Northern Lights from Reykjavik

The Northern Lights are widely considered among the most captivating beautiful sights in the world, and Iceland is one of the best places to go to see the light show.



Best Time to visit

Visit between September and March, when winter descends and the open plains outside the cities are plunged into darkness by night. Even by day, you can expect only about five hours of daylight. And do keep in mind that the nights are particularly cold during the cloudless days of winter, so bring plenty of warm layers.

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights
aurora northern lights borealis night phenomenon
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Aurora Borealis

The phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis is best experienced during winter time as they are generated in the upper atmosphere when bombarded by electronically charged particles from the sun. They form what is known as ‘auroral belts’ around the geomagnetic poles and occur high above the Earth’s surface, at altitudes between 100-250km, where the atmosphere is extremely thin.

If you plan to experience this phenomenon yourself then

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