Raksha Bandhan: A Day for Brotherly Love!

Raksha Bandhan in India is celebrated with charm and joy. The sacred festival of Raksha Bandhan embarks on the celebration of the bond of a lifetime between siblings.

Raksha Bandhan festival is an occasion for all brothers and sisters to celebrate their unconditional love and affection for each other. Raksha Bandhan is made memorable by sending Raksha Bandhan gifts to India with a decorated Pooja thali. A Raksha Bandhan Thali is one of the primary necessities that is used in a Raksha Bandhan ritual.

Raksha Bandhan, brotherly love, festival in India
This Raksha bandhan gift your amazing brother with this hamper of dry fruits, greeting card and peacock feather rakhi. Tether your sibling to your heart by sending good wishes and this mind-blowing gift adorned with beautiful roli chawal.

Raksha Bandhan festival is considered as one of the most auspicious occasion in India. Even if you are outside the country you can still send your love and wishes to any desired location through online shopping. Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of togetherness and love.

Shop for Amazing Gifts available on  the Online Portal

The day of Raksha Bandhan is for bonding and fun and a major task on this day is ‘Shopping ‘– purchase amazing Raksha Bandhan collection from the online shopping portal. It is the easiest and convenient way to shop for Rakhi gifts.  Raksha Bandhan is the perfect time to show your love, respect and affection towards your siblings and strengthen the bond.

Raksha Bhandan, festival in India, brotherly love
Graceful Rakhi Combo
Every sister is proud of her brother and this amazing gift is definitely going to express your pride and love. The beautiful carved and crystal studded Mere Bhaiyya Rakhi and a thaal of sweets and cashew nuts are exactly what you need this Rakhi.

Send Raksha Bandhan Thali to your brothers or sisters on this beautiful occasion from the wide and attractive range of products available on this portal.  The presence of these Raksha Bandhan Pooja thalis will definitely make the festival joyful.

If you also want to make this special moment of Raksha Bandhan unforgettable with your sibling, you can buy Raksha Bandhan sweets at affordable prices here. This wonderful festival would be incomplete without the delicious sweets. A wide range of delicious and traditional sweets are available in low-cost. All the gifts, thali, sweets, etc. will be specially hand delivered for your loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Use your gadgets to browse through these wonderful options available online and relish the bond between siblings.


Image credits – Ferns and Petals

*/ A guest post by Maria Simpson. /*

Beyond the Eiffel Tower: 10 Best Travel Destinations in Europe

There’s something awfully familiar about Europe, even to those who haven’t been there yet. The continent has been a muse for many and a dream for most. Its famous buildings and romantic waterways have had the world coming to it since time unknown. But, it is not defined by just the metallic opulence of Paris and the architectural genius in Rome. It is defined by the small unknown stops that are missed when rushing from one must-see to the other. The tiny, reclusive places that don’t end up on most lists.

So, if you feel that the Eiffel Tower is nothing more than a pretentious pile of scrap and the Big Ben is a waste of time, then I think you might like my alternative guide to experiencing Europe.

1. Trakai, Lithuania

Credits: AkirA
Credits: AkirA

We love lakeside towns. There’s something hopelessly alluring about them. Right from the calm waters to the vibrant sunrises. The sleepy Lithuanian town of Trakai is all that and more. Squeezed between two lakes and an easy drive from the capital, Vilnius, this cluster of castles and wooden huts is an easy city getaway for the locals. The region comes under the protected status of the Trakai Historical National Park and is one of the few places to catch glimpses of the Karaite culture.

The Trakai Castle in Lake Galve, a 14th-century Gothic construction with traces of Renaissance influences, is the major draw in this area. Follow that up with a visit to the Trakai History Museum before heading to the bespoke camping areas at Slėnje, 5 km out of the town.

