The 9 Most Appetizing Malaysian Foods

The 9 Most Appetizing Malaysian Foods: Have You Tried Them?

Malaysia has a multiracial community so there are a lot of cuisines from Chinese, Indian, Malay… you name it and it is there.

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Here are my own personal favourites in Malaysian foods and beverages:

Roti Jala Malaysian foods - Image courtesy-
Roti Jala
Image courtesy
  1. Chicken Curry is usually served with a bowl of rice or it can be had with roti jala. It is thin, net-like crepes with turmeric and coconut milk, the batter quickly drizzled in concentric circles to form an elegant shape. The best food near Changkat (that street with all the bars and foreigners) is Nagasari Curry House, not Jalan Alor.
Nasi Kandar, Malaysian foods
Nasi Kandar
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  1. Nasi Kandar– a renowned Malaysian food, originated from Penang. It is a meal of steamed rice which is served with curries and side dishes. Pour the curry over the rice and once the rice gets soaked it has an awesome aroma and taste.
Nasi Lemak- Malaysian foods- Image courtesy-
Nasi Lemak
Image courtesy
  1. Nasi Lemak may be the mascot for Malaysian food, but Bak Kut Teh was actually invented in Malaysia and doesn’t have a good exported version anywhere else. The Malaysian nasi lemak is made of a hot spicy sauce (sambal), hard-boiled egg, cucumber slices and roasted peanuts. To this is added fried chicken, picked vegetables or beef rending (beef stewed in coconut milk and spices).
Chicken Burger-Malaysian foods- Image courtesy-
Chicken Burger
Image courtesy
  1. Ramly burger, a Malaysian street burger is sold by Ramly Burger stall. The ingredients may vary according to location. It is made of beef or chicken patty, margarine, onions, an egg, mayonnaise, soy sauce and seasonings.
Malaysian Satay-Malaysian foods- Image
Malaysian Satay
  1. Satay– Meats on sticks over a BBQ. It is usually served with spicy peanut sauce dip, or peanut gravy, slivers of onions and cucumbers and rice cakes. It tastes sinful. Malaysians proudly declare that they have the best satay.
  2. Keropak Bunga is found in Malaysian markets. They are colourful and taste like pasta. Keropok Bunga in English means crackers flower. In this context, they are colourful crackers resembled like flowers. Most Malaysian crackers are made from fish or shrimp mash, and/ or wheat flour. They looked cooked aka fried.
Kaya(coconut jam) -Malaysian foods
Kaya(coconut jam)
  1. Coconut Jam– It is known as Kaya in Malaysia and can be had with toast.
Bandung, Malaysian beverage Image:, Malaysian foods

                8. Bandung– A beverage that consists of milk flavoured with rose cordial syrup, giving a pink colour.

Teh Tarik Malaysian beverage/ Malaysian foods
Teh Tarik

             9.   Teh Tarik– a popular Malaysian beverage comprises of black tea mix with condensed milk or evaporated milk.

So, have you tried these Malaysian foods and beverages

and what is your favourite?

References: Roti Jala recipe

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