Three Thrilling Theme Parks Opening Soon!

Theme parks are a mecca for adrenaline junkies looking to get their blood pumping and thrill seekers looking for their next big thrill.

Some of the most popular theme parks that are already open include Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and Alton Towers Resort in England. However, every theme park is different, from the food they provide to the rides they offer, meaning you will never have the same experience twice.

There are a number of theme parks opening around the world very soon, only adding to the already vast collection around the world, meaning thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies have a few more places to add to their already lengthy bucket lists:

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 Dubai Parks and Resorts, UAE 

Hotel Transylvania, Thrilling Theme parks

Opening in October this year, Dubai Parks and Resorts is made up of three theme parks, one water park, one entertainment park and a stunning hotel where visitors can rest their heads after a long day filled with fun.

Legoland Dubai, Thrilling theme parks

The three theme parks include motion gate™ DUBAI, Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI and LEGOLAND® DUBAI, and the one water park being LEGOLAND® WATER PARK, each of which takes on their own theme and have a number of roller coasters, water slides, and something for the smaller members of the family.

Located in Dubai, this theme park is the place for those looking for a fun day out filled with adventure with their family or their friends.

For those interested in visiting all of the parks, we know how pricey it can get. However, Dubai Parks and Resorts offers a great deal where you can purchase a theme park pass and visit each park as many times are you want!

Disney’s Star Wars Land, USA 

Disney's Star Wars- Thrilling Theme Park

Opening as the Disneyland Resort in both Anaheim, California, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, Star Wars Land – as you can tell by the name – is going to be home to all things Star Wars.

The new land will be made up of 14 acres and will immerse visitors into the Star Wars universe through a number of far-out attractions, amazing entertainment and scary thrill rides.

It has been said that the land will be crawling with inhabitants from out of this world, some that will include: humanoids, aliens, and droids, all of which will make the whole experience feel authentic.

 Fantasy Island, Singapore fantasy island Singapore, Thrilling Theme Park

This has to be one of the coolest theme parks to open yet, simply because it will be the world’s largest eco-park!

The eco-park will be located 16-kilomertre from Singapore, and visitors will get there via a short boat ride, with Fantasy Island spreading out across 328-hectares of tropical island and will include an Avatar Habitat, Rainforest Paradise, Simba Adventure, Mangrove Safari Rides, Riau Jungle Explorer, Aqua Adventure and Deep Ocean Wonder – all amazing activities perfect for the whole family to enjoy together in the outdoors.

Plan your next holiday to an amazing theme park, and enjoy an action-packed holiday with your friends or family that you will remember for years to come.

*/Ibtisaam is a self-diagnosed wanderlust with a healthy obsession for travelling the globe. You can find her ticking off her bucket list of places to go when she is not on the lookout for the comfiest hotel suites from Dubai all the way to Buenos Aires. /*

Social Media Week- 5

On 16th September 2016, I set out to attend Day 5 of Social Media Week. I reached the venue very early.

So, I waited in the Hyatt Lounge. Then after registration, I went to check out what was there for breakfast.

Breakfast at Hyatt Regency- Social Media Week, Mumbai
Breakfast at Hyatt Regency

Smoothies, cakes, pastries, tea, coffee and cookies. The breakfast was simply awesome.

Then I entered Hyatt Regency Ballroom where the session was to begin.

Inside the Regency Ballroom, Hyatt Social Media Week
Inside the Regency Ballroom, Hyatt
  1. The first session was ‘Monetisation of digital content’ by Satya Raghavan
YouTube India content chief Satya Raghavan- Social Media Week, Mumbai
YouTube India content chief Satya Raghavan. Image credit

His question made us ponder on –

  • If content is king, why doesn’t anybody pay for it?
  • 7 out of 10 watch videos online every month in India.
  • Creating content that will get money. He gave us the example of Ambuja Cement ad.
  • He also mentioned how ads were charged differently in different media – YouTube vs Television.
  • Models of monetization– Buy content, advertising and content acquisition.
  • He said that Thumbnails in YouTube are effective for better merchandising your content.
  • He mentioned that ‘Title and description’ are important for content to be found on YouTube. The suggested video link is created alongside as per title and description.
Prahlad Kakkar at Hyatt, Mumbai for Social Media Week
Prahlad Kakkar near the lounge area outside the Regency Ballroom at Hyatt
  1. Marginalising of creativity– This next session was taken by Prahlad Kakkar. Prahlad Kakkar is a leading Indian ad film director, best known for his work on the famous Pepsi TV commercial with Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar. He is Advertising Film Director, for Genesis Film Production, one of India’s oldest and foremost Ad film production houses since its inception in 1977. He recently launched Prahlad Kakkar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship in Mumbai in association with Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods International.

