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The UK on a budget: Your recipe to make it happen

Places to visit in Europe

It would be fair to say that the terms “UK” and “on a budget” regularly go hand-in-hand. After all, up until recently at least, London was regarded as one of the most expensive cities.

Even though it may have lost that mantle, it’s still not naturally a cheap place to visit. On the plus side, if you arm yourself with some so-called insider knowledge, you can cut costs and still enjoy a fabulous time in the country.

Let’s now take a look at some of the ways you can achieve this.

It doesn’t have to all be about London

This first suggestion might raise a few eyebrows, particularly as we have mentioned London a couple of times already!

However, it doesn’t always have to be about this city. There is plenty more that the UK has to offer, and if you do place all of your eggs in one basket, it happens to be the most expensive basket going.

Glasgow City Urban, UK - Free photo on Pixabay
Image by Steve Crowther from Pixabay

Other areas of the UK are significantly cheaper to visit, and can give you a real insight into local UK life. For example, the hotels around Glasgow are a fraction of the price, yet still, put you inside an exciting city with a whole host of fantastic attractions. Or, if going north doesn’t interest you, the Midlands offers some fantastic retreats – and also allows you to take a dip into the UK countryside.

Use your transport options wisely

Quite often, visitors to the UK use taxis as their primary source of travel. Well, in the interests of saving money, this needs to stop.

In fact, there are times where the underground metro service is overused as well, and most of the time, the most efficient way is to walk between destinations.

Sure, it might strain your legs, but it will allow you to see more of the country and save significant sums throughout your trip.

Don’t pay full price for attractions

Firstly, there might be the odd exception to this rule, but if were to cast a blanket over most attractions in the UK there are few occasions where you should be paying full price.

For example, let’s take the most obvious case with museums. Most are completely free to enter, meaning that you can comfortably spend a day without spending a dime.

Then, if we turn to private attractions, there are regularly discount vouchers doing the rounds that can slash your costs in half.

The very worst thing you can do is turn up on the door as in most cases, a lot of these attractions will offer a discount for just booking on their website.

Choose your dining days wisely

This is something that is quite commonplace around the world, but if at all possible, try and make sure you plan to dine out on any day between Sunday and Thursday.

These are the days in which the locals tend to stay at home, and restaurants often showcase offers which can cut the price of dining. If you leave it until the weekend, these offers evaporate.

Solo Traveller

Solo traveler

Traveling is indeed, a wonderful teacher and the best entertainer. It makes me an improved person and enhances my horizon of thinking. It enables me to handle unforeseen challenges, makes me flexible, adaptive and follows the flow. It makes me a dreamer and gives me the vigor to take the road less traveled.

Solo traveller -Paisajes-2

Traveling is living, loving, learning and changing. It’s my life. I breath when I move. It makes me feel alive and rejuvenated. I truly feel my existence when I am on a journey. Traveling is my only dream and I can do anything to live this dream each second, every day, throughout my life.

“The more you wander, the more you wonder” unknown

Well said, I could not agree more on this.

Source: The Soaring Spirit: Confessions of a Traveler

By traveling alone, you can celebrate your independence and flexibility.  It is your opportunity to decide for your own. There will be no conflicts, nor complications. Make this experience something to remember for a lifetime.”

Some people are afraid to travel, especially first-timers; however, this is an opportunity in life that everybody should try even once in their lifetime.  You  may feel hesitant and afraid at the start, but with the proper planning and preparation, you will realize that there is no reason not to continue.  Below are some survival guides that may help you on your first solo travel.

Feel good about yourself.

Your attitude has a major impact on everything that you do.  Before leaving, invite a positive energy. Think that the best will come and happen. Smile at strangers, be positive, build a new friendship, meditate, pray, go around, explore and seize each moment.

Learn to make friends.

This is an opportunity to be independent and make self-reflections; however, you should also learn to connect with other people if you really do not want to be alone during your entire trip.  It could be with the locals, your roommate or other travelers.  There is nothing wrong being with strangers; however, you should know your limitations and how to protect yourself.

Refrain from over spending.

Since you are alone, you need to stick to your budget.  If you run out of money, there is no one that you can get help with.

Stay safe and alert.  

Safety and security will always be the most necessary.  Know safety precautions, especially if you are a woman.  Be safe when taking a cab or bus, when you go to bars or whenever you go to public spots. Refrain from going to dark and unguarded places.  Do not give personal information to strangers.

