7 Inflight Tips to Remain Comfortable On a Long Journey


For most, long flights might feel like spending time in limbo. The sight of the meal, getting nauseous in an air-pocket and crying of the infants onboard; all can be overwhelming and utterly discomforting. However, there’re many ways to survive a long flight without all that fuss and trouble. When you book Saudi Airlines for the next long journey, the crew has some remarkable in-flight tips to ensure maximum comfort and wellness. Read on to find out more;

7 In-flight tips to remain comfortable on a long journey

  1. Wear Cosy Clothes

If you really want to sleep while taking a long flight, wear comfortable clothes. Loose-fit shirts, comfortable trousers, flat shoes and perhaps a hoodie to cover your head are most preferred. In short, clothes that allow you to move comfortably and give plenty of stretch space are best to go with!

  1. Escaping the Noise

Earplugs or headphones specially designed to reduce the noise are best for longer air trips. Once you are allowed to operate electronic devices, plug-in the headset and enjoy a ride without those annoying noises and shrill cries of smaller children. Just in-case you don’t want a pair of headphones, the usual earplugs would do good!

  1. Keep yourself Hydrated
Keep yourself hydrated on a long journey in flight

Keeping the body hydrated is important especially in-flight. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as much as possible as these hampers your ability to sleep and stay comfortable. Meanwhile, all such beverages dehydrate a body which is quite the contrary. Grab a bottle of water or fresh fruit juice and try finishing it up before you land!

  1. Moisturise the Skin

Due to closed cabin and AC, your skin after a certain time would dry up and even crack in extreme cases which is discomforting. Before this happens, better apply a standard moisturizer on the hands, face, and lips. When you book Saudi Airlines, the crew provide its passengers’ hot wet towels to ensure maximum comfort. Rub them gently on the hands and face!

  1. Power up with a Green Juice

Before boarding the flight, better revitalize your body with a power drink that is fresh juices extracted from green fruits and even vegetables such as cucumber and mint. Avoid those caffeinated power drinks containing testosterone which is disastrous to the immune system and overall health. You may even switch the juice with salads and fruit bites!

  1. Utilize the Time Wisely

Much like with your personal and professional tasks, utilizing time wisely in flight is extremely important to remain as comfortable as possible. Watching movies and listening to music is good but not at the expense of exerting pressure on your eyes and ears. Read a book or play a board game with a partner, these are the best things to do.

  1. The Good Seat

Most airline reservations are now online which is the best way to get a good seat. Window seat allows you to rest your head against the wall comfortably, aisle seat makes it easy to walk around conveniently without troubling other passengers and extreme front seats give plenty of leg space to stretch. It all depends on what makes you more comfortable.

To conclude,

Book Saudi Airlines today for a long journey to ensure maximum comfort and the best in-flight experience ever!



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