Bora Bora Island – a Dreamy Affair

Located in the Leeward group of Society Islands of French Polynesia, Bora Bora Islands is in close proximity to another famous destination Tahiti Islands. Known for the aqua centric luxury destination that are developed as a part of eco tourism to allure newlyweds from around the globe. The iconic over water bungalows webbed on the vast stretches of lagoon gives a feeling of fantasy come true.  With many choices of activities such as water sports, treks, helicopter ride or just read your favorite author to choose from Bora Bora has something for everyone.

Your dream journey to Bora Bora starts right from the moment you enter the air space of this beautiful archipelago on board your flight. The picturesque views of Mount Otemanu on the little islet of Bora along with the blue lagoon and the white sand beach are breathtaking. If a traveler wishes to visit Bora Bora by the sea, they can arrive in style by the luxury cruise that will pamper you to your soul with their compassionate and courteous services on the cruise.

The locals have built a web of these beautiful small over water bungalows that provide all types of luxuries and amenities possibly available any tourist destination. The best part of some of this accommodations is they have glass bottoms where you can witness the crystal clear water and the rich marine life that Bora Bora is famous for.

The island is full of surprises when it comes to natural beauty and reserved habitats. Since this place of the earth is known to be explored the last on earth, the stunning landscapes are mostly untouched. Twin mountains of Mount Otemanu and Pahia are formed out of volcanic caldera and are best for treks and mountain safari on jeeps

A perfect lagoon destination, Bora Bora offers some of the most exotic and resplendent experiences of water sport. Snorkeling, Scuba diving and swimming in and around lagoons of Bora Bora are the must do activities. Many local operators can help you with the unique experiences of diving with manta rays and sharks that are easily found in this part of the world.

There are some other experiences like Aqua Safari, Aqua Biking and Keishi Lagoon tour that travelers can opt for to make most of your stay at Bora Bora.

It is one of the rare destination that is sure to make a huge dent on your pocket. No matter how hard you try to save you will be quick to realize that Bora Bora is either expensive or indescribably expensive. But this pricey destination makes sure to repay you with all of its heart. The perfect combination of ambiance and service will be hard to match in any other destination of the world and will stay in your conscience for a lifetime.

The best time to visit Bora Bora is during the dry season that runs from May to October.  The rains in these islands are unpredictable and can go on for long hours. During the dry season which is also the peak season, the water stays mildly warm which is perfect for swimming. Since this is a French Polynesian country, the main language here is French, and the other language that has great influence of Bora Bora is Tahitian although most locals have a good understanding of English.

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