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Start Your Love Affair With Timeless Jordan: A Destination That Lives Up To The Hype

Timeless Jordan

Jordan is home to a wealth of archaeological sites, nature reserves, biblical points of interest, ancient ruins and peaceful deserts. There is no mistaking the fact that Jordan is a kingdom full of history and culture.

El Deir – The Monastery- Jordan
El Deir – The Monastery Image credit

From the moment you arrive, you get a sense of its rich heritage; all around are remnants of ancient civilisations long since passed, yet they still remain, stamped into the very fabric of this amazing kingdom and etched into the soul of the people who live here.


The Siiq, path to Petra- Jordan
The Siiq, path to Petra.


Amman is a sprawling city spread over 19 hills, the modern – as well as the ancient – capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Known as Rabbath-Ammon during the Iron Age and later as Philadelphia, the ancient city that was once part of the Decapolis league, now boasts a population of around 2.3 million people.

Amman is a sprawling city spread over 19 hills- Jordan
Amman is a sprawling city spread over 19 hills.


The first city to encounter is Madaba, “the City of Mosaics”.

The city, best known for its spectacular Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, is home to the famous 6th-century mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. With two million pieces of coloured stone, the map depicts hills and valleys, villages and towns as far as the Nile Delta.

Lost for more than a millennium, the red rose city of Petra, also a new seven wonder of the world was built 2,000 years ago by nomadic Bedouins.

Located approximately three hours south of Amman, this desert city, situated between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, was an important crossroads among Arabia, Egypt and Syria–Phoenicia. Petra is famous for its magnificent architecture – a half man-made and half carved into the rock city with a highly advanced water conduit system.

Admired then for its refined culture, massive architecture and ingenious complex of dams and water channels, Petra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that enchants visitors from all corners of the globe.

Petra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that enchants visitors from all corners of the globe.- Jordan
Petra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that enchants visitors from all corners of the globe.

The country also has high adventures such as taking a hot air balloon ride over Wadi Rum or camping on its Mars-like terrain; to floating in the Dead Sea or hiking in the oldest city in the world. It is a traveller’s paradise with warm and welcoming people, history, nature and a paradise for foodies.

Getting a visa while travelling abroad is one of the most important and essential parts of planning your trip. While it can be quite stressful to get a visa to some countries, you’ll be glad to know that Jordan welcomes Indians with a visa on arrival. 

So, start your love affair with timeless Jordan now.

For more information, get in touch with Jordan Tourism.

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Timeless Jordan

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Top Reasons why People Travel

top reasons why people travel

As we fast approach 2017, traveling further embeds in our lifestyles. Travel is no longer considered an out of the ordinary activity. Most of us have come to terms with the fact that traveling is essential for us. It brings excitement to the otherwise boring, monotonous routines. And who does not like a bit of excitement?

Reasons for travel

While it can be argued that traveling has become considerably affordable, it still cannot be classified as a cheap activity. You do require a good sum of money in your bank account to start off your travel journey. Good thing is that now there are many ways one can bring down the cost of travel. Some buy miles, while others seek promotional deals. But enough about that. This article focuses on reasons why people travel. Let’s take a look at some of the most common of these reasons.

#Reasons why people #travel

Family Times

No matter how many friends you make, a family is a family. No one can take their place. The most common reason for traveling to other countries or cities is for the purpose of meeting up with family. It could be for a special wedding, a beloved one’s birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving. I guess we can all agree that one never needs a reason to visit parents, cousins, and siblings. They are always the most special part of your life and living far away from them can be hard. So yes, occasional visits are a must.

To fulfill your travel craze

Wanderlust can drive you to go from one end of the world to the other. You can do anything to make traveling around the world a possibility. Passionate travelers save up to ensure they visit at least one country every year. There is another extreme to this passion too. The number of people leaving their jobs and heading out to explore the world is increasing. These people are generally referred to as hippies.

To discover new cultures

Cultures vary greatly from country to country. Each culture being unique in its own sense. Learning about new cultures, values, and norms of a country is something people enjoy greatly. There are many travelers who solely travel to discover new cultures across the world.

To escape the weather

If you live in a country where the summers or winters are extreme, a getaway to escape the weather is more than welcome. Many people escape to milder countries to avoid the snow or extreme sun.

Business reasons

This is again one of the most commonly known reasons why some people travel. Businessmen tend to go back and forth to other countries for work reasons. Whereas some company employees travel to attend workshops, trainings, seminars or meetings abroad.

To try new cuisines

Foodies tend to travel to other places to discover new cuisines. It gives some people great pleasure to try unique dishes and tastes across the globe. Some travel to try the famous Asian food while others want to experience the authentic Italian cuisine.


top reasons why people travel

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It’s Fun to Use Airline Miles. Find Out How!

fun to use airline miles

The calculations are tedious and most of us think that is all that frequent flyer programs are all about. We have heard of how people have made their travel dreams come true through collecting air miles and redeeming them. However, for an average traveler, it isn’t as simple as it appears. Calculating and redeeming miles can sometimes be a great challenge, especially due to the tough airline policies.

