Mount Abu’, does this sound familiar to you? Do you know where is it situated? Well, it is a renowned hill station located in the Aravalli Range, district of Sirohi in Rajasthan state. It is on the border, with Gujarat, in western India. Positioned at a height of 1,219 meters above the sea level, it is like an oasis, in the desert area of Rajasthan. It is a world-renowned tourist destination for Delwara Jain temples and for its beautiful, natural, lush green, surroundings with waterfalls. A very pleasant climate, with its natural surroundings of coniferous trees and flowering shrubs. Many Indian and foreign tourists, throng this place every year, for its awesome natural surroundings, its flora and fauna and the Delwara Jain temple, made of marble.

Interiors of the Delwara Temple (Image

Delwara Jain Temple– It is one of the best Jain temples known for its rich architecture and magnificent stone carvings. There are meticulously carved ceilings and the pillars are simply incredible. It is told, that this was done in the era, when there was no proper infrastructure available at a height of 1200+meters. Gigantic blocks of marble stones were transported on elephant backs from Arasoori Hills at Ambaji to this far-flung hilly area of Mount Abu.

The temple is open to tourists from 12pm to 3pm with a fee. Photography is not allowed within the temple premises.

Nakki Lake (Image courtesy-
Nakki Lake
(Image courtesy-

Nakki Lake– There is an interesting legend, behind its creation in Mount Abu. The lake was dug up by Gods or ‘Devtas’, using their nails or ‘nakh’. That is, how the lake gets its name ‘Nakki’. According to the tribals, it is also a holy lake and they worship it. The lake is the only artificial lake in India, which is situated at a height of 1200 meters above sea level. The lake has boating, so one could spend time with one’s loved one, friends and family. It is an ideal place for spending the evening with loved ones. This scenic location with mountains, gardens and rock formations is an awesome location for photography. The evening sun is the perfect setting for a canvas.

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Wildlife Sanctuary, Mount Abu

Wild Life Sanctuary– It is around 7kms. long and 300 meters wide, where people throng this for sight-seeing. It is situated in Aravali Ranges which is one of the oldest mountain ranges of Rajasthan. It is created from igneous rocks that have made large cavities in many areas due to the wear and tear of the weather conditions of wind and water. The sanctuary is known for its rich fauna and flora. The forest consists of around 112 plant species. Many of them are rare and endangered. The sanctuary also boasts of a wide variety of fauna that is commendable. Here, the popular grey jungle fowl can be found with over 250 species of birds. It also, is a home, to leopard sloth bear, wild boar, sambar, chinkara and langur among several others. This sanctuary also plays a host to extremely endangered and rare species of animals.


Trevor’s tank is a picturesque reservoir built by a British Engineer called Trevor. It is built by the man, to breed crocodiles. It is renowned picnic spot, for both tourists and locals. One should visit the place in the right season to spot the wild bear in its own habitat. It is a dream come true for ‘bird-watcher’ as there are a lot of bird species here.

All in all, Mount Abu, offers a lot to see and do. So, pack your bags and head to amazing Mount Abu.

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      1. Sure . Its a very small lake as compared to Nakki Lake. Somewhat unclean too. I was actually a bit disappointed to see the lake after seeing the original Windermere lake, which is very scenic.

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