Gems of Madhya Pradesh: 5 Best Cities to Visit

Madhya Pradesh, central India’s biggest and most attractive state, holds enchanting spots and destinations from periods all through the Indian history. The Hindu and Jain temples at Khajuraho are detectable for their carvings of erotic scenes, with the all the more erratic Kandariya Mahadeva, a preserved sanctuary with more than 800 figures. Go for a walk through this radiant state for a totally cultural visit through India’s past.

The second biggest state in the nation, Madhya Pradesh is known as the “Heart of India”. The state has an assortment of lauded safe houses and points of interest that hold significance in the considerable Indian history. While on a visit to Madhya Pradesh, visit these urban areas within the state for a totally mind-boggling experience.


Jabalpur Museum, Madhya Pradesh
Rani Durgavati Museum, Jabalpur

If you are an excited nature lover, you ought to be in Jabalpur on your visit to Madhya Pradesh. Considered to be the most frequented destination by explorers in Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur has an abundance of charms to offer. Its rich natural beauty and important points of interest will make your stay pleasant. The essential spots and sites to visit in Jabalpur are the Dhuandhar Waterfalls, Balancing Rocks, Bargi Dam, Dumna Nature Reserve, Rani Durgavati Museum, and so on. From here, take a Jabalpur to Bhopal train, and set out for your next stop– Bhopal!


A city acclaimed for its lakes, sanctuaries, and splendid city life, Bhopal has the spotlight on it since years. The various Bhopal Tour Packages by the state government are a perfect pick to visit through this city acceptably, which give out its best angles. Bhopal happens to be one of the greenest urban areas in India, furthermore is a noteworthy modern hub in the nation.


rajwada indore | by sheetalsaini rajwada indore ,, Madhya Pradesh
Rajwada, Indore by Sheetal Saini

Indore, the industrial hub of Madhya Pradesh, was the home of the Holkar Dynasty that deserted some of its striking masterpieces here, which today mirror their splendour in full glory. Indore, today, is a huge business powerhouse of Madhya Pradesh. The city, apart from its industry, is also known for its cafe culture, which turned out to be a hit by virtue of Indore’s developing affection for coffee. Hence, plan an outing to this city and be prepared to get the shock that you’d get to see the city’s wealth of exceptional bits of information, legacy, and splendid points of view.


Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain

Known to be one of Hindus’ seven blessed areas, Ujjain is famous for its striking sanctuaries and religious spots. Devotees from across the nation pour in here to visit the city’s temples that form a significant position in the nation’s standard setup. The most sought after religious spots here are-Mahakaleshwar Temple, Chintaman Ganesh Temple, Gopal Mandir, Harsiddhi Mandir, and so on.


One must never let go off an opportunity to visit the divine and architecturally sound city of Khajuraho, especially to traipse around its boundary, admiring the erotic figures carved throughout it. A flawless design of Indo-Aryan style of art and architecture, these sculpted carvings of Khajuraho stand the test of time. Each and every piece of this spot deserves a keen observation. The more you watch, the more you love them.

So if you reach out for the IRCTC train reservation, you will be offered tons of exciting packages by the Indian Railway. Decide, and do not delay your trip to the state. It’s incredible!

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