Vermillion and yellow flags
Vermillion and yellow flags

Once in 12 years, Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh , India explodes in the colour  SAFFRON as it is home to the “SIMHASTHA KUMBH”.

The  Gulmohar  Trees ( Hindi), Flamboyant ( English) , and Delonix regia ( Scientific name) join the celebration of Faith in the Month of May and explode in the colour of the season, Saffron.

Seen through flowers
Seen through flowers

The Kshipra River In Ujjain is seen through the  Flamboyant  Saffron flowers of the  Gulmohar Tree.

The Trident or “Trishul” is the Symbol of the Ruling Deity of Ujjain, “Mahakaal” or Lord Shiva.

The Trishul rises over the flamboyantly flowering  Gulmohar Trees and the  Saffron Bridge across the Kshipra River during the Maha Kumbh Festival.

Saffron bridge across the Shipra river
Saffron bridge across the Shipra River

The Ghats of the River Kshipra turn  Saffron too as the River is worshipped in celebration of the Life-giving Powers of Water.

Millions will bathe in the River during the Month long festival Simhastha Mahakumbh held once in 12 years during a time determined by the Planets and Stars. The Sun enters Aries and Jupiter the constellation of Leo symbolizing the timing of this explosion of Faith and the colour saffron.

Saffron along the ghats
Saffron along the ghats

The Dumroo or Drum, held by the Saffron Sadhu,is another symbol of Lord Shiva.

The reverberating and enchanting sound of the “Dumroo” symbolizes the healing Power of Sound.

Sadhus in their own world
Sadhus in their own world

Be Enchanted by the saffron colours in Ujjain as I take you through the Heart of India during a Festival of Faith.

A recent update of this site

Six die as storm hits Kumbh Mela. Lightning and thunderstorms hit the site of the ongoing Simhastha-Kumbh Mela in Ujjain. Four devotees and one sadhu died when a pandal collapsed due to strong winds. A woman pilgrim died after being struck by a bolt of lightning. Squall, coupled with rain, suddenly hit the area, uprooting several camps of sadhus.

Source: Mukul from Enchanted Forests and news sources.

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    1. I remember visiting the Shipra river a few years back. It is really good. It was very shocking to hear about this tragedy.

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