Celebrate life.

By traveling alone, you can celebrate your independence and flexibility.  It is your opportunity to decide for your own. There will be no conflicts, nor complications. Make this experience something to remember for a lifetime.

SourceSurvival guide of the solo traveler.

I agree that one must “Celebrate life.

These are some of the views expressed on Solo traveling by fellow bloggers.

Voyaging on your own is without a doubt a radiant ordeal. It offers you amazing chances to meet individuals, comprehend diverse societies, a bit of “personal time”.  Nonetheless, to appreciate the delights of voyaging on your own as a woman, you should take measures to secure yourself and your things.


Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t indiscriminately trust outsiders even though she is a woman.
  • Try not to acknowledge drinks from outsiders or other inn visitors.
  • As a solo traveler, it is imperative that you stay in contact with your family, relatives and close companions, so they are in know you are protected.
  • Leave a copy of your personal details with your close individuals (family). Send them messages all through your travel telling them where you are presently and where you will be.
  • It is better to have a ‘cell phone power pack’ in case your cell battery runs out in the event of any crisis.
  • Be that as it may, don’t utilize the phone while strolling or driving, as you ought to depend on and be attentive to your environment.

Solo traveler

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We, as women, often contemplate before we go on a voyage on our own whether the place is safe to visit before going there. Ladakh is one such safe place for a woman who wants to voyage on her own.  Ladakh is a dream destination for someone who loves traveling. It has remarkable geographical features.

Nubra valley (Image source-flickr.com), Solo traveller
Nubra valley
(Image source flickr.com)

Delightful Gompas, framed by fluttering prayer flags, friendly locals and the mesmerizing Pangong Tso Lake. Some of the most well-known spots to visit in Ladakh are Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, and Nubra Valley.

Shanti Stupa,Leh,Ladakh, Solo traveller
Shanti Stupa,Leh,Ladakh

In the event that Ladakh intrigues you, then, here is the way you can chalk out your travel trip-transportation, accommodation, nourishment, and water.

Transportation – You arrive at Delhi. At that point, you have numerous buses that will take you to Manali. Pick a bus that will reach Manali early morning. While in Manali you can freshen up and have a reasonably priced meal. You can buy snacks and water bottle for the onward journey. From Manali, you can take a bus to Leh. There is a stopover at Keylong. At Keylong, you can have Momo for dinner. For commuting in Ladakh, the only option you have is to hire a shared taxi/van. You will get more information about booking at New Bus Stand in Leh. People of Ladakh are hospitable and will be glad to help you out.

Accommodation– Homestays have started in villages in some of the trekking areas, generating income for the villagers and also reducing the strain on the ecosystem caused by camping. Trekkers on trekking routes in Hemis National Park can use homestays as they trek from village to village. Trekkers could meet local people and experience Ladakhi culture and lifestyle. Three meals a day, bedding and safe drinking water are provided.

Local people basically tend to their own particular personal concerns and don’t trouble travelers.Undoubtedly, it is a prevalent visitor destination for women voyaging alone. Given the high altitude, travel light and practice general caution as you would at any other destination.

Do share your comments and feedbacks about traveling solo. 🙂

The Best Way to Plan Your Rail Journey in the UK

Trainline App- Title

Trainline App for a better rail journey

Whether it’s about getting the cheapest prices for your next UK national rail booking or about getting benefits of saving while buying your rail tickets in advance – there are an infinite number of reasons that can lure you to Trainline app. You can always get in touch with their dedicated team at Trainline Contact Number to get the latest information on the deals provided by them, cancel or amend your tickets, to know about their fees and ticket types and much more.

Trainline App, the best way to plan your rail journey

There is no denying the fact that London is the heart of the United Kingdom and if you’ve still not decided on where to spend your summer this year, go ahead and plan your journey with Trainline journey Planner to get a perfect and splendid start of your vacation.

Trainline app journey planner tool -screenshot
UK Train Line Railway Timetable app for the iPad

Trainline will help you save a good amount on your rail tickets by highlighting the cheapest ticket prices for your London journey. They are experts to help you plan your journey by making it simple, quick and efficient. You can keep a check on live train departures, their arrival times and fare details in advance, so you can accordingly plan your journey and vacation in an efficient and effective manner.

It will help you save on rail tickets by highlighting the cheapest prices for your next UK national rail booking. You can benefit from great savings when buying your train tickets in advance. If you are flexible with your time of travel, use the best fare finder to find cheap train tickets that other customers have found.

