What is your favourite street food? Part 5

Street food Italy

In Italy, the type of street food depends mostly on which region you are in.
I’ll post just a few examples of savoury food (the most popular example of sweet street food is ice cream obviously) but there are literally hundreds of different things.

  • Pizza
Pizza al taglio, street food Italy
Pizza al taglio at Trastevere in Rome
Image credit- Shoebill2

I don’t think you need an explanation for what is that!
But there is one type of pizza made to take away, called “pizza al taglio” (sliced pizza), which is prepared differently than normal round pizzas in restaurants. The dough is thicker and there are more toppings

  • Focaccia


Garlic and Cheese Focaccia - Michaelangelo, Aspendale Gardens, street food Italy
Garlic and Cheese Focaccia – Michaelangelo, Aspendale Gardens | by spits

This soft and oily bread is delicious even plain, but it’s often filled with various stuff (ham, mozzarella, tomatoes, salad, etc)

Porchetta sandwich

Porchetta sandwich, street food Italy
Porchetta sandwich | by T.Tseng

A sandwich filled with pork which has been stuffed with herbs and spices and then spits roasted

Lampredotto sandwich

Lampredotto sandwich, street food Italy.
Lampredotto sandwich Image credit- Lucarelli

Found mostly in Florence, Siena and nearby areas of Tuscany.
It’s a sandwich made with tripes/stomach from the cow, cooked in broth and herbs and topped with green or spicy sauces.


Cecina, street food Italy
Cecina |  by fugzu

Popular in Liguria and Tuscany regions. It’s a pancake made of chickpea flour. It can be eaten like this or be the filling for focaccia as well

  • Deep fried stuff
    Many different options could be fried: seafood, polenta (corn porridge), mozzarella sticks, potato sticks, etc.


Piadina Riminese (Italian filled flatbread) street food Italy
Piadina Riminese (Italian filled flatbread) photo taken by Kobako

Originally from Emilia-Romagna region. Can be filled with everything. “Stracchino” cream cheese is a popular filling

  • Arancini & Supplì
arancini, street food Italy
arancini | by stu_spivack

Deep fried rice balls with various fillings (tomato sauce, meat sauce, veggies, cheese, etc). different shapes and sizes, depending on the area. Arancini are from Sicily and Supplì are from Rome.


cooked panzerottis, street food Italy
gekochte Panzerotti or cooked panzerottis
Image credit-GeoTrinity

Deep fried dough with fillings. Most common is just tomato sauce and mozzarella (similar to “calzone”). Originally from Puglia region

Obviously around the world pizza is the most famous Italian food but if you visit Italy, you will be surprised about how many different things you can easily find at every corner, most of them you probably never heard of.

So, what is your favourite “#streetfood”?

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