2. Brno, Czech Republic

Credits: Miroslav Petrasko
Credits: Miroslav Petrasko

Czech Republic’s second-largest city, Brno is everything Prague doesn’t want to be. A city that has mastered the art of balancing the old and the new; the young and the old. At first glance, you might think of this University town as another city racing towards modernity with its glassy facades and new-age designs, but stay a while longer and you’ll start noticing the subtle undertones. A lazy pullback into the Moravian way of life. The city’s history will slowly start showing itself in its castles and cathedrals.

Spend time at the Špilberk castle and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul before experiencing the Functionalist architecture at Villa Tugendhat. The estuary under St. James Church is another draw for piqued minds. After a day of landmark-hopping, visit Náměstí Svobody, the city’s nerve center and revel in the city vibe with a glass of wine.

3. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Credits: Noel Reynolds, Europe
Credits: Noel Reynolds

Lying on the tourist-trodden trail between Interlaken and Jungfrau, this fairy-tale town deserves more than an impatient stopover. Lauterbrunnen is one of Switzerland’s largest conservation areas, scattered with expansive trough valleys and thunderous waterfalls. It is also a favorable spot for mountain biking and hiking. Picture chancing upon lonely mountain inns around unexpected hilly bends.

We recommend gaping at the spectacle that is the Trummelbach Falls, our favorite out of the 72 falls in the region.

4. Roskilde, Denmark

1463145006_roskilde_ratusz_mpazdziora, Europe

Steeped in Viking culture, Roskilde, 35 km from Copenhagen, is a highly decorated ancient town situated in one of Denmark’s most scenic areas, the island of Zealand. It is one of Denmark’s oldest cities and served as an important Viking trading post, and the seat of the Danish crown for a long time.

Roskilde is a cultural fiesta for anyone interested in the legendary Viking traditions. Start with the Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the burial-place for many Danish Kings and Queens. The Viking Ship Museum and the Roskilde Museum are good stops for getting all the info. you might possibly need about the area’s traditions. If you are visiting during late June or early July, then head to the infamous Roskilde Festival for some legendary antics and a Rock n’ Roll overdose.

5. Hallstatt, Austria

1463145044_1024px_hallstatt_300- Europe

Considered to be the oldest still-inhabited village in Europe, Hallstatt lies in a picturesque setting surrounded by the Dachstein mountains and the shores of the Hallstatt See. The village was a hotbed for salt production back in the day and you can catch glimpses of its salt-production days by visiting the world’s oldest salt mines. Also, visit the Beinhaus for an intriguing display of decorated skulls exhumed from the village graveyard.

Hallstatt is also the world’s first cloned village with a full-scale replica in Huizhou, Guangdong in China.

6. Brest, Belarus

The eastern European nation of Belarus isn’t on most travelers’ radar owing to its stressed political environment, and long and complex history, but trust us when we say it’s probably the most surprising travel destination in all of the Europe. While Minsk, the capital, might be the most heard of city in the country, the border town of Brest offers an exquisite mixture of history, architecture and nature.

St. Nicholas Church in Belarus

Established by the Slavs, Brest went through several invasions during the course of its history and was under the Soviet Union till as late as 1991 before it finally fell under Belarus’s territory. The Brest Fortress, a World War II memorial, is the most important attraction in the city. Just walk the grounds and spend some time at the museum to try to understand this memorial’s complicated history. Brest is also home to some interesting museums like the Museum of Confiscated Arts and the Museum of Railway Technology. After the cultural and historical initiation spends time wandering around Nabierežnaja and Hohaia St. and enjoy the town’s laid back vibe.

7. Kosice, Slovakia

Tucked away in the valley of River Hornad, Košice is Slovakia’s second-largest city and served as the European Capital of Culture in 2013. The city is close to the Hungarian, Ukrainian and Polish borders and is easily accessible by a good network of roads and rail. It is also an artistic hotbed with several theatres holding performances all through the year.

St Michal’s chapel and st Elisabeth cathedral south view

Košice has the highest number of palaces in Slovakia and is a cultural cauldron in terms of architecture with a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau. The main attractions are the Gothic St. Elisabeth Cathedral and Immaculata Statue, both examples of Baroque architecture. Most of the town’s sites are present around the well-preserved historical center and the main street (Hlavná ulica) and can be leisurely covered on foot in a day.