The journey planner tool with Trainline App will help you identify which trains are at peak, off-peak or super off-peak so you can grab the best deal with super discounts on your rail tickets. You would have never guessed, but booking in advance through Trainline can actually help you save up to 43% on an average.

Even if you’re already on the move, you can save money by downloading Trainline mobile app (available for iOS, iPad and Android) to book your train tickets or find the latest travel, platform or delay information.

There are few selected routes available on Trainline app which means that you can get the privilege of using mobile ticketing and won’t have to wait in queues at ticket collecting machines. With the live platform and departure information, journey planning and smart mobile tickets, Trainline is diligently working on to be the people’s first choice mobile app.

Feel free to reach their dedicated team on Trainline Contact Number to get a go-to solution for saving money on train tickets and to make train travel easier, cheaper and smarter.

7 reasons to add Kyoto to your bucket list

Bucket list (title), Kyoto, Japan

Home to tranquil temples, lush gardens, striking shrines and mysterious geishas, a visit to Japan would not be complete without venturing to its cultural and historic center, Kyoto. Providing a striking contrast to the chaotic, neon-lit and modernistic mega-city of Tokyo, Kyoto is a completely different world. The city exudes warmth, classic character and a timeless elegance so palpable it almost feels as if time has stood still.

Therein lies the magic of Kyoto and it is reason enough to add this captivating city to your bucket list RIGHT NOW. If you need a little more convincing, however, here are seven more reasons to add Kyoto to any Japan travel itinerary.


1) Gion District

The oldest district in Kyoto, Gion is the epicenter of geisha culture. Here you’ll find a winding maze of alleyways, a myriad of tea houses, incredible shopping, delectable cuisine and night-time entertainment. You’ll more than likely spot a geisha or two as they disappear down the winding streets and trust me, it will all hardly seem real.

2) Bamboo Forest

The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is one of Kyoto’s most striking and well-known sights, and for good reason. Standing amid towering stalks of bamboo is a moment of pure magic, and one not to be missed on a trip to Kyoto.

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan

3) Stay in a traditional ryokan (guesthouse)

While there are plenty of Western-style accommodation options in Kyoto, there’s nothing like embracing traditional Japanese culture and staying in a ryokan. The hospitality you’ll experience will no doubt be the highlight of your visit.

4) Wear a beautiful kimono

You will see kimonos everywhere in Kyoto and a stay in a ryokan comes with a kimono lent to you for the duration of your stay.


5) Fushimi Inari-Taisha

Sitting at the base of a thickly wooded mountain, the seemingly endless passageway of brilliant orange gates is one of the most recognized sights in all of Japan. In reality, there are thousands of orange gates leading all the way up Mount Inari and this is perhaps one of the most impressive religious sites I’ve visited till date.

6) Tenryuji Temple

Kyoto is home to hundreds of exquisite temples but if you visit just one during your time in Kyoto, make it Tenryuji. It is simply stunning and no photos will ever do it justice. Be sure to see it for yourself!

Tenryuji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

7) Incredible Shopping

Shijo Street in the heart of central Kyoto is a shopper’s paradise. Here you’ll find everything you can imagine, and then some. Not far from Shijo Street is the famous Nishiki Market – an incredible marketplace of more than one hundred shops and restaurants and another must-visit for those among us who love to shop.

If you have plans to head to Japan, be sure to add Kyoto to your itinerary – you won’t regret it!

Source: Tripoto

5 Interesting Facts about the city of Bangkok

Bangkok- Interesting facts

No city is as plain as it seems. Each city has some interesting facts unknown to the rest of the world. The same is with Bangkok. This article discusses some of the top interesting facts about the city.

Bangkok- Interesting facts about the city
An Urban Oasis on the River Of Kings

Thailand is one of the best places you can visit from India. Travel to Thailand is cheap and booking one of the Bangkok to Mumbai flights will cost you as much as any domestic flights. The cost of living is low and the shopping scene is filled with varieties and often very cheap! There are so many fun things to do in the city but there are also many interesting facts that remain unknown to many around the world

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  1. City with the longest name

Bangkok has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? But did you know that its actual name has 169 characters in total? The name is so ridiculously long that forget the rest of the world, even the people from Thailand are unable to pronounce it and call it Krung Thep. The full name is, brace yourself, ‘Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahinthara Yutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udom Ratchaniwet Mahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit’! Bet someone to pay the drinks for the whole table if they can pronounce it and they might end up breaking a glass or two!

