What are the best and hidden places to visit in India? Part 6

Offering adventurous, treasures, and surprises to the visitors, India is a country gaining popularity in the tourism sector. Blessed with abundant beauty, India is growing rapidly in tourism but there are some destinations in the country that remain untouched which offers the best vacationing in India. If you have explored the major destinations of India, then you must go on an offbeat India tour to find joy in the unexplored corners in the country.

The following are some of the best-hidden places in India to visit –

Laitmawsiang, Meghalaya –

Laitmawsiang, Meghalaya, best and hidden places in India

The small village situated in Khatarshnong Laitkroh Block of East Khasi Hills, Laitmawsiang is the perfect hideout for hungry people for isolation in the lap of nature.

13 Arch Bridge, Kerala –

13, Arch bridge, Kollam, Kerala, best and hidden places in India

Situated in Kazhathuruthi in Kollam district of Kerala, 13 Arch Bridge is well-known for its architectural marvel.

Chettinad Palace, Tamil Nadu –

Chettinad Palace in Tamil Nadu, best and hidden places

The Chettinad Palace in Tamil Nadu is an amazing amalgamation of architecture, art, and tradition while showcasing the past.

Tada falls, Andhra Pradesh

Tada falls, Andhra Pradesh, best and hidden places in India

Least popular waterfalls of Andhra Pradesh, Tada falls are tucked away in the beautiful hillocks and greenery. It is a perfect escape for hikers and trekkers to a peaceful destination.

Nagarhole National Park –

Nagarhole National Park, best and hidden places in India

Under conservation for UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Nagarhole National Park is a wildlife reserve that will make for any photographer’s delight.

Patan, Gujarat –

Patan, Gujarat

One of the newest additions to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Patan has sprung to popularity in travel circuit due to its Rani ka Vav.

Mawsynram, Meghalaya –

Mawsynram, Meghalaya, best and hidden places in India

The wettest place in India, Mawsynram turns more beautiful during the monsoon season and looks extremely generous.

Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu –

Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu

Blessed with azure sea, white sand beached and a lazy idyllic vibe makes Dhanushkodi one of the most beautiful yet sparsely known beaches of India.

Karauli, Jaipur –

Karauli, Rajasthan, best and hidden places in India

A quaint town located in Rajasthan, Karauli is popular for its sacred places and houses more than 300 temples. The rich, vibrant, and colourful heritage of Rajasthan, Karauli is the perfect destination for Rajasthan vacations.

So, discover the unexplored best and hidden destinations of India and experience the charming beauty of the city.

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