8. Oulu, Finland

If there’s one reason to visit Oulu, apart from the spectacular beach and the enticing walkways, it’s the locals. The Finns are a warm and enthusiastic lot and they’ll welcome you into their homes just like they welcome the first speck of summer sunlight. The city, named after the river Oulujoki, lies on Finland’s western banks, opening up into the Gulf of Bothnia.

Oulu hydro energy

Summer is the best time to visit as the city collectively breathes a sigh of relief and prepares to let the sunny warmth enter their lives. The waterfront Kauppatori (marketplace) springs into action with several food stalls and restaurants dishing out the eclectic fare. Follow up an afternoon spent ambling around the market with an easy jaunt to Pikisaari, a former industrial region transformed into a close-knit artistic community. We recommend a short visit to the Sailor’s Home Museum, Oslo’s oldest house, to get a glimpse of life in the 18th century. Spend the next morning admiring the restrained flamboyance of Oulu Tuomiokirkko (the main church) and then dive into the many museums describing Oulu’s every facet from being a shipping town to the modern, high-tech metropolis that it is now.

9. Giethoorn, Netherlands

Give the term ‘on the road’ a miss for this one. Giethoorn, 120 km from Amsterdam, is a village with no roads. Arguably the most famous spot on our list, there is something about this tiny village, also called the Dutch Venice, that kept floating around in our heads. With over 150 wooden bridges, 4 miles of canals, and some spectacular farmhouses, this town merits a halt during your trip through Holland. All tourist go to Amsterdam, Giethoorn can turn out to be best travel destinations in Europe.


Founded in AD 1230 by fugitives from the Mediterranean, Giethoorn became famous after being used as a setting in Bert Haanstra’s 1958 comedy, Fanfare. The summers bring in a throng of tourists in boats and gondolas, changing this hamlet, home to 3000 people, into a thriving circus affair. Although the thought of rowing along the canals on a warm summer afternoon is very enticing, we recommend visiting Giethoorn in the winter, when the canals are frozen over. Ice skate your way through the village, stopping only to enjoy the outstanding views.

10. Leiria, Portugal

Leiria e Castelo

Cradled between Castle hill and Rio Lis and surrounded by Portugal’s biggest cities (Lisbon, Porto, and Coimbra) Leiria is a medieval town flirting with modernity. The Leiria castle towers over the town’s red-roofed town center.

Have you been to these best travel destinations in Europe?


Source: Tripoto


House Crows (Corvus_splendens) grooming in Kolkata.

House crows as partners
House crows Image by J.M.Garg – Some rights reserved. (view image details

I am sure you believe “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  It has been seen in various animals and birds that in addition to their personal hygiene they spend time in additional grooming of their Partners. These partnerships are longer lasting and more like having a best friend in your life. The grooming usually is stroking, scratching and massaging. They groom one another.

Love is not just about finding a good partner. It is also about being a good one.

Colorful parrots as partners. Image credit - Riza Nugraha on Flickr.com
Colorful parrots couple

Two colorful parrots from Jurong Bird Park of Singapore. As I watch these colourful parrots, I recall these lines:

As love

that is

each day upon the twig

which may die

So springs your love

fresh up

lusty for the sun

the bird’s companion

~ William Carlos Williams


3 Peach Recipes that you will relish

Continuing from my earlier post ….Life is a peach. Following are some recipes with peach you will relish.

Peach Nougat Delight

Peach recipes
Fresh Peach Delight
Image credit-yummly.com

Ingredients:  400 gms whipped cream,

500 gms canned peaches, chilled,

1 cup sugar,

¾ cup broken cashew nuts,

600 ml milk (3 cups),

1 tin condensed milk,

1 tsp. vanilla essence,

5 tbsp. Cornflour,

6 tbsp. Sugar,

And ½ tsp. nutmeg.