2. Kings anthem played before every movie

Bangkok- King's national anthem before a movie
In Thailand, there is a king and so before every function (school concerts, movies, etc) the King’s Anthem is played and everyone stands in reverence.
Image credit- sevenfarmers.blogspot.com

The Thais are extremely patriotic and play their national anthem every chance they get. But did you know that before you sit down to comfortably watch a movie, of which you just bought the ticket, the theatre will play the King’s anthem before the start of the movie! So don’t get too comfortable yet, as you will need to stand up and pay your respects to the anthem by standing while it’s being played.

3.  The third washroom

The increasingly high number of transgenders in Thailand are known to the whole world, but did you know that the country actually has a separate washroom for them? Next time, you rush to a public washroom, don’t be surprised if you see a third washroom! One is for men, the other for the women and the third is for the transgenders.

4. The place where Redbull originated

Bangkok where Red Bull originated
Red Bull Energy Drink

Did the famous Red Bull drink ever help you through the night before having to submit an important paper the next day? Then you have one person to thank, Chaleo Yoovidhya from Thailand. This is the man who pioneered and created this energy drink which has today grown into a multi-billion worth power drink company that has its reach in all corners of the world and all major sporting events.

5.  Dubbed Venice of the East

Bangkok-night life
Nightlife in Thailand
Image credit- www.gapyear.com

Thailand plays home to one of the most exciting and happening nightlife scenes in the world. The nightlife scenes are so epic here that it has been dubbed the ‘Venice of the East’, primarily due to its nightlife and some parts owing to its beautiful layouts of various canals portraying a landscape like that of Venice in Italy.

Apart from these, there are many other interesting facts about the city like how all the temples of Thailand are imprinted on the back of the Baht coins. All these and more makes Bangkok all the more fascinating!

6 Essential Gadgets for Backpackers

Essentials for backpackers

Travelling from one place to another is never complete if you do not have the right things in your backpack. Backpackers generally prefer to travel light. This does not necessarily mean that one has to carry nothing except the travel documents. Travelling light basically means to carry all the essentials and leaving behind the things that take up much space.

Essentials for backpackers

Apart from the travel documents, which are definitely a must, there are a few other essential items that need to be packed into the bag when you decide to travel either alone or along with the family. There are some electronic gadgets and add-ons that need to be necessarily  carried during the travel in order to stay in touch with technology. This does not mean that one has to dump all the gadgets into their bags. Only the essentials like the power bank need to be carried, leaving the rest behind.

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Here is a list of electronic essentials backpackers must never forget to pack when they travel.

  1. Power bank:

Essential gadgets needed for backpackers- powerbank
Power bank

This particular gadget is really important if you plan to carry your laptop or smartphone. Mobile phones can be charged using regular chargers when you stop for rest or after you have checked into the hotel. Until then, if you are on the move and need to charge immediately, plug the gadget to the power bank for charging. Make sure to carry a multi-port charger if you plan to carry more than one device; say a tablet or the laptop.

  1. Power cables:

Carrying extra power cables would come handy since if one goes bad, the other can be used. The spare one can replace the malfunctioning cable instead of running everywhere looking for an alternate cable. These power cables can also be used to connect the mobile phone to the laptop or for using as an extension cable in case the charger socket is at a distance or height.

  1. 3G or 4G hotspot:

3G or 4G hotspot is required if you plan to work while you are travelling. This can be connected to the mobile phone as well as the laptop. This helps to look up hotels and restaurants where one can rest or stop to eat. Travel bloggers find this handy when they need to update their blog every day while on their adventure.

  1. GPS navigation system:

The GPS device helps in tracking places. If you are travelling to a new destination and are not sure about the route then this is the perfect gadget for you.

  1. Headphones:

essential gadgets for backpackers- headphones
Girl, Music, Headphones, Hipster, Scene, Young, Happy

For all the music lovers out there, headphones are one of the most important things that one must carry. The headphones that are now available connect with the tablet, laptop, phone and also the mp3 players.

  1. Small USB cables:

These can be used if you need to transfer pictures from the phone or camera to the laptop. This also saves the time that is spent on separating the long cables from each other. Purchase the USB cables that are compatible with the device that you plan to carry.

