Autumn in Austria! – Part 2

Continuing Autumn in Austria


Vienna is an eventful city with lots of things to see and visit. We began by taking a two-day hop-on hop-off pass on Vienna tourist bus as that allowed us entry to a lot of places free. This is advisable to avoid queues at venues as these passes have priority acceptance at most landmarks.

Vienna, Austria: Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna
Vienna, Austria: Schönbrunn Palace.
Img credit- Mr G travels Flickr

No trip is worth it if you have not visited Schönbrunn Palace to name a few of the sights. Together with the zoological garden the Schönbrunn Palace is the most popular tourist target in Vienna. The Palace served as an imperial summer residence. Only a small part of the 1441 rooms are publicly accessible. If you are interested in history, splendor and imperial lifestyles you should not miss the opportunity. One can choose from various tour options available.

The Imperial Tour usually takes at least 30 minutes and the Grand Tour approximately 50 minutes. It is an excellent choice if you have further time and interest. Please make sure you have time to visit the private zoo of the Palace as well.

Vienna Opera House

Vienna opera house (Staatsoper)
Vienna opera house (Staatsoper)

was built-in May 1869 and has 1709 seats and 567 standing-rooms from where the audience can watch daily opera performances, ballet shows and concerts.

One of the most popular events is the Vienna Opera Ball where the dress code (tailcoats for men and evening dresses for women are mandated) and the glamorous opening performed by the young ladies and gentlemen make this ball in Vienna a very important occasion.

For a guided tour, which lasts around an hour, one can buy tickets for 9 Euros. The tickets are sold directly in the foyer or free if you hold a Vienna Sightseeing Pass.

Vienna Parliament building

Austrian Parliament, Vienna
Austrian Parliament building Image credit- Filip Maljković

has a splendid Pallas Athene statue at the front. Build between 1874 to 1883. You are unable to go inside if the Parliament is in session.

The Hoff burg Vienna is an impressive building at the Heldenplatz with long history. It is located at Vienna’s splendor boulevard, the Ring Strasse and is reachable from there through the Burgtor gate.

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Kunsthistorisches Museum,
Image credit- Andrew Bossi

brimming with works by Europe’s painters, sculptors and artisans gives an unforgettable experience of a trip to Vienna.

The Graben Vienna is an exclusive and pulsating shopping street in the heart of the inner city with a plague column. The area is surrounded by popular alleys, streets and places, which stand for the typical flair, elegant tradition and gourmet pleasures of Vienna. It is a pedestrian zone. Wonderful buildings house luxury brands all around the area. With a tax rebate for tourist, one can enjoy some high-end shopping.

The Stephenson Vienna with the famous Pummerin Ball.
Pummerin bell, Vienna
Pummerin mit dem alten Klöppel, der am 11. März 2011 ausgetauscht wurde

The Romanesque Church St Stephan in the heart of Vienna was consecrated in the year 1147. The local people use the name Steffel for this impressive Cathedral. As it’s a high tower, one can climb 300 odd steep steps to reach the top but one needs to buy a ticket for 6 euros or free to those holding a Vienna Sightseeing pass.

The entrance of this imposing building is free and the numerous arts, historical and architectural details like the pictures, altars, figures as well as the atmosphere in this cathedral of Vienna are worth visiting. Both towers offer an impressive view over the city center.

No visit is complete if one does not visit the biggest mall in Vienna: Donauzentrum. One can reach it through the metro as well. It has many stores and restaurants with free Wi-Fi available.

christkindlmarkt (advent market) in front of the town hall of Vienna
Das Wiener Rathaus am Rathausplatz im 1. Wiener Gemeindebezirk, Innere Stadt wurde von 1872 bis 1883 nach Entwürfen des Architekten Friedrich von Schmidt im Stil der Neogotik errichtet. Hier findet von Mitte November bis Ende Dezember der alljährliche Christkindlmarkt statt.

Rathausplatz Vienna– In the summer months you can find a lot of different food stands offering various cuisines. You can also enjoy an open-air cinema or screening, free of charge.

So, have you been to Austria? What are your #favourite attractions in #Austria”?

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