To make the praline, melt the sugar in a heavy-based pan until golden, mix the cashews, spread on a greased flat baking tray, allow to cool and set. Crash roughly to a powder and use.  (Do not refrigerate).

To make the custard mix the milk, condensed milk, vanilla essence, cornflour, sugar and nutmeg in a saucepan and cook on a high flame stirring constantly until thickened. Cool thoroughly and use.  After it is done spread a film of cling wrap on the surface to avoid a skin from forming.

Arrangement: In a glass bowl spread or pipe half the cream, arrange the peaches (halved or quartered) over it using half the quantity. Pour the custard over it and sprinkle half the praline.  Layer with the balance peaches, pipe the balance cream over it using a large nozzle.  Sprinkle the balance nougat and serve chilled.

You could make these individually in tall or stemmed water glasses too.


Ricotta and Maple Peaches

Peach recipes
ricotta tart with peaches
Image credit- localkitchenblog.com


6 peaches halved and stoned

2 tbsp. maple syrup

1 tbsp.  rosemary sprigs

6 sprigs thyme

Extra virgin oil to drizzle

200 gms ricotta



  • Preheat the oven to 18C and line a baking tray with baking paper.
  • Lightly brush a grilling pan with oil and heat on a medium flame
  • Lightly brush the peach halves, cut side up with the maple syrup.
  • Cook on the grill for 2 minutes until lightly charred.
  • Transfer the peaches to the lined baking tray and sprinkle the rosemary and thyme sprigs.
  • Drizzle with a little olive oil and bake for 5-10 minutes until just tender and heated through.
  • Top the peaches with the ricotta, season with fresh black pepper if desired and serve immediately.


Tahini Chicken and Peach Summer Salad

Peach recipes
The Perfect Summertime Salad — Grilled Chicken with peaches Image credit- http://www.eatingbirdfood.com/


2 Chicken breast fillets (250 gms each)

1 tsp garlic paste

Pinch of salt and fresh pepper

80 ml lemon juice

2 ½ tbsp. Tahini

1 large can canned peaches drained and rinsed.

2 tbsp. Olive oil,

1 cup mint leaves roughly torn

120 gms or 1 packed rocket leaves

1 large dark green skin cucumber, thinly sliced diagonally

4 radishes, trimmed and thinly sliced

1 tsp honey

½ tsp chilli flakes

1 tbsp. Pistachios, roughly chopped.



  • Use a large sharp knife and cut the chicken breasts horizontally to have 4 thin pieces.
  • Combine the garlic paste, salt, and pepper, 2 tablespoons of the lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of tahini and olive oil in a bowl and mix well.
  • Add the chicken and turn to coat well, cover with cling film and keep in the fridge for half an hour.
  • Heat a grilling pan on medium high, cook the chicken fillets on each side for about 4-6 minutes until lightly charred and cooked through. Keep aside.
  • Meanwhile, combine the mint, rocket, cucumber and radish in a large salad bowl.
  • Whisk the honey, chilli flakes and the remaining tahini and lemon juice in a small bowl.
  • Cut the chicken into strips and cut the pieces into quarters.
  • Add them to the salad along with the dressing and toss well to combine.
  • Sprinkle the chopped pistachios and serve.

Tip: Mix a little olive oil with the peaches to coat them and char grill them for a rustic look.

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Life is a Peach!

Peaches are a stone fruit related to nectarines, cherries, and plums. Peaches have a soft fuzzy skin which is red on a yellow to a pale yellow almost golden background. Peaches are sweet, golden background. Peaches are sweet, a good source of Vitamin C and contain a good amount of other minerals especially potassium and are a great source of dietary fibre.


In Chinese culture, peaches are considered a symbol of immortality and friendship and are found in many Chinese artworks. Most cultivated peaches are divided into clingstone or freestone, depending on whether their flesh sticks to the stone or not; both varieties can have either white or yellow fresh.

The scientific name persica, along with the word “peach” is derived from an early European belief that peaches were native to Persia. The ancient Romans referred to peach as Malum persicum or Persian apple and the scientific or botanical name Prunus Persica literally means “Persian Plum”.


