Celebrate Diwali – Let Your Light Shine.

Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival which is celebrated every year during autumn. This year Diwali falls on October 30. The celebrations include millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors, and windows, around temples and other buildings in the communities and countries wherever it is observed. Diwali is a festival of lights- Diyas, lanterns, and serial lights. Celebrating Diwali is impossible without having these items lined up at home, having the bright light fill up the room and bringing a happy glow on people’s faces.

A Diya is a small earthen lamp that is particularly lit on Diwali for ‘pujan’ and decoration purposes. A cotton wick is used in diyas, and oil or ghee serves as the burning fuel. Diyas are plain and colored, big and small, simple and fancy, and so on. The markets are flooded with various types of gifts, decoration, and puja items. The crafted and designer diyas are one of the big attractions in such markets. Diyas embellished with zari, painted patterns, mirrors, etc. are quite enticing by their very appearance.

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Terracota Diwali Diyas ShineTerracotta Diya- The material is Terracotta and multicolored. The package consists of 4 Diyas and 4 Cotton wick with gold tinsel Swastik borders and purple, yellow, green and red pear-shaped centers.

Floating Diwali Diya Shine

Exquisite Hand Crafted Festive Decor Crystal Floating Diya (tealight candle holder), clear transparent crystal – Elegant and tastefully decorated floating tealight holder for adding a festive touch to your home. You can either float this in water or use on floor/table, looks great both ways. It enhances the festive look of your home or Puja room. Decorated with colorful and attractive multi-color stones. 
It is a must to have in festive seasons. Also, makes a great Gift to your near and dear ones. It is handcrafted to perfection, by the skilled artisans of India.

Tiedribbons Diwali Diyas Shine10 beautiful hand painted Diya candles- It is suitable for Indoor use, on a decorative shelf or in Puja. It is handmade in India.

Swanky home decor LED light Diwali Diyas Shine

Diwali Decoration lights It is multi-coloured LED Colour Changing Tealights- Has On/off Switch at Bottom and is ideal for Pooja decoration in Diwali.

Earthern oil handcrafted Diwali Diyas shine

Colorful Earthen Oil Lamps Hand Crafted Diwali Diya with Studded Stones– You can place Diwali diyas at your doorsteps, windows, balcony or temple for Diwali decoration. Handcrafted out of the finest quality of clay by the skilled endowed artisans of India. Let your world be illuminated by the festive collection of colorful Diwali Diya. They are hand painted with gorgeous colors and would look great incorporated in any home decor theme.

All of the above ‘Diyas’ are available on Amazon. So, shop now for Diwali Hampers- Kaju Katli and Set of 6 Diyas.

The sun does not shine there, nor does the moon and the stars, nor do lightning shine?

All the lights of the world cannot be compared even to a ray of the inner light of the Self.

Merge yourself in this light of lights and enjoy the supreme Deepavali

Celebrate Diwali – Let Your Light Shine.


Warm the Trip Up with Trekking at Ranikhet

People who frequently indulge in trekking, know that this is not just an adventure sport. It takes you to the deepest secrets of the natural environment of a region. When you enter in a natural habitat, the place presents all of its offerings to the person and one can feel those offerings through all of his six senses.


Yes, six senses! The aroma of the green plants and trees melts with the oxygen and become a delight for your nose. The ears hear the sound of the inner soul among the singing birds and waving breeze. Eyes get the benefit of seeing all the vivid colors of mother nature, while the skin revives itself with the touch of soft petals of flowers.

 On the other hand, the trekkers can taste the juicy fruits offered by the trees. But the most amazing is the unexplainable peace that the sixth sense gets during the whole experience. The peace which only trekkers can understand.

 The experience of trekking enhances the beauty of the region you choose. And Ranikhet, also known as the Queen’s field, offers some of the most beautiful trek paths in the country. The valleys and mountain ranges around this town are like the heavenly gifts sent by the God for trekkers only. One gets a lot of options here and different levels of difficulty offer a chance to experience the region even to newbie trekkers.

 When you plan to trek in the region, stay at any Ranikhet resortso that, you can easily reach most of the following trekking sites.

 1. Pindari Glacier Trek

 Located in the Kumaon region, this trekking site has a moderate level of difficulty, so, even amateur trekkers can have fun in the snow-capped mountains. The glacier offers beautiful views of Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot Mountains, and the wildlife of the southern Nanda Devi Sanctuary.