These essentials can prevent you from hassles that can result while travelling. Carrying these would invariably reduce the inconveniences in travelling and also makes sure that you do not get lost on the way!

Be  Happy Backpackers!



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Beyond the Eiffel Tower: 10 Best Travel Destinations in Europe

Travel destinations in Europe

There’s something awfully familiar about Europe, even to those who haven’t been there yet. The continent has been a muse for many and a dream for most. Its famous buildings and romantic waterways have had the world coming to it since time unknown. But, it is not defined by just the metallic opulence of Paris and the architectural genius in Rome. It is defined by the small unknown stops that are missed when rushing from one must-see to the other. The tiny, reclusive places that don’t end up on most lists.

So, if you feel that the Eiffel Tower is nothing more than a pretentious pile of scrap and the Big Ben is a waste of time, then I think you might like my alternative guide to experiencing Europe.

1. Trakai, Lithuania

Credits: AkirA
Credits: AkirA

We love lakeside towns. There’s something hopelessly alluring about them. Right from the calm waters to the vibrant sunrises. The sleepy Lithuanian town of Trakai is all that and more. Squeezed between two lakes and an easy drive from the capital, Vilnius, this cluster of castles and wooden huts is an easy city getaway for the locals. The region comes under the protected status of the Trakai Historical National Park and is one of the few places to catch glimpses of the Karaite culture.

The Trakai Castle in Lake Galve, a 14th-century Gothic construction with traces of Renaissance influences, is the major draw in this area. Follow that up with a visit to the Trakai History Museum before heading to the bespoke camping areas at Slėnje, 5 km out of the town.

2. Brno, Czech Republic

Credits: Miroslav Petrasko
Credits: Miroslav Petrasko

Czech Republic’s second-largest city, Brno is everything Prague doesn’t want to be. A city that has mastered the art of balancing the old and the new; the young and the old. At first glance, you might think of this University town as another city racing towards modernity with its glassy facades and new-age designs, but stay a while longer and you’ll start noticing the subtle undertones. A lazy pullback into the Moravian way of life. The city’s history will slowly start showing itself in its castles and cathedrals.

Spend time at the Špilberk castle and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul before experiencing the Functionalist architecture at Villa Tugendhat. The estuary under St. James Church is another draw for piqued minds. After a day of landmark-hopping, visit Náměstí Svobody, the city’s nerve center and revel in the city vibe with a glass of wine.

3. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Credits: Noel Reynolds, Europe
Credits: Noel Reynolds

Lying on the tourist-trodden trail between Interlaken and Jungfrau, this fairy-tale town deserves more than an impatient stopover. Lauterbrunnen is one of Switzerland’s largest conservation areas, scattered with expansive trough valleys and thunderous waterfalls. It is also a favorable spot for mountain biking and hiking. Picture chancing upon lonely mountain inns around unexpected hilly bends.

We recommend gaping at the spectacle that is the Trummelbach Falls, our favorite out of the 72 falls in the region.

4. Roskilde, Denmark

1463145006_roskilde_ratusz_mpazdziora, Europe

Steeped in Viking culture, Roskilde, 35 km from Copenhagen, is a highly decorated ancient town situated in one of Denmark’s most scenic areas, the island of Zealand. It is one of Denmark’s oldest cities and served as an important Viking trading post, and the seat of the Danish crown for a long time.

Roskilde is a cultural fiesta for anyone interested in the legendary Viking traditions. Start with the Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the burial-place for many Danish Kings and Queens. The Viking Ship Museum and the Roskilde Museum are good stops for getting all the info. you might possibly need about the area’s traditions. If you are visiting during late June or early July, then head to the infamous Roskilde Festival for some legendary antics and a Rock n’ Roll overdose.

5. Hallstatt, Austria

1463145044_1024px_hallstatt_300- Europe

Considered to be the oldest still-inhabited village in Europe, Hallstatt lies in a picturesque setting surrounded by the Dachstein mountains and the shores of the Hallstatt See. The village was a hotbed for salt production back in the day and you can catch glimpses of its salt-production days by visiting the world’s oldest salt mines. Also, visit the Beinhaus for an intriguing display of decorated skulls exhumed from the village graveyard.

Hallstatt is also the world’s first cloned village with a full-scale replica in Huizhou, Guangdong in China.

6. Brest, Belarus

The eastern European nation of Belarus isn’t on most travelers’ radar owing to its stressed political environment, and long and complex history, but trust us when we say it’s probably the most surprising travel destination in all of the Europe. While Minsk, the capital, might be the most heard of city in the country, the border town of Brest offers an exquisite mixture of history, architecture and nature.

