitled to those holding more than one citizenship. It applies to individuals who’ve parents of different nationalities and thus inherits the citizenship status while immigrating to a new country and thus become naturalised. Here, it’s important noting that people who get naturalised are generally those willing to invest a substantial amount in country’s investment, especially in a government-owned project.

There isn’t any limit on the number of citizenships and passports one can own but they’re those having more than three passports. Some countries ask applicants to renounce their existing citizenship as eligibility criteria. In such case, holding two (dual) nationalities simultaneously is impossible depending on laws.


Citizenship by investment and residency are totally the opposite thing. When a candidate qualifies to be a resident of a country, he’s permitted to reside within the state as per visa terms. As a resident and not a citizen, a person isn’t entitled to a passport as he isn’t a citizen of the country.

Residency isn’t permanent (unlike citizenship) and when the first residency is bestowed, usually on the residency visa, it requires time to time renewal so that a person may continue working and residing in a country legally

Still, residency can be permanent which is usually referred to as ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) or PR (Permanent Resident). Some states award the title following a substantial investment from the applicant’s end while others ask staying in the country for a number of years that can be anywhere from three to five and even eight!

Golden visa

While not an official visa genre, Golden Visa generally represents residency permit issued by mutual coordination of countries in the European Union basically to non-EU citizens who qualify the investment programme requisites. Most of these programmes ask to invest a substantial amount in the government-owned real estate project while the very term “Gold” is meant to attract wealthy investors from around the world.


Before settling down on a citizenship or residency investment programme, understand the three concepts and choose the best available option.

Citizenship,residency, Golden Visa,travel tips


Top Business Travel Problems

problems of a business traveller-business travel problems
business travel problems

Whether you are traveling for business reasons or vacations, there are certain things that are risky and may cause issues for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most common business travel problems that a traveler is most likely to deal with.

#Businesstravel problems #traveller”

Purchasing last-minute business class tickets

Buying last-minute business class tickets is more frequent than one would think. Not all travelers are efficient and so appropriately prepared for their trips so yes getting bad deals at the last-minute is one of the biggest and most common travel problems. This mostly occurs due to lack of awareness among travelers. Many travelers assume that there won’t be much difference in prices whether they buy now or later. This could not be more untrue. Yes, there is always a chance that an airline may bring the prices down if they are flying with too many empty seats. But this chance is very low and it is a bad idea to put your entire trip at risk just for the sake of bagging cheap tickets. There is no guarantee that you will find a ticket at the last moment and that too at a cheap price.

Travel Insurance woes

If you are not careful in your selection of travel insurance or fail to read the policies properly, there is a high chance that when the time comes to actually make use of the insurance, you will realize that things are not what they seemed to be. Travel insurance companies are clever and have a reputation of exploiting travelers who are not aware of the terms and conditions.


Many business travelers have been known to complain about being overcharged for baggage. Baggage fees and policies vary airline to airline. Make sure you are aware of your own airline’s policies and fee structure so as to avoid the possibility of a confused agent overcharging you. Travel is already so expensive, surely you don’t want to add this extra expense to it.

Booking errors

Exercise extra care and caution before you actually book a flight. Booking errors have been known to ruin entire trips. If you don’t make your queries beforehand, later when you realize the errors, you will be charged with a cancellation penalty.

Losing Bills

Usually, business trips involve full or at least partial reimbursement from the company, depending on the type of trip. Business travelers are often not careful in compiling the bills of expenses they incur when abroad. This results in these expenses not being reimbursed. Many companies have a strict policy regarding reimbursements. These companies don’t reimburse unless there is a supporting document that gives evidence for the expense.

Car rental damages

Car rental companies will bill you an extra fine for any dents and damages they find on the rented car. Travelers often complain that they were charged for damages they did not cause. The simple solution is to carefully inspect the car and point out damages to the company beforehand.

problems of a business traveller-business travel problems

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It’s Fun to Use Airline Miles. Find Out How!

fun to use airline miles

The calculations are tedious and most of us think that is all that frequent flyer programs are all about. We have heard of how people have made their travel dreams come true through collecting air miles and redeeming them. However, for an average traveler, it isn’t as simple as it appears. Calculating and redeeming miles can sometimes be a great challenge, especially due to the tough airline policies.

It is fun to use airlines miles. Find out how?


But that shouldn’t stop you from having fun and playing around with your frequent flyer miles. There are many creative ways you can use your air miles.