 2. Ralam Valley and Birje Ganga Pass Trek

 It is a porter based trek and the route brings the views of the beautiful peaks of Rajrambha, Chirang, and Chaudhara, and Suitilla. The trek starts at the Munsyari, which is in the Kumaon region too.

 3. Sunder Dunga Trek

‘Sunder’ means beautiful and ‘Dunga’ means stones. As the name suggests, the valley of Sunder Dunga gives the mesmerizing views of Maktoli and Sukhram glaciers from both the sides. This one also has a moderate level of difficulty and lures trekkers from all around the world.

 4. Panchchulli Glacier and Darma valley Trek

 Situated in the eastern Kumaon Himalayan region, this trekking site is famous for the snow-capped peaks and extraordinary scenic beauty of Darma valley. People looking for a great experience of the natural offerings of the trekking can choose this trek with their eyes closed. The site brings you a combination of all possible beauty that nature can offer.

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 So, plan your trekking trip with your friends and family. Or, come alone to get lost in the beauty of Ranikhet. You can stay at a Ranikhet hotel too. They also offer various trekking trips around the region.


Recipe with Basmati Rice

Continuing from the earlier post ‘Basmati Rice-The Hero Rice‘. … the following is a Kashmiri Dry Fruit and Vegetable Biryani recipe. You can prepare in 3 different ways.

Basmati rice from Kolkata
Basmati rice Kolkata
Image credit- Biswarup Ganguly

Ingredients for Kashmiri Dry Fruit and Veg. Biryani

Method 1 for Kashmiri Dry Fruit and Veg. Biryani

2nd method for Kashmiri Dry fruit and veg biryani

Method 3- Final method for Kashmiri Dry fruit and veg biryani
Vegetable Dum Biryani

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Basmati Rice – The Hero Rice

Rice is the seed of the grass Oryza Sativa (Asian rice) or Oryza glaberrima (African Rice). As a cereal grain, it is the widely consumed stapled food for a large part of the world’s human population, especially in Asia. It is the agricultural commodity with the third-largest worldwide production, after sugarcane and maize.

Rice Oryza Sativa

History of rice

Wild rice, from which the crop was developed, may have had its native range in Australia, though, Chinese legend attributes the domestication of rice to Shennong, the legendary emperor of china and inventor of Chinese agriculture. Genetic evidence has shown that rice originates from a single domestication 8,200-13,500 years ago in the pearl river valley region in china.

From east Asia, rice cultivation spread to south-east Asia and was eventually introduced to Europe through western Asia and then on to the Americas through European colonization.

Basmati rice

Basmati rice
Basmati Rice

Basmati is a variety of long, slender, grained aromatic rice, which is traditionally from the Indian subcontinent. Basmati is derived from the Hindi word basmati, literally meaning “fragrant” (‘bas‘ means aroma and ‘Mati‘ means full, hence the word basmati meaning full of aroma) and is believed to have been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for centuries.

Basmati rice was introduced to the middle east by Indian traders. Through cultural exchange, it remains not only an important part of the Indian and Pakistani cuisine but now is also used extensively in Persian, Arabic as well as other middle eastern cuisines. India and Pakistan are the exclusive growers and exporters of basmati rice.

Haryana is the major basmati rice cultivator, providing more than 60 percent of the total basmati rice produced in India. Any rice grown elsewhere other than the above regions cannot be called basmati, as it cannot have the combined characteristic of aroma and elongated post cooking because of the soil and weather conditions.

Special characteristics

Basmati rice is different from other rice mainly due to the aroma and elongation post cooking. No other rice has this combined characteristic. The post cooking elongation of more than twice its original length, the aroma and its unique taste has made basmati rice a true blue blooded delicacy.

It has been reported that in the world there are approximately 10,000 varieties of rice, the maximum number being from India. There is only one basmati harvest a year and the plant requires specific weather conditions to mature and flourish.

Fragrant basmati is certainly the hero of all pulao and biryanis as well as a perfect partner to curries. The indulgent and delicate flavour is an ideal part in crime for tempering spicy and fiery food.

 To be continued...

