At all Classics-it’s classy concerts, you are welcome to move and to dance, to sing along when suggested by the conductor, and to answer questions. And don’t forget to listen and watch carefully, so you don’t miss something interesting!

“When I was little, I sometimes went to “children’s concerts and almost suffered greatly! Suffered because it was always long and tediously, and most importantly, because the musicians usually played listlessly and uninterestingly. And so, when I grew up, I wanted to present for you such concerts to which you yourself would be interested in coming again and again. Because I’m sure if you like music as a child, then later in your life, you will not want to part with it.” ~ Evgeny Buskkov

So, I was at yet another performance at the NCPA. The Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI), based at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai is India’s first and only professional orchestra. Evgeny Bushkov serves as the Resident Conductor, taking up the role in January 2017. He is also an animateur.

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About the performances

The Strange Fairy Tale for chamber orchestra, soloists, and narrator was written in 2011. Efrem Podgaits simultaneously wrote both the music and the literary text of the tale. This composition continues the line started in his symphonic tale ‘Voyage to Orchestraland’ that became very popular and was performed in different cities of Russia. The emergence of this work was partially due to requests of chamber orchestra conductors, who didn’t have an opportunity to perform a large symphonic score.

Thus, at 3.00am on January 1, 2011, Efrem Podgaits seemed to hear the disturbing sounds of strings…Cellos were trembling in fear…Violas howled like the wind…Yes, this story happened in the Empire of strings and bows. The story is about two sisters, Princess Violin and Princess Cello, about Prince Viola and King Double Bass, about their hopes, sorrows, desperation, and love. This musical tale is interesting for children and adults, performers as well as listeners.

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Efrem Podgaits is a Russian composer who was born in 1949. He has written 3 symphonies, 13 operas, and 26 concerti, and his music has been performed all across Russia and around the world, and he was named ‘Composer of the Year’ in 2002 by the Russian Magazine The Musical Review.

Children’s Corner

5 pieces for listeners and chamber orchestra by Mikhail Bronner

About the piece

In the performance of Mikhail Bronner’s Children’s Corner, the listeners had to be as involved as the orchestra, as the composer takes us on a trip to a fairy-tale land. The listeners got a rare opportunity to fool around during the performance, and the most courageous even got to perform a solo in the orchestra. The rest did not have an easy task they became the chorus. The listeners had to speak words, make a variety of sounds, and sometimes even stamp their feet. The beast that the author wants to portray with the help of the listeners have purely human character traits, and they were heard by the orchestra.

The piece had five movements:

  1. Frog and sparrow
  2. The cuckoo
  3. Waltz of a sad little donkey
  4. Song of an elderly goat

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. Truly, Classics, it’s Classy!


Classics its classy! a children's concert