St. Nicholas Church in Belarus

Established by the Slavs, Brest went through several invasions during the course of its history and was under the Soviet Union till as late as 1991 before it finally fell under Belarus’s territory. The Brest Fortress, a World War II memorial, is the most important attraction in the city. Just walk the grounds and spend some time at the museum to try to understand this memorial’s complicated history. Brest is also home to some interesting museums like the Museum of Confiscated Arts and the Museum of Railway Technology. After the cultural and historical initiation spends time wandering around Nabierežnaja and Hohaia St. and enjoy the town’s laid back vibe.

7. Kosice, Slovakia

Tucked away in the valley of River Hornad, Košice is Slovakia’s second-largest city and served as the European Capital of Culture in 2013. The city is close to the Hungarian, Ukrainian and Polish borders and is easily accessible by a good network of roads and rail. It is also an artistic hotbed with several theatres holding performances all through the year.

St Michal’s chapel and st Elisabeth cathedral south view

Košice has the highest number of palaces in Slovakia and is a cultural cauldron in terms of architecture with a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau. The main attractions are the Gothic St. Elisabeth Cathedral and Immaculata Statue, both examples of Baroque architecture. Most of the town’s sites are present around the well-preserved historical center and the main street (Hlavná ulica) and can be leisurely covered on foot in a day.

8. Oulu, Finland

If there’s one reason to visit Oulu, apart from the spectacular beach and the enticing walkways, it’s the locals. The Finns are a warm and enthusiastic lot and they’ll welcome you into their homes just like they welcome the first speck of summer sunlight. The city, named after the river Oulujoki, lies on Finland’s western banks, opening up into the Gulf of Bothnia.

Oulu hydro energy

Summer is the best time to visit as the city collectively breathes a sigh of relief and prepares to let the sunny warmth enter their lives. The waterfront Kauppatori (marketplace) springs into action with several food stalls and restaurants dishing out the eclectic fare. Follow up an afternoon spent ambling around the market with an easy jaunt to Pikisaari, a former industrial region transformed into a close-knit artistic community. We recommend a short visit to the Sailor’s Home Museum, Oslo’s oldest house, to get a glimpse of life in the 18th century. Spend the next morning admiring the restrained flamboyance of Oulu Tuomiokirkko (the main church) and then dive into the many museums describing Oulu’s every facet from being a shipping town to the modern, high-tech metropolis that it is now.

9. Giethoorn, Netherlands

Give the term ‘on the road’ a miss for this one. Giethoorn, 120 km from Amsterdam, is a village with no roads. Arguably the most famous spot on our list, there is something about this tiny village, also called the Dutch Venice, that kept floating around in our heads. With over 150 wooden bridges, 4 miles of canals, and some spectacular farmhouses, this town merits a halt during your trip through Holland. All tourist go to Amsterdam, Giethoorn can turn out to be best travel destinations in Europe.


Founded in AD 1230 by fugitives from the Mediterranean, Giethoorn became famous after being used as a setting in Bert Haanstra’s 1958 comedy, Fanfare. The summers bring in a throng of tourists in boats and gondolas, changing this hamlet, home to 3000 people, into a thriving circus affair. Although the thought of rowing along the canals on a warm summer afternoon is very enticing, we recommend visiting Giethoorn in the winter, when the canals are frozen over. Ice skate your way through the village, stopping only to enjoy the outstanding views.

10. Leiria, Portugal

Leiria e Castelo

Cradled between Castle hill and Rio Lis and surrounded by Portugal’s biggest cities (Lisbon, Porto, and Coimbra) Leiria is a medieval town flirting with modernity. The Leiria castle towers over the town’s red-roofed town center.

Have you been to these best travel destinations in Europe?


Source: Tripoto

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney 2016

The Sydney Vivid festival is a fantastic way to spend a Winters evening (Ideally if it’s not raining). See Sydney’s landmarks transformed into moving images and amazing colours during the festival.

From around 6pm – 11pm each night in Late May / Early June spend a few hours strolling around Circular Quay, the botanical gardens, and Martin Place, with other displays in the Rocks and places in the CBD. The displays are amazing and very entertaining. Not forgetting it’s all absolutely Free, which is a bonus these days.

I would suggest trying to avoid the weekend evenings if possible as it’s very busy, but that’s the downside of a great event.