These Finger-Licking Dishes Prove That Jordan Wins At Food, Hands Down

Jordanian cuisine caters to every need and fancy of an average foodie – from the fine diners to street food enthusiasts, from meat lovers to vegetarians and from savoury bites to sweet cravings – the sky is the limit in tantalising your taste buds with the exquisite flavours from Jordanian dishes.

Jordanian mezze
A large plate of Jordanian mezzo. Image credit

Jordanian food, with its culinary bonds with Arabic and Mediterranean countries, is not just nourishment for the soul; it is an experience that brings people closer over the course of a meal.

Most Jordanian dishes, like the mezzo, are served on a large platter and shared communally with everyone on the table. Post awkwardness (as possibly felt by a first timer), it is an experience one learns to truly enjoy and cherish.


Those looking for a dramatic flair to their dining experience should try Zarb – a Bedouin Barbecue feast that is cooked underground. For Zarb, the meat and vegetables are marinated with a blend of spices and placed on a tray, which is moved into a preheated oven underground. The results are phenomenal, giving the meat a tender and smoky flavour, with perfectly cooked vegetables.

The only dish to overshadow Zarb, in history and symbolism, is Mansaf, meaning “large dish”, which stands proud as Jordan’s national dish.

Mansaf- Jordan food

It is a rich and plentiful mélange of rice, lamb and rehydrated yoghurt. Similar to Mansaf, Maqluba’s name defines it, with it literally meaning “upside down” in Arabic. Prepared in a pot with all ingredients of meat, rice and fried vegetables placed in separate layers, the Maqluba dish is turned upside down on the plate once it is cooked and ready to be served.

Herbivores, fret not! Jordanian cuisine does have a plethora of non-vegetarians options to choose from, plus also relies a lot on fresh vegetables, beans, pulses and yoghurt, boasting of internationally famous dishes such as Hummus, Fatoush, Baba Ghanoush and Falafel.

Jordan food -Hummus, falafel, salad, pickles and khubz (pita). A typical Jordanian breakfast.
Hummus, falafel, salad, pickles and khubz (pita). A typical Jordanian breakfast. Image credit

Proceed to fall into a food coma only after indulging in Jordan’s national dessert, Kanafeh, a rich Levantine dessert made with white cheese, topped with crunchy pastry and drenched in sweet syrup.

Needless to say, food is an extremely integral part of Jordanian culture, but each meal is almost certainly going to help you meet and mingle with some of the most hospitable and friendly people in the world.

Getting a visa while travelling abroad is one of the most important and essential parts of planning your trip. While it can be quite stressful to get a visa to some countries, you’ll be glad to know that Jordan welcomes Indians with a visa on arrival.

So, when are you visiting Jordan for a gastronomical blast?

For more information get in touch with Jordan Tourism.

Jordan is a land of mesmerizing beauty and offers so much for the modern traveller. From the beautiful city of Amman to the amazing Dead Sea, experience views of this historic country that has become a must-see for people from all over the world. And to help you experience Jordan, the Jordan Tourism Board is at your service.

Source : Tripoto

Jordan food

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How to find the quality chauffeur hire services in Yorkshire

Traveling is an important part of everyone’s life. In the current environment, it has become more necessary. People have many reasons to travel whether it’s internationally or locally, which means that the need of transportation is an essential part of our daily lifestyle.

Usually, the use of cars for transportation is common around the world and it’s also one of the most affordable choices for everybody. Although most of the people own a car but sometimes a need of another car takes place while traveling. A rise in demand of hiring Chauffeur in Harrogate is seen nowadays. There are many companies that are providing these services and are offering very affordable rates. If you decide to travel by road whether for a trip or any business journey, hiring a chauffeur can become your best decision. Your travel becomes comfortable by choosing the best service providers. Hiring a car service for travel is totally different from driving on your own. It’s more safe and reliable on highways to hire a professional driver with a luxury car.

Chauffeur services in Yorkshire

Furthermore, whether you are traveling in a city or to another city, country you must hire a car so you can enjoy the comfort and you can enjoy the journey by viewing various scenes. You can choose a vehicle that you like, a variety of cars available in these companies. After choosing a comfortable vehicle you will be assured about the enjoyment and relax journey throughout your way. You won’t get tired if you are not driving for a long day without taking rest. It’s an affordable service and drivers are professionally trained from recognized institutes of driving. Moreover, all the vehicles are totally secured. The passengers and drivers are fully secured because these companies have insured their cars completely.

