Bohri Food Fest

Relish Home-Cooked Authentic Bohri Cuisine by Home Chef Umaima Abdulally at The Resort The Resort to hold live-cooking sessions where visitors can enjoy authentic Bohri […]

Turkish food and sweets

Turkey is literally the bridge between Europe and Asia. Also, it really is the centre of the world. If you’re a fan of Turkish food, then […]

Sizzling up a Feast at The Resort This Monsoon

Have you had the spiciest food in India?

Don’t bother skimming through this list of the spiciest dishes of India if you don’t have the hots for the hot. 1. Phaal Curry It’s […]

10 Appetizing Trends in Confectionery Packaging

The packaging is the essential element of any product as it provides protection to the product from any external damage and presents it beautifully to […]


Beer contains lot of nutritional values because of hops and barley present in it. Drinking it in low to moderate quantity will definitely have some […]

Breakfast: Eat like a king

Adelle Davis, the woman who first pioneered the first ideas of nutrition said – Breakfast like a King; Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like […]

Foods which strengthen our bones

When we see elderly people walking upright and even see them jogging in the nearby park, it leaves us guessing – what is it that […]

Very Berry Delicious!

It is the time of the year when the berries are available in the market-the most notable being strawberries. The following are some delicious recipes […]

How to spend Christmas?

If you are wondering how to spend your Christmas, read on for a few ideas to get you started Deck your hall with these DIY […]