Singapore is an excellent travel destination although it comes at a cost. However, there are numerous ways in which one can still enjoy a visit to Singapore on a budget. Obviously, you need to research and come up with some helpful ways to save money. Travel experts agree that holidaymakers can still enjoy the trip while saving a lot of money in Singapore.

Here are some tips on how to go about this

Saving on a Plane Ticket

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The biggest cost when preparing for an overseas trip is the plane ticket. In fact, most people do not travel overseas since they cannot raise the money for the plane ticket. If you want to save on this cost, it is advisable that you buy the plane ticket in advance. No matter where you are coming from, you will always find affordable return tickets under the economy class of your major airline. You can also compare different airlines that operate on your route to find the one that is best. Purchasing air travel insurance will provide you with the assurance that your money will not be wasted no matter what.

Budget Accommodation

Do you know that Singapore offers numerous budget accommodation services? The most important part is to identify them. For those who want to stay for a couple of days, accommodation can be a major cost. Instead of choosing a five-star hotel, find a basic and clean hotel that offers relatively small rooms and a wi-fi connection. Better still, one can opt for furnished units with a kitchen especially when travelling with the family.

Public Transport

Singapore public transport
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Singapore has an amazing public transport system that is convenient no matter where you are travelling. Rail transport is the most popular and cheapest of them all. If it does not reach where you need to go, you can still use a public bus or van.

Various authorities do offer shuttle services that you can use. Some of them include airport transfer service, city tours and a trip to the Singapore Zoo. If you can keep the taxi and private travel arrangements to a minimum, you will save a lot of money.

Eating at the Hawkers’ Kiosks

The fear of eating unhygienic food should be put aside. The Lion City is relatively clean compared to many other Asian countries. For a person who is on a budget, there is a need to save money on food. There is no better place to buy cheap food in Singapore than a hawker’s stall. Surprisingly, they make delicious food that is similar to food found in a fine restaurant. Their menu is diverse as well.

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Drink Tap Water in Singapore

Tap water in Singapore
Water pouring from a faucet into a clear glass cup. | by usepagov

The Singapore authorities have put a lot of effort into providing people with clean and potable water. They have declared tap water to be safe for drinking. You should not hesitate to refill your water bottle in preparation for the day’s trip ahead. There are also many other ways to save on costs while in Singapore. Knowing all these tips will ensure that you enjoy your trip while spending little money.

So if you are planning to visit this wonderful country, with considering all the above tips, you can visit Visa Express Consultancy for assistance with travel documents.