Vivid Sydney
Vivid Sydney 2016

Vivid Sydney is an annual festival of light, music and ideas. It has become the premier winter event in the city. It is gaining a reputation for being among the world’s leading creative celebrations. This year the festival is on from 27 May – 18 June 2016.

To experience VIVID in different ways, there are events that take place every day throughout the city. The simplest way is to arrive in the city at nightfall and wander around until the installations light up your eyes. Maps are available to guide visitors through everything.

Another great way to experience it all is to book a specially created tour for the event. You can take a cruise around the Sydney Harbour and see the lights from the water, or go behind-the-scenes at the Sydney Opera House while the outside is lit up!

Vivid Sydney cruises
Vivid Festival banner
Image credit- www.captaincook.com.au

Vivid Lights Sydney Harbour Cruise– This cruise around Sydney Harbour is a 1-hour evening boat excursion. The spectacular light displays of Vivid Sydney festival is an unforgettable experience as you admire the artworks that light up iconic structures including Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay among others. Your cruise ends at Darling Harbour where you can explore more.

Darling Harbour– There are many attractions for tourists here. You can meet animals and sea life, climb aboard submarines and destroyers, see science in action, touch a giant 3D movie or a waxwork movie star, ride a carousel, catch a flying fox in the Darling Harbour Playground, roll the casino dice, pull up a deck chair on the Village Green, or escape to a blissfully tranquil garden.

  • 9D Action Cinemas– 9D Action Cinemas brings you the latest technology in a dynamic, multi-dimensional, small theatre movie entertainment, suitable for both children and adults.

Your senses will be overwhelmed with the stimulating and exciting 3D movies with surround sound, coupled with ‘active motion’ luxury seats and dramatic effects such as rain, fog, lightning, wind, snow, touch, feel and more. You will enjoy this genuine ‘action cinema’ experience like you have never had in traditional movies. For more details, follow this link.


If you want to see Sydney from the water, Fantasea is the way to do it. Do follow this link for more details.


The Maritime Museum promises a great day out for the family with enthralling exhibitions and a must-see collection of vessels. For further details, please follow this link.


Feel the sun on your face in your own secret garden in Darling Harbour’s Chinese Garden of Friendship. The Chinese Garden is a place to escape. It recreates the philosophy of a traditional Chinese garden with waterfalls, lakes, exotic plants and hidden pathways.  Chinese Garden Highlights tour.

  • Cockle Bay Wharf

It is located on the CBD side of Darling Harbour. Enjoy Sydney’s most stunning waterside location by taking advantage of the various dining options. A variety of restaurants and cafes with menus that will make your mouth water, fresh seafood, authentic Italian dishes, and hawker-style Malaysian cuisine, to modern Australian – each venue offers a truly unique experience.

Celebrate @RBGSydney‘s 200th Birthday as it illuminates from 6-11pm until 18 Jun. #VividSydney



References: Darling Harbour

Vivid Sydney

Weekend getaways and accommodations in Hyderabad

weekend getaways

Continuing from my earlier post, “Best Places of Interest in Hyderabad”…if you are searching for accommodations in Hyderabad, the following are some of the best places to stay while in Hyderabad.

Accommodations in Hyderabad


  1. The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace

It is close to several technological corporations and Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Shilparamam Theme Park is 3.2 km away. It is 13.7 km to Golconda Fort and 19.3 km to Hussain Sagar Lake. Hyderabad International Airport is 33.8 km away and Nampally Train Station is 17.7 km from The Westin.

2.   Radisson Hyderabad Hitec City 

Located in Hyderabad, Radisson Hyderabad Hitec City offers 5-star accommodation with a flat-screen TV. This non-smoking hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool, 3 dining options, and free parking.

3. Aditya Park-A Sarovar Portico Hotel

Aditya Park Hyderabad is 1 km from Ameerpet Bus Station and 30 km from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. It features a gym, 2 dining options, and rooms with cable TV.

4. Treebo Tara Residency

Situated in the heart of HITEC City, Treebo Tara Residency is located in Hyderabad. It operates a 24-hour front desk and offers free Wi-Fi access in the public areas of the property.

5. The Lime Boutique Suites

Offering the benefits and services of an in-house restaurant, Squeeze Restaurant, and a fitness centre, The Lime Boutique Suites provides a 24-hour front desk for the convenience of the guests. It offers free WiFi.