Peach cultivation went from China, through Persia, and reached Greece by 300 BC. Alexander the Great introduced the fruit into Europe after he conquered the Persians. The Peach was brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers in the 16th century and eventually made it to England and France in the 17th century, where it was a prized and expensive treat.

Peaches grow in a fairly limited range of dry, continental or temperate climates, since the trees have a chilling requirement that tropical areas cannot satisfy, except at high altitudes like in parts of India, Nepal, Ecuador, Colombia and also Ethiopia.

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Health benefits

  • Beta carotene is responsible for eye health and peaches contain a high amount of the antioxidant, along with vitamins A and C. Regular consumption of peaches can improve your vision health by increasing blood circulation through the body. The beta carotene also nourished and protects the retina in your eyes from free radical damage, as well as helping to prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.
  • Peaches being a great source of vitamin A and C, which are highly essential for skin health. Vitamin A provides moisture in the skin, which improves the skin texture making it soft and supple. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from radical damage. Just one peach a day can keep your skin glowing and flawless. You can also rub peaches directly on your skin to help get rid of dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Peaches are fat-free and contain an average of only 68 calories. The high amount of sugar in peaches is natural and therefore does not have an adverse effect on health. If you are on a weight-loss mission, having peaches handy will help you avoid more fattening and unhealthy processed snacks.
  • Peaches are rich in anti-oxidants that help prevent cancerous cell growth. Peaches are known particularly for effectively protecting the body against lung, colon, and oral cancer.
  • Eating peaches on a daily basis may help control high cholesterol and problems that lead to diabetes and heart diseases. This is mainly because peaches contain phenolic compounds that prevent the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol. Also, foods rich in beta-carotene like peaches are good for lowering the cholesterol level in the bloodstream.
  • One large peach contains a high amount of potassium and is very low in sodium, which helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, then have a peach daily to combat the problem.
  • Peaches have an excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.


To be continued…


curve at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.
Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

The above image has a curve at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.

The sunlight flashes off your windshield,

and when I look up into the small, posted mirror,

I watch you diminish–my echo, my twin–

and vanish around a curve in this whip

of a road we can’t help traveling together.”

~ William Collins

Long stretches of sandy beaches are the kind of places wherein you can have a perfect off-road adventure, as far as driving is concerned. The world is full of amazing beaches, all you have to decide is which one to explore.

However, wherever you go and whichever type of place you explore you always have to keep in consideration the safety measures in order to remain safe from a variety of dangerous things that can ruin your trip. Australia is a great place to have an experience of driving.

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*/This post is inspired by WPC Curve For this week’s challenge, get inspired by the curves around you. From curves in architecture to bends in nature to man-made undulations, you have lots to work with!/*



5 Stunning Hill Stations around Kolkata

Kolkata served as the country’s capital till it was moved to Delhi in 1911. British used to spend their summers on the well-known hill stations close to Kolkata. Today, many people from Kolkata and India arrange their vacation trek to these well-known destinations close to Kolkata. Plan your outing to Darjeeling, Kurseong, Kalimpong, and make your holiday cherishable for life. While Kolkata is honoured with a few normal wonders and attractions, it anyhow becomes important for individuals to discover a getaway from the clamour and the heat of the fields.

So, if you are visiting Kolkata to see your relatives, or for some business purposes, or for curious travelling sake, then make a note of these stunning neighbourhood hill stations that are not just popular among the locals of the city, but also amongst many travellers that travel miles just to see the startling vistas of this Eastern beauty.

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Hill stations near Kolkata
Beautiful Darjeeling Image credit- holidayiq.com

Darjeeling is at an elevation of 2,050 meters above sea level. The atmosphere here stays cool because of its high-rise and is the principle explanation behind its advancement by the British. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a UNESCO world legacy site and a part of the Mountain Railways of India. Darjeeling is renowned for its Tibetan Buddhist society and its pleasant vistas of the Mahabharata Range of the eastern Himalayas. If you are putting up in Kolkata, then look for the Darjeeling tour packages from Kolkata, which would also cover your commuting and lodging facilities. Otherwise, you can always visit this gorgeous hill station any time of the year, as per your wish.

