World’s longest non-stop flight

Air India has quite recently declared that it plans to connect the IT centers of Bengaluru and San Francisco, in what could be the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight. As per a report in The Economic Times, the flight would take around 18 hours to cover an expected 14,000km, making AI the longest non-stop commercial carrier on the planet.


“We are planning to have a non-stop from either Delhi or Bengaluru to San Francisco on our Boeing 777-200 long-range aircraft. And in addition, we are planning a direct service between Ahmedabad and London due to the huge demand for travel between these two cities,” said a senior AI official, as reported by The Times Of India.


The declaration could be made when Prime Minister Modi visits Silicon Valley.

A month ago, Emirates declared it will begin the world’s longest direct flight from Dubai to Panama City (13,760 km). The 17.5-hour flight will start on February 1, 2016. At present, Qantas works the longest flight from Sydney to Dallas, USA, covering 13,730 km.

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