    Below is a gist to what he spoke about in the session

  • The content that is lacklustre will be marginalised.
  • Social media is voracious. Social media is a penetration of the mind.
  • Penetrating the mind is forever as compared to penetrating the body.
  • You need, to be honest about your content. Ask yourself, how honest can you be to yourself?
  • You need to bring value to the table and not bluff yourself.
  • You need to handle rejection. If you can handle rejection, then you can handle the world.
  • If you are not trying because of rejection then you cannot get on in life.
  • Social media is about opening doors.
  • Cope with fear
  • Overcome fears to become an entrepreneur.
  • You need to look fear in the eye.
  • Are you capable of lateral thinking?
  • Truth, originality, and engagement are factors of good content.
  • Unique content is with passion.
  • If the content has been picked up from somewhere then it is mediocre.
  • He gave an example of the Cadbury’s ad which was made 20 years ago but it still has an impact and a repeat value. The spirit of a woman, celebration of Dairy Milk, can be seen in it.
  • An example of Erikson ad. It opens up a dialogue. Advertising used to be a one-way street in the past, now it is a dialog of meaningful interactions.
  • Social media has changed lives faster than before.
  • The older you get, the more marginalised you are.
  • At workplace or a company, the system needs to change from a manager to a mentor. You need to have more mentors than managers.
  • Social media is a mirror of society metamorphosing.
  • Your content should challenge the status quo.
  • Add value to content where it can be questioned.
  • If you want repeat value, then be original and truthful.
  • If your content is predictable and boring, then there will no repeat views.
  1. Crisis Co-operation Insights with Heidi from the USA, Priya from @SamhitaDotOrg and Sonal #SMWMumbai
  • Understanding crisis management in the age of social media
  • There are 2 types of people in a disaster- one’s who are affected and one’s offering help.
  • Technology can make co-ordination easy in every crisis.
  • Speed and accuracy are vital keys for communication during a crisis.
  • Community mobilisation is important as local leaders help the message to reach out to the last mile.
  • Communication and early preparation are necessary during crisis situations.
  • Every disaster teaches us new things says Priya Naik from
  • A great way to form communities is not just engaging but educating. Learn how to learn, how to educate.
  1. Influencer Marketing was a panel discussion. The panel consisted of Adarsh Munjal, Gopa, Pankaj Parihar and Rohit Raj

  • Big change in influencer marketing. It’s an old technique, social media influencer is a big change now
  • #Influencer is a very confusing term according to Adarsh Munjal.
  • Anybody who influences a consumer’s decision for a product is an influencer.
  • What makes one a social media influencer? It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s  time-consuming.
  • Being an influencer is all about identifying your interests and then getting into the arena.
  • Influencers need to know about interest, knowledge and research and then adaptation.
  • Influencing has to be sustainable over a period of time.
  • Advocacy is very important from a brand’s point of view.
  • Customers trust friends & family instead of advertising, & there the influencer marketing comes in the picture.
  • The long-term approach is required for content and influencer marketing instead of campaign level approach.
  • Passion is what will make you an influencer.
  • Influencer Marketing is not only for bigger brands but for every single and local brand too.
  1. Can Social Media replace conventional marketing strategies?– A Panel discussion
  • Brands need to test out what social media has to say
  • We are a data-driven organisation says Varun Joshua from Flipkart
  • Brands need to test out what social media has to say.
  • Restructuring the organisation and being nimble towards social media marketing is the challenge most brands suffer with.
  • Data insights and social listening when stitched together create market research a real cohesive story. Data wins.
  1. It is good to be good’ by K.V. Sridhar. He is the chief creative officer at SapientNitro.
  • Nobody believes in advertising these days! Says KV Sridhar.
  • Marketing is all about understanding people.
  • We talk to people when we discover there is something in common says, K.V. Sridhar.
  • It is good to be good- a creative topic; the line that borrows from life. Brands connect with people.
  • People with a point of view are influencers.
  • Brands need to have a point of view, a voice and values like human beings.
  • At a time when we are caught between legal v/s moral creative, that is where brand builds character and its values.
  • A brand means a product that commands a price premium and connects with emotions.
  • By creating more experiences and communities, one can build affinity with the customers to build a brand.
  • Tell stories, engage and take live feedback – the way to increase brand affinity, brand equity via social media!
  • The way you can articulate an idea today, compared to 20 years back, there’s a sea change. – KV Sridhar
  • Brands need to behave like human beings. All the softer aspects that make us good humans such as values, compassion, and goodness should be there in a brand- K.V. Sridhar.
  • Brands need to have integrity, authenticity, credibility and honesty together to tell their story.
  • At the end of the day, ideas, technology, and data all need to be together.
  • Choosing the technology and putting emotions together is important.