For more hotels, check out the following:


Weekend getaways

weekend getaways

While in Hyderabad you can also take a weekend getaway to Hampi in Karnataka.  It is around 366kms from Hyderabad.  The forlorn ruins of Hampi present a surreal experience for tourists.  The area is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

weekend getaways to Hampi
Rock chariot
Image courtesy-pixabay.com

Bijapur is another destination that you could explore if you are interested in history and architecture. It is around 400kms from Hyderabad.

If you like to explore more places like Bijapur then you must visit Badami and Pattadakal too.  It is around 415kms and 386kms from Hyderabad respectively.

For bookings, do follow this link.

Top Five Food Trucks In Hyderabad For a Lip-Smacking Foodie

Food trucks in hyderabad


Food trucks have become a trend in the culinary field. It is one of the effective ways of enjoying a lot of different styles of food in a unique manner. Many foodie travellers love Hyderabad because of the cuisine of the land. The cuisine was developed for winning the hearts of Nizams of the land. If you are in Hyderabad and are looking for some food truck experience, this article is right for you.

Chettinadu Villas

Food trucks Hyderabad

The lip-smacking dish of Southern India is idli (boiled rice cake) or dosa (Indian pancake). Do you know that there are more than 60 types of idli and dosa? If you want to enjoy some, you can visit Chettinadu Villas. They serve the authentic Chettinadu style food for reasonable price. You can either call them to fix a place if you are travelling in a large group or, you can call them to locate them too.

Specials: Cheese Dosa, Mutton Idli, and Idiyappam

Where: Indira Nagar Service Lane, Gachibowli

Timings: From 6: 30 PM till midnight

Phone Number: 7799002711

Hungry Parrots

Food trucks in Hyderabad

Lebanese food is known for its meat-filled flavours. They have a juicy mixture of meat and vegetables with soft Arabic bread. Shawarma is a very common and tasty Arabic food. If you are looking for Arabic food in Hyderabad, you can always rely on Hungry Parrots. This truck is known for their quick delivery time.

Specials: Different Styles of Shawarma

Where: Hitech City Road, Madhapur

Timings: 5:30 PM to 12:30 AM

Yum Stop

Food trucks in Hyderabad

Yum Stop is a new food truck that is getting more famous in Hyderabad. This truck is famous for Indian and Chinese cuisine. The most interesting part of this truck is that the menu keeps changing every day. It is a bit hard to find the same menu again soon. You can call them to locate them. This truck has earned good reviews from media. Seating is not available. High food quality can be expected and the proof to the quality is that the truck has great crowd even after midnight.

Specials: Bread Omelette, Dosa Bandis, Sandwiches, Bonda

Where: Near Dapalla Hotels, Jubilee Hills

Timing: 10 PM till 3 AM

Phone Number: 7032997796


Food trucks in Hyderabad

As the name indicates, this place is for Mexican food lovers. You would be astonished to see the quality of Mexican food that you can enjoy in South India. This truck is available for business even during day time. Tacos, burritos, and every other Mexican food can be found here. This place is for those who are ready to taste so spicy food. Home delivery is also available. Seating arrangements are not available and thus, only take outs are possible.

Speciality: Nachos and Salsa

Where: Wipro Office, Gachibowli or beside Phoenix Avance hub

Timing: 12:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Phone Number: 040- 3165016

Fat Cow Creamery

Food trucks in Hyderabad

This is the truck for sweet lovers. While south India tour goers prepare themselves for spicy food, this truck is a proof that the cuisine is capable of adding various flavours of frozen desserts to your plate. Starting from ice creams to all kinds of desserts, this truck is the home for sweet tooth holders. This adorable little blue trailer would remind you of the ice cream truck that used to ring bells to attract children in suburbs. The speciality of this truck is ice cream served on a roll. It is your regular ice cream with exotic fruits and chips, still it looks different. There are no seats available so only a takeaway is possible. Vegetarians can also enjoy these desserts.

Speciality:  Berry Berry Ice Cream, Oreo and Cream and Banana Ice Cream in Roll

Timing: 1 PM to 12:30 AM

Where: Usually At Banjara Hills

Phone Number: 7036111213

Food trucks are in common from the 18th century. This is the best way for those who want to enjoy street food authentic to the local cuisine in a hygienic way. Communicate with the locals or use any apps like Zomato to find some interesting food trucks near you.

Food trucks in Hyderabad


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