Top Eleven Destinations that would never make you feel like Coming back

Have you ever visited a place and never wanted to get back to your normal life? Has any place made you feel like you are ready to shift there for your life? These eleven places would make you feel that way. Not just beaches and architecture; these places are filled with sensations that would bind you into them.

  1. Goa

Goa, Eleven destinations
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The warm white sand beaches, shady palm trees and the architecture that tingle the warmth in you and many others would attract you for lifetime. You would be stuck at awe by a lot of things. And, did you think that the beach is the only attraction in Goa? There are a lot of cathedrals, hot spots for enjoying night life and the irresistible waterfall.

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  1. Maldives

Maldives, eleven destinations
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The first point is that you might not be able to enjoy this place if you wait for a decade or so. In the list of places that would become a prey to the global warming, Maldives has a place. The crystal clear water, amazing coral islands and a diverse marine life are a few magnetisms among the many it holds. The topical fishes, turquoise sea and others would bind you to the place forever.

  1. Kashmir

Kashmir, eleven destinations
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No, it is not a terrorism drenched place. It is the queen of beauty amidst snow capped mountains. You would feel like you just entered the land of Narnia. Starting from trekking to paragliding, you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities in this land. The natural beauty of the place is unbeatable and would make you yearn for more.

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  1. Mauritius

Mauritius, eleven destinations
Aerial view of the underwater waterfall and Le Morne Brabant peninsula. Amazing Mauritius landscape
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It is a paradise in the volcanic island. Apart from the beaches and water sports, Mauritius is known for its magnificent lagoons. This is the place for those who love to do some exploration. The two hundred year old botanical gardens, plantation houses and the boat rides are some of the magnets in this paradise.

  1. Kerala

Kerala, eleven destinations
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Kerala is the heaven on backwaters. The shady coconut trees, sparkling water and lush landscape would provide you a blanket of comfort. It is a mix of cool hill stations and snuggling beaches. Kerala has an earthly beauty which would sprinkle an everlasting magic on you.

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  1. Ladakh

Ladakh eleven destinations
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This is the place for those who love adventure sports and exploration. Ladakh is filled with monasteries and other architectural marvels to lift the spirits of those who walk through. The Markha valley is known as the spot for all adrenaline filled activities. Enjoy the coldest desert in the world in the lap of Mother Nature- Leh Ladakh

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  1. Switzerland
Switzerland, eleven destinations
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When it comes to luxurious vacation, the first choice that comes to most of the minds is Switzerland. The breathtaking sceneries, cathedral architecture and the snow covered landscape would melt you down in the first sight. This is a world-class place for some marvellous vacation time.

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  1. Greece
Greece, eleven destinations
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Greece is one of the very few places that would mesmerize the mind just with the name. With more than two thousand islands and numerous magnets of attraction, this is the place for all kinds of vacations. Are you looking for a relaxed time off? Do you want to spend some adrenaline filled time? Starting from food to festival, this is the place for everyone and everything.

  1. Bangkok
Bangkok, eleven destinations
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This is the metropolitan city that would shine bright with bustling shrines and nightlife. You can enjoy a wide range of temples, crowded markets, exotic sceneries and other extravagances. This is one of the few places that would look different no matter how many times you visit this place.

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  1. Venice
Venice, eleven destinations
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This floating city is the romance capital of the world. With the raising temperature, this city might not be floating for long.  Take your loved one on a canal ride as you watch and drench in the architectural beauty of the city. There are a lot of other magnificent places where you can enjoy the city’s culture and art.

  1. Andaman Islands
Andhaman islands, eleven destinations
Andaman Islands
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The bluish water, misty climate, purple sunset, lush greenery and romance in air are the icons of Andaman. There might be thousands of islands with sandy beaches, but Andaman would stand as the king of lagoons and water sight.

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