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Chauffeur Hire in Yorkshire is convenient for every individual nowadays. However, contrary to many people’s opinions, hiring a chauffeur is not a preserve of the rich. In the old age, these services were only available for the rich people but now everybody can avail this service. It’s becoming cheap today. Their budgets are affordable and attractive. Now you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the leisure. Due to competition in this field, every company is offering very suitable rates. However, it’s important to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable service provider. One more benefit of hiring this service is that you will travel with a qualified driver. It’s especially beneficial when you are traveling to a new location or city. When you have a professional skilled driver who has experience then surely you will feel fresh and free after reaching your desired place.

If you going to attend a meeting or any function to another city then you don’t need to get worried about reaching there on time. These drivers will be at your door before time, they are just one call ahead. There are many ways to get a chauffeur for your journey. You can either hire a vehicle that comes with a chauffeur or you can also hire a vehicle and then get someone to drive. There are several packages available you can select that one suits you. Hiring a chauffeur is quite preferable because you are guaranteed to getting a driver who is well qualified and experienced.

Luxury vehicles and professional drivers make your travel comfortable and enjoyable. A Chauffeur is a person who is well oriented with both experiences of driving and satisfied service. For a special occasion like wedding, you must need a well-decorated car with all luxuries in it. These service providers also have special wedding packages. You can make your wedding entry memorable by hiring a luxury decorated vehicle with a trained and well-mannered driver.

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Start Your Love Affair With Timeless Jordan: A Destination That Lives Up To The Hype

This post is dedicated to my blogger friend ‘Sweet Annu‘ who is travelling to Jordan this week.

Jordan is home to a wealth of archaeological sites, nature reserves, biblical points of interest, ancient ruins and peaceful deserts. There is no mistaking the fact that Jordan is a kingdom full of history and culture.

El Deir – The Monastery- Jordan
El Deir – The Monastery Image credit

From the moment you arrive, you get a sense of its rich heritage; all around are remnants of ancient civilisations long since passed, yet they still remain, stamped into the very fabric of this amazing kingdom and etched into the soul of the people who live here.


The Siiq, path to Petra- Jordan
The Siiq, path to Petra.


Amman is a sprawling city spread over 19 hills, the modern – as well as the ancient – capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Known as Rabbath-Ammon during the Iron Age and later as Philadelphia, the ancient city that was once part of the Decapolis league, now boasts a population of around 2.3 million people.

Amman is a sprawling city spread over 19 hills- Jordan
Amman is a sprawling city spread over 19 hills.


The first city to encounter is Madaba, “the City of Mosaics”.

The city, best known for its spectacular Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, is home to the famous 6th-century mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. With two million pieces of coloured stone, the map depicts hills and valleys, villages and towns as far as the Nile Delta.

Lost for more than a millennium, the red rose city of Petra, also a new seven wonder of the world was built 2,000 years ago by nomadic Bedouins.

Located approximately three hours south of Amman, this desert city, situated between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, was an important crossroads among Arabia, Egypt and Syria–Phoenicia. Petra is famous for its magnificent architecture – a half man-made and half carved into the rock city with a highly advanced water conduit system.

Admired then for its refined culture, massive architecture and ingenious complex of dams and water channels, Petra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that enchants visitors from all corners of the globe.

Petra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that enchants visitors from all corners of the globe.- Jordan
Petra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that enchants visitors from all corners of the globe.

The country also has high adventures such as taking a hot air balloon ride over Wadi Rum or camping on its Mars-like terrain; to floating in the Dead Sea or hiking in the oldest city in the world. It is a traveller’s paradise with warm and welcoming people, history, nature and a paradise for foodies.

Getting a visa while travelling abroad is one of the most important and essential parts of planning your trip. While it can be quite stressful to get a visa to some countries, you’ll be glad to know that Jordan welcomes Indians with a visa on arrival. 

So, start your love affair with timeless Jordan now.


For more information, get in touch with Jordan Tourism.

Source: Tripoto 

Timeless Jordan

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6 Fun Places for kids in Delhi

 6 Fun Places for kids in Delhi 

Children love to visit and want to have fun every moment. They enjoy when they visit new places. In this article, I am going to share some fun places for kids in Delhi. Delhi is a heart & cultural capital of the country teeming with cafes, bazaars, historical places, amazing parks and the cultural spots with no end to interesting places you can spend your day. These places are affordable and in your budget.

