Paragliding from around the world

Paragliding is a simple form of human flight and also an adventure sport that people all over the world compete or participate in for high-flying fun. Much like an eagle, paragliders can soar in flights that last several hours and cover many hundreds of miles. The longest paragliding duration is 11 hours and covered more than 310 miles! Since paragliders are light, some adventurers choose to hike way up in the mountains; meaning paragliders have flown off of nearly every major peak in the United States and Europe, including Mt. Everest. By taking advantage of thermal lifts, paraglider pilots can stay aloft for 3 or more hours, climb to elevations of 15,000 feet, and go cross-country.

Woot! As Leonardo da Vinci said, β€œFor once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”

Paragliders are easy to transport, easy to launch, and easy to land. And it offers humans a dream come true, the ability to fly and soar like an eagle. The glider is made of rip-stop nylon wing. The pilot sits in a harness which can be a comfortable as a lounge chair and actually uses the glider to fly like a bird like this photo of paragliding at Muriwai Beach, New Zealand. Photo #1 by Travis Wiens

Takeoff Sequence. Photo #31 by Mikel Ortega
iPhone capture – Paragliding on the beach. Photo #32 by Maurice
Takeoff Peak District National Park. Photo #33 by Dom Crossley
At Torrey Pines, San Diego. Photo #35 by Akshay
Indonesian world record paragliding attempt at Timbis in Bali. Photo #37 by Mj 1903
Paraglider jumping off a ramp at Tegelberg (1720 m), Schwangau, Germany. Photo #36 by Greg O’Beirne
Paraglider on air, above Neustift, Stubai Tal, Tirol, Austria. Photo #40 by Glg
Don Cesar, St Pete Beach sunset. Photo #41 by Andre Bulber

Source: Paragliding: When Humans Soar like Eagles (42 PICS)


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