What can international schooling do for your children?

With global competition for an opportunity of all kinds continuing to heat up, the pressure to make the right choices for your child’s future is high. One of the biggest choices you have to make is regarding education. Public, private, or independent? In what location? In which languages? Which curriculum? What advantages will it offer your child?

International schooling can provide answers to many of those questions. Available in many locations around the world, international schools typically offer many benefits, such as:

  • World-recognized curricula including the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP)
  • “Portable education” – consistent, high-quality instruction that’s recognized and transferable to other schools around the world that prepares students to achieve entry to world-class universities
  • Instruction in the English Language, often with support for first-language speakers, softens the challenges of living in a location where another language is used and sets children up for future international business success
  • Higher average GPA than most public schools
  • Diverse, international and generally well-traveled student body
  • Easier to integrate into than many homogeneous public schools, where differences can be cause for harassment
  • Social connections with a diverse community around the world
  • Greater understanding of other people and places due to exposure to a diverse student body
  • Focus on quality added-value and extra-curricular programming
  • Superior “soft-skills” development such as critical thinking and social interaction
  • Quality facilities and amenities such as healthier meal plans and activity programs
  • Opportunities for connection and support for the whole family

If you place a high priority on academic achievement, diverse programming and exposure to a well-traveled, well-educated world community, international schooling could be an excellent way to set your child up for the future. The quality of education, with programs such as the IB or AP curricula, accommodates moves during the school years and sets your child up to enter top universities around the world.

International schooling
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Building relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds are not only great for social development and critical thinking skills, it can lead to a deep network of connections and opportunities around the world in the future. The ability to make new friends, adjust to social situations, and maintain relationships across traditional boundaries can set children up for future success in a globalized economy. Comfort with travel and change are also essential skills in the evolving world.

Choosing the right international school for your child will depend on location, program, and other desired benefits. IB schools in Singapore or Hong Kong offer internationally recognized superior curriculum in world-class cities where English is widely understood and much of the Asia-Pacific region is within easy reach. Or perhaps an AP school in London or New York is a better fit, with strong academic programs and some of the best universities in the world just a short distance away.

Equip your child for the future with a world-class education at an international school. Education that not only gives children the knowledge they need to succeed but the connections, confidence and social comfort to build a happy, accomplished future.

David J Goldstein is an educational journalist with over 35 years of writing experience, and is currently researching different education methods from around the world.

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