Independence Day Special Lunch

Enjoy the distinct flavours of dishes from across the country and treat yourself with a wide range of authentic variety of delectable food choices like Tamda Rasa, Alambi Ros, Avial, Ney Choru, Green Gujarat, Aloo Dom, aloo Puneri, Vangyachi Bhaji and Chicken Caferal.

Independence Day Special Lunch Offer

What: ‘Independence Day Special Lunch Offer’

Where: The Resort, Madh-Marve, Mumbai

When: Wednesday, 15th August 2018

Cuisine on offer: Veg & Non-Veg Time: 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Call: 022- 2844 7777

Independence Day lunch

Fulfil your sweet tooth cravings by gorging in traditionally made Tirangi Barfia, Moong Dal Halwa and Sheer Khurma while capturing the stunning view of the tranquil beach.

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I cannot express my pride each time I play and see people groove to desi music in India and Abroad. This Independence Day, I have a vision of seeing India, as a place where the rest of the world gets their musical inspiration from. Being an Indian, I also wish for stronger rules for the safety of women and children in India. Happy Independence Day, Jai Hind!

~ DJ Paroma

With the endless list of problems India is struggling with like – corruption, poverty, sexism, classism, poor infrastructure – pollution is given least priority. Why? Because its impact isn’t seen immediately. And because everyone and every entity are contributing to the carbon footprint at different levels, there is no scope for assigning blame. But how about we forget about the blame and just take responsibility? We all would love a clean and green India, right? A country that isn’t defined as being ‘dirty’ and ‘unhygienic’. APD’s vision is to work on bringing pollution forward as a key challenge to progress and fighting it aggressively. We want to empower citizens to take control of their surroundings and be informed to ask authorities the right questions. We need more reasons to celebrate August 15th than just being relieved by the British. It’s a long journey and we need as many fighters on board to get to destination Swacch Bharath.

~ Abdullah A. Rehman

We are here yet again celebrating India’s Independence Day. In my eyes, we will attain true freedom, when we as a society will practice equality for men and women. By equality, I do not mean feminism, but I mean, the ability for women to get the same rights as men, wages on the same basis, women getting prominence and equal foot-front in our male-dominated society. Women should also be entitled to be the protagonists in movies, and not used just for objectification. Women to be able to walk freely in the wee hours of the day without having to worry about their safety. Women getting their right for their voice to be heard as well, as their opinion matters too in a society, And also a basic right for women to be educated, as when you educate a woman, you do not only educate one person but an entire family and probably a generation. The day we attain this kind of equality, we will be Independent in the true sense of the word. Happy Independence Day!

~ Sonam Chhabra

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