This session was very informative.

  1. User-generated content: New data, best practices, and concerns, this was a panel discussion.
  • User generated content brings in personal gratification on social feed.
  • Inspirational ads of YesFoundation. The backbone of the YesFoundation campaign is user-generated content.
  • User generated content increases customer loyalty and organic word of mouth marketing.
  • User generated content is pretty important for a brand.
  • If you want to facilitate user-generated content then it has to be a long-term strategy, a short-term tactic won’t fetch tangible returns.


  1. Social Media for artists– A panel discussion had Hema Sardesai, Faridoon Shahryar, Soumini Sridhara Paul and Amit Yadav.
  • The first thing an artist needs is to be recognised as an entertainer and take it high in philosophy.
  • Hema Sardesai says that she always wanted to give something back to the society, which rewarded her with all the love during her career.
  • Social media has been a revelation for Faridoon.
  • Streaming is a good forward approach to music consumption.

The session ended with Hema Sardesai singing.

@HemaSardesaai singing at #SMWMumbai


Social Media Week- Day 3

Social Media Week is a leading media platform and worldwide event with local presence and global reach across five continents.

It is produced by R SQUARE Consulting, a full-service marketing agency managing Brand Properties and providing the following, but not limited, to Marketing Services – Brand Activation, Digital Marketing, Corporate Events, Brand Identity Consultancy & Design, Retail Marketing and Trade Marketing.

Day 3 of Social Media Week was  at Todi Mill Social in Mumbai.

Todi Mill Social- Social Media Week
Todi Mill Social. Image credit

Day 3- September 14- 2016 – SMW Mumbai, schedule for Day 3 was as follows

Day 3 of #SMWMumbai promises to be more interesting. Here is the line up for the day. @SMWMumbai

  1. Digital Marketing Innovations– The first speaker was Radhesh Kanumury #SMWMumbai. He  is the Lead – Global Entrepreneur Program, IBM India
  • Amazing insights by @radhesh_k #SMWMumbai #IBMWatson #CognitiveThinking #CognitiveComputing
  • What is cognitive computing? IBM describes the components used to develop, and behaviours resulting from, “systems that learn at scale, reason with purpose and interact with humans naturally.” According to them, while sharing many attributes with the field of artificial intelligence, it differentiates itself via the complex interplay of disparate components, each of which comprises their own individual mature disciplines.
  • Watson: The first cognitive system

  • The first cognitive system was Watson, which debuted in a televised Jeopardy! the challenge where it bested the show’s two greatest champions. The challenge for Watson was to answer questions posed in every nuance of natural languages, such as puns, synonyms and homonyms, slang, and jargon.
  • Watson was not connected to the Internet for the match. It only knew what it had amassed through years of persistent interaction and learning from a large set of unstructured knowledge. Using machine learning, statistical analysis, and natural language processing to find and understand the clues in the questions, Watson then compared possible answers, by ranking its confidence in their accuracy, and responded – all in about three seconds.
  • IBM Watson, analytic innovation, the IBM Watson Developer Cloud Cognitive services. @radhesh_k speaks about Watson and how we can use it for marketing. The following are the services which available under it:
  • Dialog
  • Tone Analyser
  • Personality Insight
  • Tradeoff
  • Visual recognition

2. Digital Market for start-ups– The next speaker was Samit Arora. He is Co-Founder,

  • “1/3rd of the shopping happens online,” says Samit Arora #SMWMumbai
  • He mentions that there should be a right mix of channels, the right audience for digital marketing.
  • Basics of Digital marketing
Reach and attract Engage and convert Nurture and close  
·        Visitors

·        Digital Presence

·        Brand Recall


·        User experience

·        Conversions

·        Referrals

Prospects Leads

·        Visitor engagement

·        Lead progression

·        Pipeline Management


The key challenge for Marketers:

  • Content creation
  • Web-traffic- Google and social media
  • Lead conversion
  • Lead management and nurturing
  • Resources

The 5 steps to follow are ACCESS, STRATEGIZE, PLAN, IMPLEMENT, and OPTIMISE.

In the digital assessment, you need to do website assessment, Google Analytics and take stock of assets.


3 ) “Personal Branding simplified in 60 minutes” with Kavi Arasu @_Kavi @SMWMumbai  #SMWMumbai.  

