Local cuisines in Europe

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Europe is also famous for their cuisine. Many people are going to Europe just to have a taste of their delicacies and their drinks. Here are some of the best dishes you can eat and the restaurants you can visit to satisfy your cravings:

1. Chickens – For the poultry lovers, you can try Nandos restaurant in the United Kingdom. It is one of the most famous restos in the UK. Nandos originated in South Africa. If you are in Italy, the Real Italian Chicken Pepperoni Mozzarella Pizza is a must try.

2. Meats – One of the most famous dishes in Germany is the German Sauerbraten which is a pot roast that has a variety of meats. Traditionally, Germans would use horse meat. There is also this restaurant in Falkirk UK called The Scottish Steak Club which offers a lot of steak choices.

3. Seafood – For the seafood lovers, if you are coming to the northern part of Europe then you should definitely try going to the Edgy Fish Restaurant located in Denmark. They offer a wide variety of raw and cooked seafood dishes.

4. Veggies – For vegetable lovers, Loving Hut in Paris is a good place to dine in because of the fusion of French and Asian vegetables. In London, Manna offers a variety of vegetables for vegetarians.

5. Best European Desserts – Churros is very popular in the world but there is nothing like tasting the Churros in Spain where it was first made. Casa Aranda is a good restaurant in Spain where you can have a taste of Churros. Also, a very popular dessert is waffles which originated in Belgium and the best tasting waffle can be found in The Waffle Factory located on Bruxelles, Belgium.

6. Beers and Wines – The best beers and wines can be found in Europe and the Atak Chmeilu in Poland, the Camden Pils in London and the N17 Rye Ale in Ireland are just some of the most tasted beers by travellers. Wine tastings are frequent in Spain. In fact, people around the world are going to Spain just to have a taste of raw wine in Rioja region.


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