5 most common car hire scams for Travel & how to avoid them

“If you’re a frequent car hire person and try on different services each time, it’s obvious to encounter some sort of scam or a rip-off.”

Have you ever paid the headline cost which is vested once you select the vehicle? We’ll guess and say that you haven’t yet because it’s hardly ever the full rental cost after adding other essential and extra options. Here’re some of the biggest scams you should know of to help save hard-earned cash without compromising your passion to try different car hire services.

  • License & registration

In many advanced countries, a paper counterpart to the driver’s license has become nearly obsolete. This was previously used to record driving authorizations and essential for car hire companies to check before issuing a vehicle besides only the license.

Ever since their production and updating has been ceased, the license information’s now stored electronically which lets you generate a code to be shared and checked at Bahrain car hire company. There’ve been cases when companies tried charging their customer’s additional fees for missing the paper counterparts or perhaps invalidation of the insured which isn’t true

  • Driving with parents
Drivers License -Teen driver | by State Farm, car hire
Drivers License -Teen driver | by State Farm

Is there a thing such as ‘ageism’? It sure does in the car hire industry which associates with the age factor and eligibility. In many countries, the age between 25 and 65-years qualifies an individual to rent a vehicle and if you wish some else to book a car in their name for you, minimum age must be 21-years at least but either of the parents is requested to be in the car at all times. That said, car hire and age limit standards are different between countries so it’s always better to query beforehand to avoid any trouble or perhaps unwanted surcharge.

  • The ‘essential’ extras

If you’re heading out with the family, it’s obvious to book a car with child seat; that is if yours are young enough. However, it’ll definitely cost some extra so why not take your own seat just as airlines allow carrying two-pieces of children equipment that can be car seats, travel cots or pushchairs absolutely free of charge. This way, you can easily move on with the journey after taking an informed decision on whether to pay or not for an in-car child seat.

  • Vehicle upgrades
vehicle upgrades, car hire
vehicle upgrades

Just imagine arriving at the rental desk only to be told that your booked vehicle is unavailable! Sometimes, it can happen but only with the car model but not the brand which probably means you’ll get an upgraded vehicle, right? That’s absolutely wrong and the company would surely try to convince you on essential vehicle upgrades that haven’t been done at all or totally unwanted per the type of car you’ve hired. You’ve two choices here; either to accept the upgrades and pay extra or simply refund you the amount to avoid any inconvenience

  • Urge to spend extra

Finding just the right service at times can be a real drag which would eventually end you booking at a cost far greater than it should be. This is quite obvious if yours and the company’s location are far from each other so always try searching for the service nearest to your place. With Bahrain car hire, you get the best price and service thus promising a peaceful cruise.

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