In our daily lives of hustle and bustle or while traveling long distances to work, we often do not pay attention to what we eat. We tend to snack on whatever is easily available like burgers, vada pavs, wafers, biscuits, etc. A healthy body needs to meet its nutritional needs to keep it fit. We need to have focus, on having healthy and nutritious food. So, do you want to eat good healthy food?

Dry fruits are small and easy to carry while traveling over long distances. They are extremely rich sources of minerals and proteins. It is often recommended in our diets for healthy and a fit you. Whether it is a festival or a casual gathering of family and friends, dry fruits like raisins, cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistas, and dates can make for a memorable time. It is customary to carry something along when visiting friends or family. What better gift than something that makes one’s mouth water while also satisfying the health conscious?

Dry fruits have many varieties to choose from such as cashew nut, hazelnuts, figs, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, cranberries, stuffed dates and much more.

Dry fruits, cashewnuts

Cashew nuts
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Cashew nuts– They do not have any cholesterol and hence are high on mono saturated fat. Cashew nuts are high in magnesium levels which help in building muscles and bones. Not only this, but they also have a high concentration of copper and are thus vital in the production of energy.

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Almonds: – Almonds assist in the formation of new blood cells and increase hemoglobin in the blood. They are high in unsaturated fats and have vitamin B1, iron, phosphorus, and copper.

If you have hair problems, almonds are ideal. Applying almond oil on the scalp is effective in curing hair problems like hair loss and adds shine and luster to dull hair. Massaging the scalp with almond hair oil helps in relieving headache.

Almonds are beneficial for skin too. A paste of almond and milk helps in making your skin even, supple and fairer.

Dry fruits -walnuts

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Walnuts: Walnuts are a great source of omega 3 fatty acid and comprise of the alpha-linolenic acid or ALA.  They are high in MUFA (Monounsaturated fatty acids). They are good for the heart as they decrease the level of triglycerides and increases the good cholesterol levels or HDL. In addition to this, walnuts also have riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6 and folates.

You will find that all of the above mentioned and a host of other dry fruits and nuts are helpful in enhancing the energy levels and reducing stress. With their varied vitamin and mineral content, they help in the prevention of myriad diseases and improving the existing health conditions of the system.

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