10 Places of Heart-Captivating Art in Melbourne

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Art has always been an element of life which makes everything different when it’s there and also turns everything so different when it’s not. You could say that art is everything, and it is everywhere. Well, that’s true. In every corner of this world, arts has a space that only it can fill. One of the world’s places showcasing some wonderful kind of art in Melbourne in Australia.

Whenever you travel to a place near or far your own, you surely always want to find out the kind of art it has and where it could be found. There’s something in you that craves for another kind of art that varies from what you know — everybody knows each country has unique ways of bringing art to life. This piece you’re reading is a friendly guide that briefly introduces you to 10 destinations in Melbourne where you can spend some time with the beauty of its art.


Are you into discovering new stuff and making something unique out of anything? If you are (or even if you aren’t!), Seventh Gallery is just the right place! It embodies diversity and unpredictability in its artistic procedures. Out of the box is its game. This gallery leads you to an experience of experimentation in the world of art in many forms and practices. They also present solo and group exhibitions, wherein many amazing works of art are showcased for the guests to see and of course, experience. Various curators and artists hold performances and talks in the gallery. Aside from those, out-of-the-conventional pieces of work are also accepted and launched there.

Seventh Art Gallery - Timeout
Seventh Gallery – Timeout

Together with its concerns in contemporary art, Seventh also encourages collaborations. If you don’t just want to be a visitor or a spectator, you can also conduct your own event in the gallery. Seventh Gallery is also a good avenue for you to share your love for the arts. It also values growth and progress as it offers great opportunities for artists to develop their skills and present their work through mentoring which includes feedback and helpful professional advice. Seventh has a program for writers wherein they can enhance their skills and set their passion for writing and art ablaze.


The Centre for Contemporary Photography, as its name says, puts under the spotlight the masterpieces of Australian lens-based arts. It emphasizes contemporary Australian photography and video in meaningful connection with history — the connection leading to expansion and more recognition for the art of photography in the country. Exhibitions in CCP show several works of photo-based arts created by numerous artists in all levels of skill.

Centre for Contemporary Art Photography - Widewalls
Centre for Contemporary Photography – Widewalls

In CCP, you can witness a wide range of showpieces extending from local to international division photography. It is definitely a place that will fascinate you because as you know or know not, photos always have something to say and to make someone feel. Different people and different nations coming together for a single contemporary photography exhibition?! That sounds exciting! This place is to be appreciated because passionate hearts and wild imaginations were combined to capture moments, to make moments and to give moments meanings of themselves.


Looking for some super affordable art spaces to have your Instagram-worthy photos taken? Well, here’s one of them. Flinders Court is a laneway in Melbourne where the walls and the ground are filled with paintings of various images. Your eyes will really glow seeing the huge realistic paintings along the laneway. There are cartoon and caricature styled artworks that will definitely get the WOW out of you! On a daily basis, artists do their masterpiece there, and you can still smell the paint as they are newly painted.

Flinders Art Lane - Flickr_Peter Novacco-min
Flinders Lane – Flickr_Peter Novacco

Awesome graffiti can be seen wherever you turn your eyes to, but it’s not tiring to witness the inviting vibrancy of the paint and the interesting stories the images create or created using the images. Street art is one of the unique art forms presented in and by Melbourne, and Flinders Court is one of its best avenues.


The Comedy Theatre was built-in 1928 with 1000 seating capacity, structured in Spanish elegance. Since then, its stage has been home to many outstanding and remarkable performances. In 2011, it has been classified by the Victorian Heritage Register which means it is recognized as a heritage place under legal care and protection.

Comedy Art Theatre Melbourne - Wikimedia_AshGreen
Comedy Theatre Melbourne – Wikimedia_AshGreen

The Comedy Theatre houses great talents for making people laugh ‘til they drop during their live performances. The theatre, however, does not only give you shows to laugh about but to feel a lot of mixed emotions also from musical plays and drama. It allows you to watch multiple stretches of live entertainment and to witness the theatre in different lights (literally and not) and designs, thus, in the sundry atmosphere and feels.


A theatre of exceptional and multifaceted performances is the Forum Theatre. It has been renovated for new and better venue for a more comfortable and more compelling venue.

Forum Art Theatre - Wikimedia_Donaldytong
Forum Theatre – Wikimedia_Donaldytong

It is very much well-known since its establishment in 1929. The Forum Theatre has been divided into subdivisions, being the largest seating capacity among all the theatres in Australia. Bands, comedians and singers perform in the Forum in many famous events and festivals annually. There also are function rooms (areas) designated for launches and cocktail parties. Time and time again, the Forum delights lots of guests of all ages, which only proves that “beauty and originality are timeless”.


