Paragliding has developed into a magnificent flying sport around the globe. The comfort and effortlessness of Paragliding are unfathomable. It is now feasible for a common man to encounter the rush of flying. This sport has gained global recognition.

This captivating activity has been a slice of tourism scene for a long while, which has seen an ascent in some of the colossal Paragliding areas. You can undoubtedly incorporate them in your vacations in India, and give an adrenaline burst to your outing arrangements.

Paragliding is most likely the nearest experience one can get to fly like a bird. In order to enjoy this sport, special training is needed, with basic security flying gears, for example,

  • A pair of strong bound boots.
  • Protective caps
  • A nylon Paragliding outfit
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Billing: Situated in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Billing is the best Paragliding destination in India. While Bir serves as the landing field, Billing is where you take off. In addition, it is known for its regular thermal and ridge lifts techniques. This Paragliding site is ideal for a visit from March till June as the cool winds hold up to take you high in the sky.

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Towerl Hill – Situated on the Mumbai-Pune highway close to Kamshet, Towerl Hill is situated at an elevation of 2900 feet over the sea level. One of the best spots for the game of Paragliding in India, Towerl Hill brags of a vast take off territory and great landing zones which are suited for both the expert and novice paragliders. While taking off in the open sky, you can easily gain heights of up to 2000 feet. The best season is from October to February.

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Pavna is situated on the Mumbai-Pune highway, close to Kamshet. The take-off territory is large and clear while the landing is far from the hill as the base of the hill has fencing and a couple of electric posts. The Paragliding season begins in the middle of February till May.

Pavna Lake
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Found 14 Km from Ponneri on the Vaniyambadi-Tirupattur Road and located halfway in the middle of Chennai and Bangalore. Three sites have been distinguished for adventure sports in particular Kottur, Muthanoor and Raneri. You can also go trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking in the slopes of Yelagiri.


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When you get a hang of this sport, you will be addicted! It is the time to leave and experience the universe of flexibility, thrill and outright adventures with all the more flying sports like skydiving, parasailing, and even bungee jumping. For amateurs, have a go at a hot air balloon ride to comprehend what it is like to be up in the air.

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