  1. Kurseong
Hill stations near Kolkata
Kurseong Image credit www.pinterest.com

 Kurseong is a hill station, found close to Darjeeling, known for its waterfalls, Buddhist gompas, and stunning temple structures, aside from the stunning vistas that the spot gives. The wonderful vistas of tea estates and rich green forests in the comprehensive setting of snow-clad mountains are another delight for the eyes. At dusk, you can see an amalgamation of the most delightful shades in the sky. This little hill town makes for a wonderful stopover for vacationers hunting down a more peaceful alternative near to Darjeeling.

  1. Pedong
Hill stations near Kolkata
Pedong Image credit -www.indiantrekking.com

Pedong is another exquisite hilly town situated in West Bengal, which is at an elevation of 1,240 meters above sea level. The town is found only 20 kilometres east from of Kalimpong and gives some amazing all-encompassing perspectives of the Kanchenjunga and the surrounding mountains. Pedong is separated into two sections in particular– the lower and the upper Pedong and is situated on the old course to Lhasa. Pedong is additionally renowned for its Tibetan society and a few Buddhist cloisters.

  1. Sandakphu
Hill stations near Kolkata
Sandakphu Image credit-www.triphills.com

Sandakphu is a pleasant hill station of West Bengal and is situated at a gigantic height of 3696 meters above sea level. The town is one of the major trekking and skiing hotspots in India and gives perspectives of the most noteworthy tops on the planet in particular Kanchenjunga, the Everest, Makalu and Lhotse. Sandakphu likewise is the most astounding getaway from West Bengal and is additionally in close nearness to the Singalila National Park.

  1. Mirik
Mirik Lake Image source
Mirik Lake
Image source

The town is at an elevation of 1,495 meters above sea level in the midst of the Eastern Himalayas. It was once a commercial centre for the different brokers and the general population of the encompassing tea estates and towns. Mirik is well-known for its heavenly perspectives of the Kanchenjunga, the encompassing mountains, and Buddhist religious communities.


Author Bio:

Khushi is a travel enthusiast and loves to explore new places and cultures. She likes to share her experiences, adventures, and her thoughts through her blogs. Meeting new people and learning from their experiences is something she is really good at.

*/This is a guest post by Khushi./*

7 Food trucks in Kolkata

If you are a traveller in Kolkata, or hungry after the street shopping in Kolkata then you might want to check out these food trucks in Kolkata. They have been trending in the culinary field.  Different styles of food which appeal to different palates.

Following are some food truck experiences listed:

  • Agdum Bagdum
agdumbagdum-food trucks in Kolkata

Location: Near Ekdalia Evergreen Club, Opposite Indusind Bank, Gariahat, Kolkata

Home delivery number: +91 9007989999

The food truck is a new concept. Location wise it’s just beside ekdalia evergreen club opposite to CCD. Took chicken popcorn and risotto rice combo. We found the popcorn chicken quite similar to those of KFC. It was soft no doubt. Coming to the Risotto rice bowl, one will find gravy infused rice, few pieces of chicken and an egg.

We had ordered a huge chicken burger. The chicken burgers are pretty ample in amount. A lot of fries are served as compared to most other places. Drinks are reasonable priced. As for the burritos, definitely sufficient enough to fill anyone.

  • Thank God It’s Fresh
Image courtesy- Thank God It's Fresh Fb page. -Food trucks in Kolkata
Image courtesy- Thank God It’s Fresh Fb page.

Location: Near Calcutta Rowers Club, Location Varies, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Contact: +91 9674999819

It is hiked right next to Rabindra Sarovar, near the CRC gate. We had ordered:
• Grilled Mushroom sandwich
• Virgin mojito
Both were really good. Especially the sandwich. Ample filling and really good to taste.  Tasted their chicken cheese balls which were yummy and the best part was they were baked and not fried. Loved the innovation.

