Off- Road Adventure – 8 Marvellous Tips For a Superb Beach Driving Experience


All those traveling freaks, who enjoy driving to a great extent including both men and women, always have a dream of exploring the off-road place with self-drive cars like campervans and motorhomes in order to have that quintessential traveling experience.  In order to go ahead with this idea , all they need to have is right companions, a beautiful DSLR camera ( both Nikon and Canon are welcomed here), a decent budget, a perfect tourist destination in mind and a passion for exploring it. If you are fully equipped with all these things, nothing can stop you from obtaining that thrilling experience.

Long stretches of sandy beaches are the kind of places wherein you can have a perfect off-road adventure, as far as driving is concerned. The world is full of amazing beaches, all you have to decide is which one to explore.

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Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

However, wherever you go and whichever type of place you explore you always have to keep in consideration the safety measures in order to remain safe from a variety of dangerous things that can ruin your trip. Australia is a great place to have an experience of driving.

Tips for safe beach driving

Road adventure-tips for beach driving

1. Figure Out Whether Driving Is Allowed Or Not

Before you finalize your journey, you need to have an extensive knowledge about the beach that you are planning to explore on a self-drive campervan in Australia. The Internet is the best way of conducting the research as far as figuring out beach details are concerned. Once you come to know that vehicles are allowed to the beach, you then need to figure out the routes assigned to it. However, if you fail to find the access routes it is always better that you get in touch with a tourist information centre in order to get detailed information about the same. Following established access routes are not only helpful for dune ecosystem but also for your vehicle, as far as minimizing the danger is concerned.

2. Choose a Right Vehicle For This Purpose

To start with, you should figure out which vehicle is the best for exploring the beaches. The one thing that should be clear to you is you can never ever drive all types of vehicles on the sand, that means there are a few specific types of vehicles that are recommended for beach driving. Vehicles designed for an off-road adventure like campervans can offer you with a mind-blowing beach driving experience. As far as campervans are concerned, you mostly have to hire them from renowned companies that offer campervan rental services like Aussie Campervans.

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Britz Frontier 6 berth
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3. Reduce The Overall Load Off Your Vehicle

There are a variety of things that you need to take care of when driving on the beach and one such thing is to lessen the load of your vehicle. A lighter vehicle is always safe to drive when it comes to hitting off-road areas like sandy beaches. So, in order to prevent your vehicle from getting bogged try to pack only essential items and unload all the unwanted items from it.

4. Get All The Information About High Tide And Low Tide

Before you begin your journey, try to collect as much information as possible about the high tide and low tide and their consequences for your journey. You must know which is the favorable time to start your adventurous beach trip. Remember, you should never begin your journey during high tide as it can pose a great threat to you.

So, one of the best times to carry out your plans of driving on the beach is during an outgoing high tide. Remember, one powerful wave is enough to ruin everything.

5. Minimize The Pressure Of Your Tyre

Lowering the tyre pressure can have huge advantages for off-road driving as it helps the tyre to spread out, thus allowing the vehicle to increase the surface area that comes in touch with the sand when it comes to obtaining better traction.

6. Pay Attention To The Momentum

Maintaining the momentum of your vehicle remains another important part of your off-road adventure in the beach. While driving on the loose sand you have to make sure that you enhance the speed of your vehicle appropriately according to the requirement. If you are driving slowly on the loose sand the chances of your vehicle sinking into it increase manifold. So if you do not want to get bogged and would like to enhance your fuel usages you must have sufficient knowledge of how to maintain the momentum of your vehicle.

7. Have a Deep Understanding Of Road Rules

Following road rules is extremely important no matter where you drive. If you are a traveler in a foreign country, wherein you are carrying out your journey through a self-drive car on the beach, you must be aware of the road rules of that country in order to avoid problems. Remember, you should never be driving the vehicle if you are drunk and make sure that everyone inside the car is wearing a seatbelt. In addition to that, remember that you never forget to follow the speed limits.

8. Don’t Forget To Maintain An Appropriate Distance From The Water

Sometimes drivers underestimate the advice and instructions offered to them by others and they willingly take weird steps such as going closer to the water with an aim of making the drive even more adventurous, but that can be dangerous. Hence, maintain a fair amount of distance from the water, while hitting the sandy beaches on your vehicle.

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