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1.  National Rail Museum Chanakyapuri


National Rail Museum Chanakyapuri - Fun places for kids in Delhi
National Rail Museum Chanakyapuri – indiatoday.intoday.in

The National Rail Museum is a great place choice for kids, particularly for the younger ones. You can enjoy 10-acres of the rail-related exhibition including 100 real historical trains. The main attraction of the museum the handsome Prince of Wales Saloon (built-in 1875) and Maharaja of Mysore’s Saloon (built-in 1899).

Timing: Visiting Hours – 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Closed: Monday


2.  National Science Centre, New Delhi

National Science Centre, New Delhi -fun places for kids in Delhi
National Science Centre, New Delhi – www.delhionline.in

It’s established in 1992, National Science centre is a science museum. It’s great place for all kids who love science and even for those whose don’t. The National Science Centre is the best choice for parents if you want to grow your kids’ knowledge and interest in science.

Timings: Visiting Hours – 10:00 am – 5:00pm everyday

General Entry (Visiting Centre only) Rs.40/- per head


3.  Bal Bhavan National Children’s Museum and    Aquarium

Bal bhavan national childrens museum and aquarium- Fun places for kids in Delhi
Bal Bhavan national children’s museum and aquarium Image courtesy- www.holidify.com

Bal Bhavan National Children’s Museum provides various activities for kids. The main activity is Creative Art, Physical Activity, Science Activity and Photography. Kids enjoy all day with different types of games and puppet shows. Bal Bhavan has a large collection of dolls, toys, currency and art and craft material from different parts of the world, the museum also organises workshops, exhibitions and puppet shows for children.

Timing: Visiting Hours – 10:00 am – 5:00pm everyday

Closed: Sundays and Mondays.

4.    Adventure Island
adventure island- fun places for kids in Delhi
adventure island
Image courtesy-http://www.trodly.com/

It’s Located in Metro Walk mall in Rohini. Adventure Island is a place where any age person can visit and have enjoyed the time of their life! With some amazing breath-taking rides, water slides, and go-karting, this place is a must visit for anyone.  In Adventure Island there is no permission of photography.

Cost:  Entry Fee for Per head: 250 Rs.

Timing: Visiting Hours – 11:00am – 7:00pm

5.   Children’s Park (India Gate)

Children’s Park (India Gate) -fun places for kids in Delhi
Children’s Park (India Gate) Image credit- brandife.com

The Children’s Park is the most popular park for kids maintained by the New Delhi Municipal Council. Visiting a Children’s Park become a better experience for kids. The park currently shuts down at 7.30 pm in summers and 5.30 pm in winters.

Timing: Visiting Hours – 9:00am – 7.30 pm (summers) & 5.30 pm (Winter)


6.  Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Moti Bagh

Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Moti Bagh -fun places for kids in Delhi
Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Moti Bagh – www.skillkindle.com

If you are bored with coffee, Food, Parks and Films then it’s the perfect place for fun. It’s famous adventurous place in Moti Bagh New Delhi. It’s providing amazing experiences of sports climbing. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced climber or a first-timer at the wall. You can get experience new adventurous sports. Indian Mountaineering is a fantastic day out with your kids.

Timings: Visiting Hours – 9:00am – 1:00pm & 4.00pm – 8:00pm

Cost:  150 Rs. per session

Closed: Monday



*/ Rajat Sharma is a blogger at Happiness Creativity. His life motto is: start your day with coffee, sing your favourite song, and find excitement in everything you do. Rajat loves to write about Travel & Lifestyle. /*



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3 Tarragon Recipes to Try Out

Continuing from my earlier post on Tarragon, the following are 3 recipes with tarragon that you could try.

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  1.  Baby Potatoes Salad With Mustard Tarragon Dressing
Baby potatoes salad with mustard-tarragon recipes
Image credit- www.recipeshubs.com

Tarragon recipes with baby potatoes

2.  Chicken and Cheese Walnut Salad

TARRAGON WALNUT CHICKEN SALAD- Tarragon recipes- Image credit- recipedoodle.wordpress.com

Tarragon recipes ingredients of Chicken and cheese

Method of Chicken and cheese -tarragon recipes

3.  Paupiettes de Poulet

paupiettes de poulet-tarragon recipes

Paupiettes de Poulet- Ingredients- Tarragon recipes

Paupiettes de Poulet- Method- Tarragon recipes

 hope you enjoy your meal- Tarragon recipes- Image credit-quickmeme.com

Herb It Up With Tarragon

Tarragon is a popular and versatile herb with a name that sounds like a character from the popular TV series, Game Of Thrones! It’s soft, lance-shaped, gray-green leaves with a distinctive anise or licorice flavor.