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Tick Some Thrills Off Your Bucket List


Collecting frequent flyer miles are less attractive if you think of award calculations and redemption policies of airlines. There needs to be a shift in thinking. The next time you begin collecting air miles, think of it as a travel goal towards an adventure you’ve been longing to tick off from your bucket list. Whether it is a skydiving adventure or scuba diving, it will be much more exciting to collect air miles once you have your goals set in front of you. Have travel dreams? Use your air miles to fulfill them!

  1. Use Air Miles to Become ‘Magaholic’!

You’ll have times when despite having a decent amount of air miles there are no good uses you can find for them in the near future. Miles are short-lived so, unfortunately, you can’t keep them in your account for longer. Some activity is required. If you’re fed up of your conventional ways and are a ‘magaholic’, use your miles for getting subscriptions to all your favorite magazines.  By getting a monthly subscription, you would have something to look forward to at the beginning of every month.

  1. Fly in Luxury

Even with the limited upgradable seats available in times like these, you still stand a chance. Once you started understanding how it works, you’ll understand how rewarding it is to earn and redeem miles for upgrades. Find economy seats torturous? Use your miles to upgrade to first or business class. It’s delightful to travel through the world’s finest airline lounges to the most comfortable seating. From delightful cuisine to a world of entertainment, it is one of the best ways to spoil yourself.

  1. Stay at the World’s Finest Hotel Rooms

Surprisingly, a lot of people aren’t even aware that they can use air miles to fly around the world. To fund your next vacation, you can use the frequent flyer miles to get yourself a luxurious hotel room that you wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. Research about the program’s affiliation with hotel chains and redeem your air miles to make the possibility of a dream holiday come true. Luxury holiday with a budget tag? Absolutely possible!

If you find out that your mileage account is just short of a few miles to that upgradable seat, buy your miles and make your travel dreams come true!

fun to use airline miles

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Some great tips and tricks for air travel?

Great travel tips and tricks for air travel

The following are a few great tips and tricks that I don’t want to fly without:

Airplane, Wing, Flying, Aircraft, Travel- Travel tips and tricks
Airplane, Wing, Flying, Aircraft, Travel

#traveltips and #tricks for #airtravel

  1. My phone – which is more of a phablet, I guess, as it’s a Smartphone and while smaller than a tablet it’s bigger than your standard phone. It’s my communications hub, my flight info, my newspaper, my eReader, my music. I can take pictures, watch videos, play games, make notes, check my planner. I even make sure I’ve got copies of my eTickets, my passport, my driver’s license – in short, even if I lose everything else, as long as I have my phone, I’m good.
  2. My Sony Premium Active Series Lightweight Water-resistant Extra Bass Noise-Cancelling Earbud Headphones With In-line Microphone and Remote for Apple/Android Smartphone (Orange). It was a major splurge, but I swear I don’t know how I got along without them. The first flight that I had them was the first time I could actually hear everything – my device and their back-of-the-seat console. They really are worth it, especially if you fly a lot.
  3. My portable charger Mi POWER BANK 10400 mAh for SAMSUNG, NOKIA, LENOVO, HTC, APPLE, and other smartphones. I stumbled across this thing a year ago, and now, it’s another must-have. You can see that 1, 2, and 3 play together well.
A short haul Euro Traveller cabin- great travel tips and tricks
A short-haul Euro Traveller cabin

Nearly all of my flights are either long-haul or short-hops added on to long-hauls, and almost all of my flights are international. That means when I travel I am flying virtually an entire day, and at least half my flights are red-eyes.

For years I didn’t sleep on planes: too noisy, too uncomfortable, to everything disruptive. I can’t afford first-class (more’s the pity) but on the overnight, I splurge on “economy plus” (or whatever the airline calls their slightly roomier than plain cabin class).

I get a window seat (I can’t worry about people on the aisle – if I need to get up, I ask them) because I need something to lean against when I sleep. Aisle seats don’t work for me. (Someday maybe I’ll try one of those weird neck pillows that supposedly really support your head.)

I also have downloaded several versions of “nature sounds” Sounds of Nature: Provence Natural Soundscapes
– you know, ocean waves, falling rain, night-time forest sounds. As soon as it’s bedtime (remember, on these kinds of flights there’s at least one and sometimes two meals served) I turn off my overhead light, turn off the seatback screen, pop in the ear buds, and start nature sounds on a continuous loop.

Does the trick. I have far less jet-lag than I used to and I can actually feel human when I land instead of like a grungy lump in some kind of fugue state.

So my one real piece of advice is – experiment. Find what works for you. I don’t know why it took me as long as it did, but sometimes the magic works. 😉

Do share your travel tips and tricks in the comments section below

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