Kavi Arasu is an Executive Coach, Leadership, and change for Social Business,

  • “Humans basic instinct is to stand out,” says @_Kavi #SMWMumbai
  • “People buy from people, therefore it’s important to have a proposition for ourselves.” quotes @_Kavi  #SMWMumbai
  • “90% consumes, 9% curate & 1% creates content” says @_Kavi #SMWMumbai
  • “There is a very thin line between #transparency vs #authenticity” quotes @_Kavi  #SMWMumbai
  • What is #Personal #Brand?
  • – Domain Experts
  • – People who know
  • – People who share
  • – People who respond

4)  Anand Virani – Anand Virani is a Co-founder & CEO, Cutting Chai Technologies. He spoke about how mobile technology evolved over the years. ‘The Seed of Human Connectivity’- Dec 12, 1901, when the radio waves were first transmitted. 

First transatlantic radio transmission, Social Media Week, SMW Mumbai
First transatlantic radio transmission

April 3, 1973- Martin Cooper introduced us to Mobile Telephony, AT and T Bell Labs. 

Martin Cooper talks on the
Martin Cooper talks on the “DynaTAC,” the first commercial cell phone. Image credit-

Then on August 16, 1994, IBM Simon was launched. Nokia 9000 communicator, 

Nokia 9110 open, Image credit
Nokia 9110 open, Image credit

Sharp J-SH04 (first camera),

Sharp J-SH04 CP+ 2011- Social media week, SMW Mumbai
Sharp J-SH04 CP+ 2011. Image credit

Nokia 9210- Open Symbian.

Nokia 9210, Social media week, SMW Mumbai
Nokia 9210

All these mobile phones were launched from 1996-2005. The first Android Phone and iPhone were launched between 2005-2006.

  • “20 billion SMS were sent per day in the 90s,” says @anandvirani #SMWMumbai
  • “This would be the scenario in next 5 years” suggests @anandvirani #SMWMumbai- 5G, 1.2Gbps, 8K UHD and 1ms

5 ) Finally, Day 3 ended with Prabhakaran’s – Chase ideas and not platforms. Prabhakaran B is the President, R SQUARE Consulting Services. This is what he had to say

  • “Key to getting the creative idea right is knowing your customer,” says @iprabhakaran #SMWMumbai
  • User generated content is original, has emotional connect and adds value to customers. ‘Food for thought’.


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To be continued…



Cognitive computing

R Square Consulting


3 Delicious Recipes with Halloumi Cheese

Continuing my earlier post on Halloumi Cheese, following are 3 delicious recipes with Halloumi Cheese

Beetroot and Lentil Salad with Halloumi

Halloumi with Lentil Salad- Halloumi Cheese recipes
Halloumi with Lentil Salad

Ingredients for beetroot and lentil salad with Halloumi cheese recipes

Method for Beetroot and Lentil- Halloumi cheese recipes*****

Carrot, Zucchini and Halloumi Salad with ginger and Sesame

Halloumi, Carrot and Courgette Salad
Image credit

carrot, zucchini and Halloumi salad- Halloumi Cheese recipes

Method to prepare carrot, zucchini and Halloumi Salad - Halloumi Cheese recipes


Mediterranean Vegetable and Halloumi Bake

Roasted Vegetable, Lentil and Halloumi Bake- Halloumi cheese recipes
Roasted Vegetable, Lentil and Halloumi Bake- Image credit

Ingredients for Mediterranean Vegetables and Halloumi cheese recipes

Method for Mediterranean vegetable and Halloumi cheese recipes

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Image credit- ... Bon appetit | by Iain Farrell - Halloumi Cheese




A Taste of Cyprus -Halloumi

Nissi beach- Cyprus Island
Nissi beach Cyprus Island

Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, off the coasts of Syria and Turkey. Cypriot cuisine is closely related to Greek and Turkish cuisine and is highly influenced by Byzantine, French, Italian, Catalan and Middle Eastern cuisines. Halloumi cheese- has been around for many centuries and the name Halloumi is automatically associated with Cyprus.

Grilled Halloumi cheese- Cyprus
Grilled Halloumi cheese

Halloumi cheese originated in Cyprus and was initially made during the medieval Byzantine period. Halloumi is commonly served sliced, fresh or grilled, as an appetizer. Halloumi is the national cheese of Cyprus a semi-hard unripened brined cheese (similar in texture to mozzarella) made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk and sometimes also cow’s milk or a combination. It is also popular in Greece, the Middle East and is now made all over the world.

 The cheese is set with rennet and is very unusual in that no acid or acid-producing bacteria are used in its preparation. Thus Halloumi is also unique in having a high melting point and so can easily be fried or grilled.

