Jubilant Peacock

A Jubilant Peacock

The peacock, the national bird of India, represents a harmonious unity of vivid colors and also symbolises the country’s multi-religious and multilingual unity in cultural diversity.

A dancing peacock represents jubilant spirits.  Early morning when the sky is overcast with monsoon clouds, and the female is nearby, it is a spectacular treat to watch him dance. A peacock’s body is covered with attractive feathers. The male peacock opens its feathers before the rain. They dance by opening up their feathers to attract female peahens to mate. This is the reason why peacocks mate mainly in the period April to September.

For an Indian farmer, a good crop and a good monsoon raise their hopes of reaping a bumper harvest.  When the much-awaited first rain of the monsoon season starts, the farmers of a village spontaneously burst into a merry dance and joyously sing.

*/ This post is inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge Jubilant. Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant./*

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