Travel Resolutions for the New Year

A fresh start is always a good idea. 2016 had its ups and downs. Whether you had a good year or a bad one, it is time to move on and look forward to the next year. It is that time of the year when you start planning your New Years resolutions. If you enjoy travelling, chances are you are far more interested in travel-related resolutions than anything else. Here we have some suggestions for you.

Be focused

Random plans never work out. If you want a solid plan to form shape, you need to be focused and actually plan it out with a serious attitude. So your first goal should be to make a solid travel plan and be focused towards achieving it.

Go for solo travelling

At one point, we have all thought about solo travelling but chicken out when we have the opportunity. This year, take the leap and don’t let your fears get the better off you. And brace yourself for all the discouragement and outrages. Follow the ‘Just do it’ rule.

Take a break from Technology

One new year’s resolution that is very important is to vow to be less addicted to technology. To be more precise, minimise your time on the tablet, smartphone, television and laptop. There is no point spending your free time tweeting and being on Facebook. It will only make you lazy and trust me you could spend this time way more productively. When going on a trip, leave all work at home and don’t take your laptop. Also, there is no reason you would need your tablet. Don’t pack that either. Keep the smartphone if it is very necessary, otherwise, you can always keep the old mobile without the smartphone features. It will suffice for calls.

Make friends in every country

Vow to become a little less touristy and a little friendlier with the locals. Meeting new people and learning about new cultures is a wonderful experience. Every new country you visit, make at least one local friend to keep yourself connected with the place. You never know, you may end making a best friend during one of your travels.

Do Spontaneous road trip

Take at least one spontaneous road trip to someplace you have always wanted to go. Or just start driving and end up wherever the drive takes you. It would be an adventure of a lifetime. Such memorable, thrilling experiences stay with you forever.

Save miles for travel trips

We keep planning to start saving up for travelling but never get around to actually doing it. Instead of saving cash, you could start buying airlines miles. Alaska airlines, Delta airlines, Singapore airlines, Cathay Pacific, United airlines and Air Berlin offer some of the best airline programs out there in the travel industry. Pick one and start accumulating the miles that will later help you bag good deals.

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