Cypriots like eating Halloumi with watermelon in the warm months and also with slices of smoked pork or lamb sausages. Halloumi is served with meze. In Israel it is sometimes fried in olive oil and served for breakfast as well as with meze and as well as with fish. Mint is a very important herb in Cypriot cuisine as it grows abundantly and the locals use it for everything. Halloumi is often garnished with mint in Cyprus to add to the taste. Traditionally the mint in Cyprus was used as a preservative. This practice came about when it was considered that Halloumi kept better and was fresher and more flavourful when wrapped with mint leaves. In accordance with this tradition, many packages of Halloumi contain fragments of mint leaves on the surface of the cheese.

Although Halloumi is made worldwide and is of rather disputed origin due to the mixed cultures in the Levant and East Mediterranean, Halloumi is currently registered as a protected Cypriot product within the US but not in the EU. The delay in registering the name Halloumi with the EU has been largely due to a conflict between dairy producers and sheep and goat farmers as to whether registered Halloumi will contain cow’s milk or not and if so, at what ratios of sheep to goat’s milk.

Traditional artisanal Halloumi is made from unpasteurized sheep and goat’s milk. Many Cypriots also enjoy Halloumi, which has been aged or matured; it is much drier, much stronger and much saltier. It is easy to find this traditional product in Greek, Cypriot, or Turkish shops in most countries outside of Cyprus. It is preserved in its own brine and this traditional Halloumi is very different from the milder Halloumi that most Western chefs use as well as what is available here in our gourmet supermarkets. But like most aged cheeses, this too is an acquired taste and regular packaged Halloumi off the supermarket shelves is good for using in salads or grilling with kebabs and as an appetizer.

To be continued…

Some great tips and tricks for air travel?

The following are a few great tips and tricks that I don’t want to fly without:

Airplane, Wing, Flying, Aircraft, Travel- Travel tips and tricks
Airplane, Wing, Flying, Aircraft, Travel
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  1. My phone – which is more of a phablet, I guess, as it’s a Smartphone and while smaller than a tablet it’s bigger than your standard phone. It’s my communications hub, my flight info, my newspaper, my eReader, my music. I can take pictures, watch videos, play games, make notes, check my planner. I even make sure I’ve got copies of my eTickets, my passport, my driver’s license – in short, even if I lose everything else, as long as I have my phone, I’m good.
  2. My Sony Premium Active Series Lightweight Water-resistant Extra Bass Noise-Cancelling Earbud Headphones With In-line Microphone and Remote for Apple/Android Smartphone (Orange). It was a major splurge, but I swear I don’t know how I got along without them. The first flight that I had them was the first time I could actually hear everything – my device and their back-of-the-seat console. They really are worth it, especially if you fly a lot.
  3. My portable charger Mi POWER BANK 10400 mAh for SAMSUNG, NOKIA, LENOVO, HTC, APPLE, and other smartphones. I stumbled across this thing a year ago, and now, it’s another must-have. You can see that 1, 2, and 3 play together well.
A short haul Euro Traveller cabin- great travel tips and tricks
A short-haul Euro Traveller cabin

Nearly all of my flights are either long-haul or short-hops added on to long-hauls, and almost all of my flights are international. That means when I travel I am flying virtually an entire day, and at least half my flights are red-eyes.

For years I didn’t sleep on planes: too noisy, too uncomfortable, to everything disruptive. I can’t afford first-class (more’s the pity) but on the overnight, I splurge on “economy plus” (or whatever the airline calls their slightly roomier than plain cabin class).

I get a window seat (I can’t worry about people on the aisle – if I need to get up, I ask them) because I need something to lean against when I sleep. Aisle seats don’t work for me. (Someday maybe I’ll try one of those weird neck pillows that supposedly really support your head.)

I also have downloaded several versions of “nature sounds” Sounds of Nature: Provence Natural Soundscapes
– you know, ocean waves, falling rain, night-time forest sounds. As soon as it’s bedtime (remember, on these kinds of flights there’s at least one and sometimes two meals served) I turn off my overhead light, turn off the seatback screen, pop in the ear buds, and start nature sounds on a continuous loop.

Does the trick. I have far less jet-lag than I used to and I can actually feel human when I land instead of like a grungy lump in some kind of fugue state.

So my one real piece of advice is – experiment. Find what works for you. I don’t know why it took me as long as it did, but sometimes the magic works. 😉

Do share your travel tips and tricks in the comments section below


Most Surreal Places to visit…3

Continuing from earlier post on Most surreal places to visit series Part 3

The glowing blue sea tide at night at Vaadhoo in Maldives

Glowing Blue Tide at night in Vaadhoo Maldives- Most surreal places to visit- Part 3
Glowing Blue Tide at night in Vaadhoo Maldives

Dettifoss in North Ireland – The Most Powerful Waterfall in Europe

A super moon over the most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss, Iceland.- Most surreal places to visit- Part 3
A super moon over the most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss, Iceland.