This food truck is pretty remarkable with its well-systematized set of appliances and quite a neat cooking arrangement. It serves a variety of delicacies, especially continental. The place opens up at 5 a.m., making it a breakfast destination as well.

  • Hungry Hands
Hungry Hands The Food Truck Image courtesy-FB page-Food trucks in Kolkata
Hungry Hands The Food Truck
Image courtesy-FB page

Location: Princep ghat (Scoop)

Contact: +91 9874215795 or +91 9836193919

The food truck serves various kinds of dishes. We had ordered chicken chow mien and chilli chicken combo. The food arrived after ten minutes. The chow mien was delightful. The chilli chicken was also tasty. The meatballs were dainty; they were properly fried. We loved the meal.

  • Chai Talks

Location: Varies, Lake Gardens, Kolkata

Contact: +91 9830339395

The lemon iced tea was a treat.  Though it is a small stall but it is worth a try. The Boba ripe mango is too good. Very refreshing. Really innovative concept.

  • Cooks on Wheels

Location: 9, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, New Market Area, Kolkata

Contact: +91 9830035882

Food quality is very good, quantity more than sufficient.  We had ordered a plate of egg chow mien and a plate of chilli chicken and felt it was enough for two people. The price is very reasonable too.

  • Foodie Roadie
Foodie roadie- Kolkata food trucks
Foodie roadie
Image courtesy FB page

Location: 19/C, Sarat Bose Road, Elgin, Kolkata

Contact: +91 8334887777

Here you can choose a wide variety of non-veg fast food. The taste is awesome. A nice place to check out.

  • That Food truck

Location: Near RDB Boulevard, Sector 5, Salt Lake

Contact: +91 9830221279

The cuisines served here are burgers, fast food, and street food.

So, if you are a street food lover and want to have a local cuisine in a hygienic way then food trucks are the best option.

Disclaimer: The contact numbers given above are subject to change.

The Best Places of Interest for street shoppers in Kolkata

The cultural capital of India, Kolkata is a true joy for any shopaholic. Not only there is a plethora of malls and market areas, there are several amazing alleys and lanes famous for street shopping. Let’s take a look at some of these havens for shoppers.

Howrah bridge, Kolkata- Street shoppers in Kolkata
Howrah bridge, Kolkata

Whether it is for buying traditional woven clothes or a pack of your favourite gripping book series, Kolkata offers the best options for street shopping. Filled with sounds, colours and enticing aroma of the delighting street food, walking through the vibrant market lanes of Kolkata is an experience itself. Selling everything from cheap clothes to antiques, these markets offers the best buy if you’re in for some budgeted shopping. Check for train no. 13152 running status to reach your destination.

New market, street shoppers in Kolkata
New market, Kolkata

Below is a snapshot of the best street shopping spots in the city.

New Market Probably, Kolkata’s oldest and best-known street market, it’s also known as the Hogg’s market. There are more than 2,000 shops and if you’re a seasoned shopper, you can get a good bargain here. If you’re looking for the famous sarees of West Bengal, go straight to the newly constructed part of the market. The famous lal paar sarees (red border), the exceptional representatives of Bengali community, can be bought here at amazing prices. Also famous are ‘Tussar’ and ‘Bishnupuri Silk’, which are used for making drapes and shawls, could be a wonderful buy if you’re planning to give a gift to someone. Apart from the fabrics, there are so many things to look for. The best thing about the market is that you never leave with an empty bag.

College StreetIf you’re a bookworm, this is your mecca. Lined up with several shops selling books of all types, this one market will persuade you to pick one bestseller. Apart from novels and magazines, you can get ample of books for college and school studies. Few sellers are also known for keeping the rarest of the rare editions and at half the price. If you’re good at bargaining, you can always land a good deal.

