The Best Things to See or Do When You Visit Cyprus

Settling for the right holiday destination can be a difficult task. There are so many countries with beautiful places to visit you can include on your bucket list. You need to factor in a few things before settling for one place, however. Make sure you are familiar with the weather conditions of your preferred holiday destination within the specific season you want to go. 

You also need to determine your budget to know the amount you have to spend on your trip. Travel blogs and magazines can be of great significance when it comes to choosing the perfect holiday destination. There are different sites that have proper information on the different places you can visit. Cyprus is one place you can pick as your next holiday destination. 

 Walking along the sea coast in Protaras, Cyprus | by Monika Kostera (urbanlegend)

Walking along the sea coast in Protaras, Cyprus | by Monika Kostera (urbanlegend)

This Mediterranean island nation has beautiful beaches and attractive sites you can check out. However, you need to have proper documentation before touring the country. This helps prove your type and period of stay. One document you will need is the Cyprus tourist visa which is a must for any tourist. 

You can get it from their embassy by applying after following the right application procedure. There is also an option of getting one through different visa agents. You can visit to get your visa processed fast.

The following are best things you can do or places to see when you are in Cyprus. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

Tour the Villages of Cyprus 

Cyprus, Fikardou, Village, Medieval

Cyprus, Fikardou, Village, Medieval
IC: Pixabay

Away from the city or urban life in Cyprus, you can take the step of visiting their villages, which hold much of the more traditional way of life. You will come across so many things when you tour their villages.

Traditional Cypriot foods like Halloumi, Sheftalia, Kleftiko, and Tirokafteri are some of the things you will come across. You will get the first-hand experience of how they are prepared. You also have the opportunity to learn about their culture and their traditions. You can also sample some of their crafts.

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The Troodos Mountains 

Cyprus Troodos Mountains Countryside landscape
Cyprus Troodos Mountains Countryside landscape
IC: Pixabay

This is one of the largest mountains situated at the heart of the island. It is made up of very steep slopes covered with beautiful tree species. There are also several villages around the mountain. It has one of the most scenic views in the country. There are some lovely restaurants you will find too where you can sample some of the island’s dishes. You should visit and catch that beautiful view.

Fasouri Water Park 

Limassol Fassouri Watermania Water Park
IC: altgiperon

You should visit the Fasouri Water Park to get some world-class water entertainment. It is one of the best water parks on the island and is perfect for the whole family. There are different features there that can also keep your kids entertained. 

Limassol Old Town 

Cyprus limassol old town street architecture

Cyprus Limassol old town street architecture

You can also visit the Limassol old town and have a look at its many attractive features. Something that will catch your view is the beautiful architecture. Their streets are also designed perfectly. You can also sample some cuisine from the different restaurants in the area. 

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  1. Louise Fernandes

    I love Cyprus. In fact I spent my honeymoon in Cyprus. I have spent hours walking around Limassol and Nicosia. I think the border between Turkey and Cyprus also is a good visit.
    Food! The choices and the variety are amazin. The people too are very welcoming, and love meeting Indians.

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