The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland- Most surreal places to visit -Part 3
The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia

Australia Uluru (Ayers Rock) at sunset, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia -Most surreal places to visit- Part 3
Australia Uluru (Ayers Rock) at sunset, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Pamukkale – The Cotton Castle in Turkey

The pools of Pamukkale- Most surreal places to visit -Part 3
The pools of Pamukkale

Floating Villages at Cat Ba Island in North Vietnam

Floating fishing village. Fisherman's house, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam- Most surreal places to visit -Part 3
Floating fishing village. Fisherman’s house, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Yellowstone National Park in the USA

Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National Park- Most surreal places to visit -Part 3
Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National Park

The Pink Lake Retba in Senegal

Lac Rose in Senegal. Lake Retba- Most surreal places to visit- Part 3
Lac Rose in Senegal. Lake Retba

Stairway to Heaven – Haiku Stairs in Hawaii

Haiku Stairs by Drone- Most surreal places to visit -Part 3
Haiku Stairs by Drone

The Fly Ranch Geyser in Nevada

Fly Geyser- Most surreal places to visit - Part 3
Fly Geyser

The City of Dubrovnik in Croatia

Old Harbour - Old City of Dubrovnik - Croatia- Most surreal places to visit - Part 3
Old Harbour – Old City of Dubrovnik – Croatia

Beautiful Gardens and Abbey of Valloire in France

Argoules. Gardens and Abbey of Valloires- Most surreal places to visit- Part 3
Argoules. Gardens and Abbey of Valloires

Waterfalls at the Faroe Islands in Denmark

Heljardalsa Waterfall, Near Saksun, Streymoy, Faroe Islands, Denmark- Most surreal places to visit - part 3
Heljardalsa Waterfall, Near Saksun, Streymoy, Faroe Islands, Denmark

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa In Iceland

Bláa lónið or Blue Lagoon in the evening- Most surreal places to visit -Part 3
Bláa lónið or Blue Lagoon in the evening

Volcanos of Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia

Koryaksky Volcano Kamchatka Russia- Most surreal places to visit- Part 3
Koryaksky Volcano Kamchatka Russia

The Siachen Glacier in India – The World’s Highest Battlefield

siachen, siachen army, indian army siachen, siachen glacier, siachen glacier indian army Siachen is the coldest and highest battlefield in the world. - Most surreal places to visit- Part 3
siachen, siachen army, indian army siachen, siachen glacier, Siachen glacier indian army Siachen is the coldest and highest battlefield in the world. _Image credit-

Leh & Ladakh in India

Leh-Ladakh Region, India- Most surreal places to visit-Part 3
Leh-Ladakh Region, India

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall in Iceland

Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls -Most surreal places to visit -Part 3
Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls
Afar Depression- NatGeo East Africa - most surreal places to visit- Part 3
Afar Depression NatGeo East Africa
Aletsch Glacier- At Concordia Place- Most surreal places to visit -Part 3
Aletsch Glacier- At Concordia Place

Moses Bridge in Halsteren, Netherlands

Moses Bridge | M. Appelman | Flickr -Most surreal places to visit- Part 3
Moses Bridge | M. Appelman | Flickr

Red Beach at Panjin in China

by furiouskaa5786 Red Beach, Panjin, China.. | by furiouskaa5786- Most surreal places to visit -Part 3
by furiouskaa5786 Red Beach, Panjin, China.. | by furiouskaa5786
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If I have missed out any surreal places to visit around the world series, do let me know in the comments section below.

6 Travel Tips To Book Tickets for International Travel

International travel
International travel

Without a doubt, booking aircraft tickets is extremely tedious, particularly when you have an undecided circumstance and your financial plan is restricted and the trek is unavoidable. Looking for an ideal approach to get  a flight ticket is constantly one of the top hunts in India. What’s more, part of arrangements accompanies a wide range of offers with no proposal why or why you shouldn’t purchase this Flight Tickets to India, at whatever point you seek on the web.

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Arranging in Advance

Booking in advance- travel tips

Getting an extraordinary quote – Planning is the way to achievement with spare time and cash. This is the primary thing you will need to remember on the off-chance that you are searching for spending flight ticket. You will need to guarantee about your next excursion with the goal that you can get minimal effort tickets effectively instead of before a minute ago of flying. You may have come across people who claim they got air tickets at low-cost. Be that as it may, there is no mystery behind this! Simply arrange as per your needs, purchase ticket ahead of time, pay less and be one of them.

Pick Alternate Dates if Flexibility in Trip Days

It isn’t ensured that you will get tickets easily as it  depends on travel specialists who buy plenty of tickets ahead of time. So settle on a decision of substitute dates to book tickets if there is adaptability in travel days, and expand the odds with time and date to get the cheap ticket.