Russell Art Place - Vine Medium
Russell Place – Vine Medium

The Russell Place is an old (said to be the oldest) laneway in Melbourne. In this laneway, street art is used by the artist as an outlet for people when it comes to sharing their emotions, feelings and thoughts too. What’s really interesting here is that looking at the art formed along that laneway, its history as a small street in Australia is somehow narrated by those illustrations. Nowadays, the laneway is associated with fashion boutiques and restaurants.


For family and children, Heide Museum of Modern Art is a must-visit museum in Melbourne. It offers an encouraging and engaging experience — yes, experience and not just witnessing! — of art in many forms. It is into modern and contemporary Australian art.

Heide Museum of Modern Art - Flickr
Heide Museum of Modern Art – Flickr

A rare feature found in museums, delightful gardens are also present in the museum. In those pleasant spots, you can bond and spend some relaxing time with your family or contemplate things all by yourself. There is also a sculpture park measuring about 15 to 16 acres where many sculptures made of different and unconventional materials for sculpting like welded steel and galvanized iron sheet are placed.


A museum of video games?! Am I the only one who heard such for the first time? Australian Centre for the Moving Image is the country’s national museum of film, video games and digital art. It is really ideal for people who love everything about films, those who are techy and into “the digital”.

Australian Art Centre for the Moving Image - Wikimedia -Bidgee
Australian Centre for the Moving Image – Wikimedia -Bidgee

Even if that’s the name, not only film-inclined people will appreciate AMCI, but also those who are interested to know more about them and probably even those who are not into films at all. Both classic and modern local and international films are shown. Talks are also done to educate the guests about the museum and the incredible workmanship too since, I believe, it’s really great to know their background first so you can fully enjoy and grasp its beauty. Because it is said that the artist says what it is, then it’s pretty hard to describe it or feel something about it if you, as a spectator, don’t even know or don’t have even an idea of what the artist says about his/her art.

ACMI offers this one of a kind of art in moving image. People might think that art is limited to painting and sculpture alone, but nope! Not all art is stationary, some also move.


Malthouse Theatre is into artistic and cultural diversity. Dedicated to Australian playwrights and their plays, Malthouse Theatre presents several play productions including drama, music and dance. The theatre gives way for local and international artists to work together in the formation and production of fresh and groundbreaking presentations that reveal the reality of human experience. Malthouse takes a look at the world in the personal, social and political facets of it as these three are among the central aspects of human life including self, relationship and being part of a nation.

Malthouse Art Theatre and Square - Wikimedia_Donaldytong
Malthouse Theatre and Square – Wikimedia_Donaldytong

If you are craving for live experiences (stage plays and performances), Malthouse is the place you should note down. You will not only be able to watch actors perform on stage with their grand costumes, but you will also be engaged in interactive (direct or indirect) conversations with them as part of the play. Plays they perform will surely entertain you and will make you talk about them again even outside the theatre.


Built in 1856, the State Library of Victoria is another beautiful place of art and of wonderful minds. It’s a library, but it’s more than just a library. Of course, the books and all the reading materials there in a collection is art already, but the whole place itself is art as a whole too.

State Art Library of Victoria - Wikimedia_Brian Jenkins
State Library of Victoria – Wikimedia_Brian Jenkins

A tour guide can also bring you around the place and introduce it to you in a clear and better way unlike if you’re just roaming around the area and making some wild guess regarding things and history. One of the library’s noteworthy features is the Chess Room, a special room exclusive for this board game. People come to read anything about Chess — game mechanics and techniques and also its interesting history– and also to play with their fellows and even strangers maybe. There are Dome Reading Rooms where silence is a pleasant sound to the ear. It’s a place where you’d have to go to if you love to read pages and sniff the wonderful smell of books, especially the old ones. There are also exhibitions constantly set out and actual workshops held in the library for children and students aged any.

Many people visit the library to step into a world of awesome information and to unfold stories yet to be discovered as the library itself is a great structure of notable olden days. It looks very classic, giving everyone who goes there, an amazing feeling of the past.

There you have it! — 10 destinations in Melbourne where its art–in several distinct forms–is housed. You see how Melbourne has abundant riches in its art ranging from visual arts to performing arts — both also arraying from one kind to another. Hopefully, you have now gotten this list as a chance to get the chance to save some time wondering where to go to see some art and the chance to make a worthwhile and art-filled trip to Melbourne, Australia.


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta, a five-star hotel is located in Parramatta, New South Wales (Australia). For Nicole, the beauty of this world is just breathtaking, astounding and something worth sharing. Because of the course, she took up in college, she has become interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be all the glory

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