Dubai might have a floating mall, but, India is the spot for shopping all that you want like a king. Starting from street shopping to grand malls, there are a lot of places to shop in this country. Thus, it is important for all shopaholics to keep their calendar open in this country. Let us talk about the top shopping spots in the country.

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Street shopping in India- Cochin

Cochin Fort Shopping

When it comes to street markets or malls, there is no place to beat Kerala. This is the top tourist destination in South India where a walk through the markets is considered to be an important tourism activity. The street of the Cochin Fort is a well-known place for shopping. Starting from antique items like clocks and vases to delicacies; you can find almost everything in this place. This is the Venice of East and this place is the best for romantic shopping. Moreover, the largest mall in the country is in Kochi. The Lulu shopping mall is found in many international spots too. If you want some luxurious shopping experience, this is the right place to stop.

New Delhi

Street shopping in India- Delhi

Delhi Street Shopping

This is the capital of the country and one of the popular places when it comes top shopping destination. No matter what type of shopping experience you want, you can find the right spot in this city. Starting from Select City Walk Mall to the flea market, you can find a lot of spots to enjoy shopping in this area. It is not possible that someone visits Delhi for vacation and not roam around the local markets and malls.


Street shopping in Mumbai, India

Street shopping in Mumbai

There are a lot of markets in Mumbai and each market is famous for certain items. Many tourists love to walk through the markets, shop and enjoy the local life. You can find almost everything in these markets. Are you fed up of street shopping? You can find the second largest mall in the country in Mumbai. The Phoenix Market City has almost all attractions like restaurants, movie screens, retail stores and many others.


Street shopping in Chennai, India

T-nagar Shopping

Pondy Bazaar, T-Nagar and many other areas in this place are dedicated mainly to shopping. You can find both street shopping and big malls around here. Apart from these, you can find a lot of top-notch malls like Phoenix Market City, Vijaya Forum Mall, Sky Walk, and many others. You can find many unique items and interesting objects to buy in these malls and street shops. If you love to bargain, the street shops are the best.


Street shopping in Jaipur, India

Jaipur Market

It is the capital and largest city of the Rajasthan. It is called as the Pink City. This is famous for a lot of activities including shopping. There are a lot of malls and street shops in this spot. This place is famous for textiles, handicrafts, puppets, precious jewellery, Minakari work, quilt and many others. You can find a lot of shopping centers and authentic shops where you can find a lot of these items. You ought to take your time to walk through the markets to get better deals in this city.