Use Flight Aggregator for Search Fares

Begin your hunt from flight aggregator locales. There are some top-flight ticket aggregators in India like I Eagle , Indian Eagle and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Simply check these destinations and search for minimal effort bargain. I will likewise propose you don’t pick rapidly, make a cross hunt independently. On the off-chance that you locate any great arrangement, simply go to Skyscanner and scan for the same. Maybe you can arrive a couple of more rebate on the same ticket. In any case, this system doesn’t work dependably. Be that as it may, attempt once, it worked for me before a couple of months.

Subscribe Email Alerts

Subscribe special messages of flight administrators and aggregators both so you never miss any overhaul about rebate offers and constrained time bargains. What’s more, don’t unsubscribe anybody after purchase tickets on the off-chance that you need to be upgraded about most recent markdown aircraft ticket bargains.

Social Media to Know About Limited Offers

Continually, Companies declare the most recent offers on their social fans pages to educate their clients. Along these lines, take after authority/offers pages of carriers/aggregators to expand your odds to get sensibly valued tickets firstly by dynamic in online networking stages.

Shop Early But Not ultimately

Evade to purchase tickets only before a flight takeoff. Since this is the time when you will need to pay a twofold cost to profit a seat as interest increments if few seat left and just a couple of hours stay just before battle takeoff.

So, these are a few tips which I imparted to you to get minimal effort carrier tickets on the internet, in India as well as from any nation to any area.

On the off-chance that you discover this flight booking tips (travel tips) enlightening, remember to impart to your companions. Trust, it helped you.


7 Recommended Mountain Walks in Sydney

Australia features summits worth hiking or walking up. You can immerse yourself in the beauty of Australia by walking and exploring its world-class walking tracks located from various cities such as Sydney.

Blue mountains- recommended mountain walks in Sydney
Blue mountains

There is the Blue Mountains, a range where mountain walks criss-cross with heritage trails and wilderness views. There are various National Parks like Royal National Park that is considered as world’s second-oldest national park, offering sweeping coastal breath-taking views.

Whether you are a nature lover or seeking thrill and adventure, mountain walks are for you.

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Below are some of the best mountain walks you can try when in Australia:

 Mount Solitary, Blue Mountains

Mount solitary-recommended mountain walks in Sydney
Mount Solitary

Mount Solitary is located in New South Wales, Australia. With this hike, you will need a sturdy pair of boots and determination to accomplish this tough walk. This is one of the toughest walks in the list and you need to conquer this nine-kilometre walk for six hours. However, the reward for completing the walk is seeing the breath-taking views of the mountain and see the eagles in the flesh. You can start the walk at the Federal Pass then follow the path of a former tramway track before heading to the rough path along Mount Solitary’s ridge, including a detour to Chinamans Gully. It is recommended that you start early to give you more time to relax at the summit.

 Leura Cascades, Leura

Leura Cascades- recommended mountain walks in Sydney
Leura Cascades

Leura Cascades is located in Leura, New South Wales, Australia. This walk is tagged moderate because you can finish it within 30 minutes and you will arrive at a waterfall after. The walk involves few short, steep hills and steps may require assistance but there are handrails. The popular tourist walk includes walking past streaming waterfalls, large ferns, some decent cliff top views and a lookout. Leura Cascades is easily accessible because it features designated parking and facilities and a picnic ground. Its car park is located on Cliff Drive between Katoomba and Leura. The area is well posted with signs.

 National Pass, Blue Mountains

National Pass starts the walk at the Wentworth Falls picnic area, and then you will pass by epic waterfalls and lookouts with sweeping views, before reaching the historic Grand Stairway. It offers scenic views of the many natural wonders of the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park. As you start your walk, you can stroll over to Jamison lookout and take in magnificent views of the valley below. Going down the walk, you will enter Valley of the Waters that houses Empress, Silvia, and Lodore Falls. Once you climb back out of the valley then you can take a break at Conservation Hut and enjoy a warm cuppa.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Barrenjoey Lighthouse- recommended skywalks in Sydney
Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Barrenjoey Lighthouse is located at Barrenjoey Head at Palm Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches. The lighthouse is accessible daily and open for guided tours every Sunday. Weekend walk at Barrenjoey Lighthouse offers a quick road trip up to Palmy, but climbing up the Barrenjoey Lighthouse will allow you to see the amazing views of the sea, Pittwater, and the national park. You can complete the walk in 1.5 hours.

