Mumbai is a hub of activity. It is said that this city never sleeps. That is why; Mumbai nightlife is so happening. Most of the pubs and clubs are open till the dead hours of the night where people can party and chill out. When the other cities are in deep sleep, Mumbai is still awake and enjoying the evening. They do believe in the concept, work hard and party harder.

Mumbai's night life

Mumbai nightlife is something that one would want to experience. Those who live in Mumbai know how cool it is but those who have no idea must get the idea once. Be it any time of the year, the night parties here are always on a roll. But in a festive season, it becomes even more prominent. Especially at this point of time when New Year is just around the corner. The weather has a bit of chill in it and the temperature in soaring high at the party venues. Not only parties, there are several fun and entertainment events that are arranged during this time of the year. If you have no idea on where to spend time and get entertained, here are some options for you.

Sunburn with David Guetta: This event will be held on 13th January 10 AM onwards and this is organised by the Eventing Club. If you are ready to set the dance floor on fire with the world-famous DJ David Guetta, then this event is something which you cannot give a miss. There will also be some other famous DJs’ like Robin Schulz to support him. You can catch them live and enjoy to the fullest. To get your tickets log into the website and get the details.

Devils Circuit: This event is organised by the same in Mumbai on 29th January 2017. This is a fun event where sports and entertainment join hands. This event was launched in the year 2012 and there is an event where one can take part in a 5-kilometer-long run with 15 military style obstacles. One can either register in the competitive compartment where there will be competing events and there is a prize at the end. There is a non-competitive ground as well where one can spend the day and enjoy it by watching the other events.

Talent Hunt in Mumbai: If you are game for a talent hunt show than this can be your pick on 27th March 2017. This event is organised by Dellywood and there will be auditions in all the 29 states of India. One can only register if their age is above 16 years. The entry fee and registration fee is Rs 500 and it starts from 10 in the morning. If you are selected in the first round, then you will get to know about the 2nd round. The finale will be held either in Delhi or in Mumbai and one need to bring one ID proof and a passport size photograph when they are registering.

These are the things which you can indulge in this year.


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