It is fun to use airlines miles. Find out how?


But that shouldn’t stop you from having fun and playing around with your frequent flyer miles. There are many creative ways you can use your air miles.

#Traveltips to use #airlinemiles

Tick Some Thrills Off Your Bucket List


Collecting frequent flyer miles are less attractive if you think of award calculations and redemption policies of airlines. There needs to be a shift in thinking. The next time you begin collecting air miles, think of it as a travel goal towards an adventure you’ve been longing to tick off from your bucket list. Whether it is a skydiving adventure or scuba diving, it will be much more exciting to collect air miles once you have your goals set in front of you. Have travel dreams? Use your air miles to fulfill them!

  1. Use Air Miles to Become ‘Magaholic’!

You’ll have times when despite having a decent amount of air miles there are no good uses you can find for them in the near future. Miles are short-lived so, unfortunately, you can’t keep them in your account for longer. Some activity is required. If you’re fed up of your conventional ways and are a ‘magaholic’, use your miles for getting subscriptions to all your favorite magazines.  By getting a monthly subscription, you would have something to look forward to at the beginning of every month.

  1. Fly in Luxury

Even with the limited upgradable seats available in times like these, you still stand a chance. Once you started understanding how it works, you’ll understand how rewarding it is to earn and redeem miles for upgrades. Find economy seats torturous? Use your miles to upgrade to first or business class. It’s delightful to travel through the world’s finest airline lounges to the most comfortable seating. From delightful cuisine to a world of entertainment, it is one of the best ways to spoil yourself.

  1. Stay at the World’s Finest Hotel Rooms

Surprisingly, a lot of people aren’t even aware that they can use air miles to fly around the world. To fund your next vacation, you can use the frequent flyer miles to get yourself a luxurious hotel room that you wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. Research about the program’s affiliation with hotel chains and redeem your air miles to make the possibility of a dream holiday come true. Luxury holiday with a budget tag? Absolutely possible!

If you find out that your mileage account is just short of a few miles to that upgradable seat, buy your miles and make your travel dreams come true!

fun to use airline miles

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6 Fun things to do in Dubai

Fun things to do in Dubai

The UAE was just a desert not long ago. Or so was it perceived as one. It did not attract business or tourists. Things are not the same anymore. It is now one of the most developed, modern and sophisticated countries of the world with Dubai being its main tourist hub. The thing about Dubai is that it never usually is part of bucket lists but is a favorite among travelers nevertheless. This is mostly because the city is very tourist friendly and offers plenty of fun activities to do. Let’s take a look at some of these activities.

#Fun things to do in #Dubai”

  1. Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa, Building, Dubai City- Fun things to do in Dubai
Burj Khalifa, Building, Dubai City

Burj Khalifa needs little introduction. It has been featured in numerous movies, articles, TV shows and programs. Standing so majestically in Downtown Dubai, the building has many records to its credit. It is not only the tallest man-made structure in the world but also boasts the world’s highest nightclub, the highest observation deck, highest restaurant, highest swimming pool and highest elevator. Viewing Dubai from the observation deck and having dinner so high up is a phenomenal experience.

2. Palm Islands

Dubai Palm islands from the air- Fun things to do in Dubai
Dubai palm islands from the air

Together the three gorgeous islands Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali are called the Palm Islands. The Palm Jumeirah is the most popular spot for honeymooners. As the name suggests, the island is in the shape of a palm leaf. The scenic island is a great place to enjoy nature and simply relax.

3.  The Dubai Mall

You travel to Dubai and leave out visiting the Dubai Mall? Impossible. The Mall has the honor of being the world’s largest mall in terms of area and the most visited mall in the world. Housed within are over thousand retail shops, cafes, an ice rink, cinema and an aquarium. An entire day can be dedicated to exploring the Dubai Mall.

4.  The Wild Wadi Water Park

Fun things to do in Dubai- Wild Wadi water park

This is where one can unleash their inner child and enjoy to the fullest. From surfing, swimming, water rides to waterfalls, the park offers endless fun. Within the park are some really good restaurants to ensure you keep your energy level up to the mark.

5.  Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai- Fun things to do in Dubai
Jumeirah Beach

Dubai is home to some beautiful white sandy beaches. Among all the beaches, the Jumeirah beach remains to be the most popular one. Near to the beach are some great hotels and shopping centers. Not only can you relax at the beach but also enjoy the fancy hotels nearby. Windsurfing, boat rides, water skiing and sailing are some of the most common and fun activities to do here.

6.  Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park

Who does not enjoy a nice stroll in a park with lush and natural surroundings? The Zabeel Park gives you just that. It is easily accessible through the metro. You can have all sorts of fun here including skateboarding, ice skating, enjoying live music, picnicking, boating and golfing. Visitors love the fact that there is a Wi-Fi facility all over the park. Everyone loves the Zabeel Park!

Fun things to do in Dubai

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