Burning Mountain

Burning Mountain- Recommended skywalks in Sydney
Burning Mountain

Burning Mountain is a hill in New South Wales, Australia. It is also known as the Wingen Mountain. Although it is a more of a hill than a mountain, the burning part of it is spot on. There is a coal seam under the 30 meters’ ground, which has been on fire for around 6,000 years. It’s accessible 4.5 kilometers area will let you explore this phenomenon. You can check the impact of it burning feature on geology, animals, and plants. It is believed that its burning ground provides ghostly homes to little creatures to the red gums growing along cracks in the earth.

 Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay walk

To see the majestic views of Sydney Harbour, you must take the walk from Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay. The walk will take you from Taronga Zoo to the beach and cafes at Chowder Bay. The walk will give you gentle bush track weaves around the harbour headlands. As you continue walking, you can see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and watch the boats going to Bradleys Head Amphitheatre.

Circular Quay to Botanic Gardens

Circular Quay from the eastern side (2008)- recommended skywalks in Sydney
Circular Quay from the eastern side (2008)

This walk showcases the architectural icons of Australia. It will take one hour from Circular Quay to Botanic Gardens. It offers some view of a windmill, aviary, and a zoo. The walk is recommended for novice botanists, nature lovers and some who needs a break from the stress of the city.


About the author:

Candice Larson is a nature and travel enthusiast. She’s into writing as well and contributes to Holiday Inn Parramatta blog. Candice is juggling time between work and graduate studies.

Surreal and Offbeat Hill Stations around Delhi

While the vast majority of the best-known tourist places close to Delhi are swarming with sightseers amid the peak seasons, it’s generally better to go to spots that are lesser known. There are various offbeat destinations close to Delhi that has survived the rampant commercialization. Places that aren’t yet much known may have a few disadvantages, yet guarantee you of the truly necessary peace and quietness.

Long weekend coming up? Well, instead of the taking the usual Chandigarh to Manali taxi after a halt from Delhi, take a detour, or tweak in with your course of the journey, for there are some mesmerizing places around the capital city that will do immense good to you and your senses.

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Take a look–

  1. Darrang
Darrang- Surreal and offbeat destinations around Delhi

Darang is situated close to Mcleodganj, on the road that leads to Palampur. Stroll through the rich tea gardens moving over the slopes and enthrall your senses to the sound of frogs and twittering of birds. It is one of the best offbeat places close to Delhi from where you can see the lofty Dhauladhars standing tall over the delightful cottages.

  1. Tirthan Valley
Tirthan Valley- Surreal and offbeat hill stations around Delhi
Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley, although is a bit unapproachable for an average traveler, is, however, a distant yet enchanting hill station that looks as if straight out from a dream. It is at a decent distance of 500 kilometers from Delhi and is buzzing with the hints of pit fires lit by local people, in addition to other things. We’d suggest you to go for the cozy and utterly hospitable home stays here, rather than the hotels.

  1. Fagu
Fagu- Surreal and offbeat hill stations around Delhi

Fagu is a charming little hill station, in the Kufri district of Shimla. You can have a look at the magnificent Himalayan summits from here. Spotted by minimal stone walled houses and lavish green ranches, it’s unquestionably a standout amongst the most beguiling unique weekend getaways close to Delhi. Make a point to be a part of the ski fest in case you’re here in February.

  1. Churwadhar
Churwadhar- Surreal and offbeat hill stations around Delhi

Around 400 kilometers far from Delhi and 90 kilometers far from Shimla, Churwadhar is the spot you would need to go to on the off chance that you need to invest some time in isolation and peace. As told by tourists, the views of the greenscapes and the lofty mountain ranges that you get from this spot are simply astonishing! You just need to see it believe it.

  1. Pangot
Pangot- Surreal and offbeat around Delhi

An enchanting little hill station, located in the Nainital locale of Uttaranchal, Pangot resembles a heaven for nature lovers and bird watchers. With around 580 species of birds known to be present here, the place is undoubtedly known as the Bird Watcher’s Paradise. Despite the fact that it’s considered one of the most enchanting offbeat spots around Delhi, the resorts here are stunning and will make your vacation a memorable experience.

So, why to the same Shimla Mall road, same Naini Lake, and the same places to visit in Manali, when nature has blessed you a brilliant scope of alternatives to be explored around your city! This long weekend, make a change in your schedule, and yes, thank us later!

*/ Author Bio: Sandeep is an experienced travel writer and enthusiast blogger. He has explored many known and less-known places in India in the last 10 years. His experience adds to his expert knowledge on the best hotels, different travel routes through trains, flights, and road. He also specializes in off-beat places to eat and stay at. He also advises amateur tourists on travel tips. /*

The blog is for people who love to travel and are adventurous like me. The blog will aim to bring out best places of interests around the world like never before.

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