Chowringhee RoadThis wonderful piece of Kolkata’s culture stretches from Park Street to New Market and sells everything under the sun. From things of daily use to an exotic antique for your new home, you can find it all here. At first glance, the entire market might look like a pile of unused junk, but searching throw like a detective can bring you some fantastic pieces. Terracotta wares, which is a speciality in Kolkata, can be found here in all shapes, sizes and decor.

SwabhumiIf you’re looking to take back a memorabilia from your Kolkata trip, then Swabhumi is the place to find them. From junk jewellery to wall hangings and from wrought iron furniture to traditional clothes, Swabhumi should be added to every shopaholic’s itinerary. A dream destination for buying Indian handicrafts, do not miss this if you’re in for some street shopping.

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If you’re visiting especially for shopping, then don’t forget to make appropriate travel arrangements. A flight from Kolkata to Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai can be taken, if you’re planning for a short stint.


*/This is a guest post by Maria Simpson. /*


Image credits:

Howrah Bridge (Image 1) – http://gobengal.com/
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Hyderabad – A Sightseeing Cluster of the Old and the New

Want the perfect holiday experience where you can visit historical sites but at the same time enjoy the luxuries of modern amenities? The answer is Hyderabad. Giving its guests the perfect combination of both properly maintained historical landmarks and the latest modern amenities, the only thing you can complain about in Hyderabad is the hot climate!

There are some cities which have completely turned a new leaf and people who had visited it a decade back will not be able to tell the head or tail of the city, but then again, there are cities that still have a long way to go into modernization and still keep their prime focus on preserving the ancient monuments and landmarks that it is known for. Hyderabad is in-between both. The city is a perfect blend of the past and the present. The historical sites are still preserved well in the city, however, you will have to look beyond the towering skyscrapers and go around those buildings to actually get a view of the historical sites. After you have arrived on your Mumbai to Hyderabad flights Air India, you can head back to your hotel, relax and then straight ahead head out for you sightseeing adventure! Here are some places you cannot miss out on during your trip.


One of the most iconic landmarks in the city of Hyderabad, the Charminar is like its name says, is a monument/mosque with ‘four towers’. It is one of the first places people seek out to visit on their sightseeing trail in the city.

Hussain-sagar-lake -Hyderabad
Hussain Sagar lake Hyderabad Image credit- http://www.todayincity.com/

Husain Sagar lake

The beautiful artificial lake in Hyderabad giving Hyderabad that romantic touch was built-in 1526 by the great well-known Sufi saint, Hazrat Syed Shah Wali. A walk by the sides of the lake is one of the favorite evening pastime activity people in the city like to do.

Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad
Mecca Masjid Image credit- http://tourmet.com/

Mecca Masjid

One of the oldest mosques in the country, it is clearly the oldest and the most sacred mosque for Hyderabad. There is a myth and belief surrounding this place that anyone who sits on the benches outside the mosques is bound to return back to revisit the mosque again very soon regardless of where they visit from.

Golkonda fort, Hyderabad
Golconda fort Image credit- http://www.hyd.co

Golconda Fort

The Golconda Fort requires no introduction to any tourist or traveller. Much has been spoken of and written about this place that anyone visiting the city cannot just let a visit to this place go by. It is an important mention in the talks of the main landmarks in the country and a key monument of the city to draw crowds from far and wide.

Ramoji film city, Hyderabad
Ramoji film city Image credit- http://en.wikipedia.org/

Ramoji Film City

One of the newer places from the list of places to visit in the city, the Ramoji Film City facility has been accredited as the world’s largest studio complex by none other than the prestigious Guinness book of world records! A host of the most popular and well-known motion pictures have been directed and shot here.

Nehru Zoological Garden
Nehru Zoological Garden Image credit-http://www.tourismandfood.com/

Nehru Zoological Garden

Acting as a safe haven for some endangered animal species and some of the rarest species of birds, this zoo is well maintained and makes for a refreshing visit! It is clearly one of the top places to visit in Hyderabad just for its sheer beauty and helping get up close and personal with some of nature’s finest but sadly endangered species.

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