Ways to Travel More – Even on a Budget

Travel is a luxury that most wish they could do more of. It is an escape from everyday life. Travelling is a great way to see new things, step outside of your comfort zone, and do things you normally wouldn’t do. It’s about fun and excitement, rest and relaxation. As awesome as getting away may sound, it doesn’t happen often for most. Since taking a trip requires money, most end up pushing off their dreams to travel more. If money has held you back from vacationing more often, these tips will come in handy.

Vacation on a budget- travel

Vacation Locally

You don’t have to go far to feel like you’re on vacation. Often, people are unaware of the many things to see and do right in their hometown. So, book a hotel room nearby and search for some tourist attractions in your area. Sometimes a weekend stay in a nice hotel can be just what you need to feel replenished. Look up free or affordable things to do in the area. Depending on what time of year you decide to plan a staycation, you may be able to find a lot of outdoor activities, festivals, and events offered to the community that you can take part in.

Buy Timeshare

If traveling more is your goal, but you’re on a budget, a timeshare may be ideal. You’d essentially purchase or rent a suite at a resort which can be used during set times throughout the year. Some companies, like Welk Timeshare, offer various in-network resort locations to choose from. Therefore, when you want to go on vacation, the room has already been paid for. With resort destinations, a lot of the attractions are all-inclusive or on-site allowing you to save even more money. If you really want to increase your savings, consider splitting the cost of a timeshare with friends or family then split the allotted vacation time so everyone can enjoy a vacation without the high cost.

Travel in Groups

When funds are tight, paying for a vacation on your own may be out of the question. However, if you have some friend or family members you don’t mind traveling with, then you can reduce the cost of the trip. Not only are group discounts more common for travel, but splitting the bill two or three ways is a lot better than footing it all yourself.

Friends in other parts of the world- travel budget

Crash on a Couch

Do you have friends and family members who live in other parts of the country or world? If so, take advantage of this by planning a vacation in the area they live. Ask beforehand to crash on their couch to save money on hotel accommodations. If you don’t know anyone you can crash with, you might also consider looking into vacation rentals as many people open their homes to tourists as a way to make extra money. Renting a room at someone’s beach house could cost a lot less than paying for a hotel.

Always Look for Deals

Tourism is how many states and countries make a living. Therefore, they are always offering deals and discounts to attract newcomers. If you really want to travel more, just make sure that you keep an eye out for any good deals. Anything that will cut the cost of your trip will suffice. Whether you find cheap eats in London to reduce the cost of eating out or affordable hotel rooms in Australia, every penny helps reduce yours out-of-pocket costs.

Shoestring budget for travel

Getting away is something everyone should do more. While you may have thought that traveling more on a shoestring budget was impossible, there are solutions out there. Whether you plan a few staycations, purchase a timeshare, crash on the couch, or just look for deals at a destination you’re interested in traveling to, you’ll save a lot of money while exploring more of the world around you.

Jane Donovan is a copywriter and blogger from the deep south! She grew up taking vacations to the Gulf of Mexico and the lakes of Georgia before growing up, leaving her hometown for college, and studying aboard in Madrid, Spain! Jane majored in English and start working in journalism and copywriting just after college since 2005!

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