Tarragon is excellent with seafood, fruits, poultry, eggs and most vegetables especially leeks, artichokes, peas and asparagus and salad leaves, particularly béarnaise sauce the most romantic, delicate and fragrant sauce in French cuisine. It enliven mustard sauces as well as salad dressings or in a potato mustard salad and makes a fragrant herb butter to serve along with seafood or even a great roast or steak. It is also a great addition to cream cheese for a simple toasted sandwich meal. It pairs well with stone fruits like cherries, peaches, and plums as well.

Tarragon herb
Image credit- Flickr

Tarragon, due to its anise flavor, can be very dominating and can easily overpower other flavors, as a result infinite care and a restrained hand should be used when cooking with this herb. As always, the fresh herb is better to use as the dried herb can be quite weak.

French or German tarragon is sweet and aromatic, reminiscent of fennel, anise, and licorice, whereas Russian tarragon has coarser, paler leaves and is not a fragrant and has a slightly bitter taste. Tarragon is mostly available all year around in most supermarkets or vegetable vendors who sell herbs here and well-dried varieties are also available easily.

It is also known as estragon (French dried variety) and fresh lightly bruised sprigs of tarragon are steeped in vinegar to produce tarragon vinegar. You can make your own tarragon vinegar at home too, use some distilled white vinegar and put in a few sprigs of tarragon and leave it to steep for a few days. Use it to make vinaigrette dressings for your salads.

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The herb is a very rich source of vitamins such as Vitamin-C and Vitamin-A, as well as the B-Complex group of vitamins such as folate, pyridoxine, niacin and riboflavin, that function as antioxidants.

Tarragon is also notably an excellent source of minerals such as calcium, manganese, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium  and zinc.  These are in itself reason enough to make tarragon a part of your daily diet.

Tarragon is also used medicinally as a traditional remedy for stimulating appetite and to alleviate anorexic symptoms.  Whether used as a seasoning herb in cooking or consumed raw as a garnish, it may help people who have poor appetites due to age or illness.

Throughout history, tarragon has been widely used as an aid for toothaches. The ancient Greeks chewed it because of its ability to numb the mouth. This pain relieving effect is due to the high levels of eugenol found in the plant. This is the same pain relieving compound contained in clove oil.  It also has been proven that tarragon can also help decrease the sore gums that often occur along with toothaches.

The essential oil, eugenol found in the herb has been in therapeutic use in dentistry as a local anesthetic and antiseptic for toothache remedy.

Scientific studies suggest that ploy-phenolic compounds in the herb help lower blood sugar levels. Tarragon has also long been used as a digestive tonic because it adds in the production of bile by the liver. Not only can it improve natural digestion,  but it also has been found to relieve common digestive problems like an upset stomach and irritable bowels.

Laboratory studies on tarragon extract show certain compounds in them inhibit platelet activation, platelet aggregation and adhesion to the blood vessel wall. It, thus, helps prevent clot formation inside the tiny blood vessels of the heart and brain protecting from heart attacks and strokes.

Buying and storing

Try to buy fresh leaves wherever possible for better flavor and nutritional benefits. Look for the herb that is rich in fragrance. Avoid those that are shriveled and discolored.

Tarragon herb
Dried Tarragon

Wash the leaves in clean running water and pat dry with kitchen paper and store in the vegetable compartment for use within a day or two. Dried tarragon, however, should be stored in an airtight container and stored in a cool and dark place where it will stay for almost six months. Generally, the herb is added at the final moment to the recipes in small amounts in order to retain flavor and taste as heat diminishes its flavor and taste.

And as a general rule if substituting fresh tarragon in a recipe with dried tarragon, remember, 1 tablespoon fresh tarragon = 1 tablespoon dried tarragon.  This rule generally applies to both herbs.

Now, go and buy some tarragon and start cooking!

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