Seasons in India

Harmony Photo courtesy-skymet)

India has five seasons : Spring season (Sanskrit : vasanta), summer (grisma), monsoon season (varsa), autumn(sarada) and winter (hemanta)

Yet, the current climatic situation in the country has 3 main seasons, that is summer season, the rainy season and the winter season.

Spring in India which is from Mid-February to April represents happiness and joy. The sweet scent of flowers that fill up your mind and gorgeous colors make you smile.

Tulips in Bloom, Srinagar (Photo Courtesy – Gowhar Butt)
Tulips in Bloom, Srinagar (Photo Courtesy – Gowhar Butt)

Summer is the time to escape to beautiful and alluring hill stations in India with an amazingly pleasant weather. It lasts from April to July.


Monsoons in India are from July to September. The smell of the wet earth fills one’s soul and mind. The peacocks dance in the rain. Monsoon is magical.

The Feel Of Rain
The Feel Of Rain

Autumn is the time for celebration and festivity (September to Mid-November).

Autumn in Kashmir (Photo courtesy-skymet)
Autumn in Kashmir
(Photo courtesy-sky met)

Winters are an ideal time to visit India as it offers cool, pleasant and comfortable weather to relax and travel. The season commences from November and prevails till February.

Toy train in Shimla
Toy train in Shimla

This is one season that will never fail to charm you.  Winter is my favorite season. Do let me know which is your favorite season, in the comments section below.

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